Monday, August 8, 2016

Timeline of Innisfree FBO process

Last week I posted the letter from Rusty Wells approved by the Airport Director to Innisfree Jet Center demanding they cease performing unauthorized services for aircraft at Pensacola Regional Airport.

Below is a timeline of events in the Innisfree Quest to become a Fixed Base Operator.

  • 7/29/2004 - Lease for construction and operation of Private Corporate Aviation Facility
  • 5/8/2008 - Amendment #1 - Allow installation for fuel tanks for self-fueling
  • 8/17/2009 - Airport allows Innisfree to sublease of space to Skywarrior
  • 3/22/10 - AMCG's review of Minimum Standards sent to Innisfree
  • 5/4/2010 - Rusty Wells letter to Innisfree restating violations of lease provisions with City
  • 05/13/2010 - Innisfree and related entities begin funding Hayward campaign
  • 7/28/2010 - Email from Airport Staff to Aviation Management
      • Re: Follow-up Minimum Standards and Aerose/Innisfree
      • "No decision has been made on updating our Minimum Standards although it may be addressed at the beginning of the New Year as to what direction the Airport will take as I understand. We are still discussing the Innisfree question.
  • 10/6/2010 - More Innisfree related entities funding Hayward Campaign.
  • 01/10/2011 - Ashton Hayward sworn in as Mayor of Pensacola.
  • 04/15/2011 - Airport Director to and ashtonhayward@
      • "FYI: The following update on the status of our Minimum Standards Modifications was emailed to Julian this afternoon."
  • 6/8/2011 - Airport Director to Ashton Hayward
      • "Innisfree has requested to become a Fixed Based Operator"
      • "Innisfree would be self sufficient and would begin selling fuel."
      • "In order to do this the Airport would have to revise their Minimum Standards."
      • "Staff recommends bringing in a third party, Avcon to conduct a fair study."
      • 'Funding needed would be $17, 928 plus a 20% contingency of $3,585"
  • 07/20/2011 - Avcon enters into agreement to provide engineering in review of Minimum Standards. $17, 928
      • "A current tenant of the Pensacola Gulf Coast Regional Airport has expressed a desire to establish a Fixed Base Operator (FBO) operation at the airport."
  • 8/31/2011 - Avcon report on Minimum Standards Review
      • "Aerose/Innisfree appears to currently be operating as an FBO on a limited basis"
      • "Innisfree can self-fuel, but any transients should really be using the current FBO, Pensacola Aviation. However, the language in Aerose's lease concerning to whom the self-fueling privilege extends, appears to be specious and vague. If all but truly self-fueling stays with Pensacola Aviation, the the additional services (hangering, lav service, etc.) might not be a problem for Pensacola Aviation."
      • "A reasonable timetable may need to be developed to give Aerose/Innisfree time to meet the current standard of a full FBO."
      • "While Aerose/Innisfree has made substantial investments in its current leasehold, it does not yet meet the Minimum Standards for an FBO with respect to the amount of land and ramp area that it is currently leasing."
      • "Should the Airport determine that these Minimum Standards should be modified, it is recommended that both of these areas be modified to require the FBO to lease 'sufficent" or "adequate" land and ramp area

  • 12/3/2011 - Asmar to Airport Director
      • "Is it your opinion that the minimum standards must be changed in order for Julian to be a SASO?"
      • Airport Director response: "Yes the min standards currently do not allow anyone but an FBO to provide fueling service to the public.  An update is needed to allow a SASO to fuel."
  • 12/6/2011 - "Agenda Aerose"  Airport staff meeting
      • FBO - Reduce square footage requirements for ramp office and hangers and automobile parking
      • SASO - Sell fuel majority of customers use: Bundle a few services
  • 01/05/2012 - The City developed proposed revisions to the Minimum Standards and presented them to stakeholders at a meeting.
  • 02/10/2012 - Pensacola Aviation Objects to changes in Minimum Standards
  • 03/02/2012 - FAA to Airport Director
      • "Please be advised, when modifying Minimum Standards to accommodate Special FBO's, many airport operators find the existing full-service FBO is concerned about creation of an unfair playing field and the introduction of new competition. The complaints are not unusual, and the FAA would be obligated to investigate such a complaint if it were lodged."
  • 03/02/2012 - Asmar to Airport Director
      • "As stated, I would like to hear from Julian's counsel regarding this matter.  Please forward the FAA advisement to him as well."
  • 03/05/2012 - Council Memo
      • "In 2011, Aerose notified the Airport that it wished to expand its operation to fuel and service unrelated to corporate aviation aircraft."
      • "The parties desire to amend the agreement whereby Aerose shall be classified as a SASO"
  • 03/07/2012 - Asmar to Julian MacQueen
      • "Julian, I spoke with the Mayor.  We are inclined to grant the request of PAC and have another "public meeting" to discuss the min standards on the 19th of March."
What does the above show?

  • Innisfree wanted fuel service for many years
  • The City resisted.  In fact, the City Attorney sent a letter in May 2010 that Innisfree should comply with its lease and stop fueling others.
  • Innisfree began funding the Hayward campaign.
  • Shortly after being sworn in office Hayward begins process to assist Innisfree.
  • The City funded a $18,000 study to attempt to lay the foundation for Innisfree as an FBO.
  • The funded study essentially says Innisfree can't meet the current FBO requirements.
  • The City reassesses and then moves forward with changing its standards to merely allow Innisfree to just do what it wants.  Mainly, sell fuel to others.
  • The Office of the Mayor pushed this agenda.
  • The Mayor's staff worked hand and hand with Innisfree to fight the current FBO in their objections.
  • City Council was not provided the entire history of this situation when asked to approve it.
 Another Special Snowflake!!


Anonymous said...

Awesome work uncovering this. Too bad city council won't do anything about it.
Too bad voters don't care unless it's gallery night.
Maybe the fbi. Will find this worth looking into.

The list of reasons to recall the mayor continues to grow, but no one does anything.
I live in the county and I am so thankful I don't live in city limits.
You guys are getting screwed.

Anonymous said...

If you want to cause some concern among the residents of Pensacola try and remove they're religion from Public places. You'll get the entire Conservative Religious Right in such an uproar you would think Japan had attacked Pearl Harbor.

The State Attorney has no interest in corruption among'st the establishment because he knows who keeps him elected. The local GOB's could care less about the corruption because they themselves have worked out special deals with tax breaks and special leases of which the majority of the cities citizens have no access.

Anonymous said...

" • Innisfree began funding the Hayward campaign" should instead read Innisfree began "fueling" the Hayward campaign.

His campaign slogan should have been, "Vote for Trashton Hayward where Quid Pro Quo is Status Quo"

Anonymous said...

"Too bad city council won't do anything about it." - Anonymous @ 1:07 PM

The city council members do not KNOW anything about it, and if they did they would pretend not to know anything about it. The members of our city council are happy to keep their heads buried in the sand. Do you think that Andy Tehaar would object to this? His dad is shoulder deep into the same muck. What about Larry Johnson and Brian Spencer? They also want their piece of the pie when it's their turn. Cannada-Wynn and P.C. Woo-woo just want to keep being invited to the important parties. You would have to wake up a few of our city council members to even get a response.

The change to a "strong mayor" form of government gave Ashton Hayward a license to steal and without anyone to get in his way. Checks and balances? Doesn't exist!

Anonymous said...

This is just insane! What's a budget when the Mayor can just move all the money around however he wants? Why are the taxpayers spending all of this money to try and circumvent the FAA rules about who can be an FBO and fuel other aircraft? The City should have known the REAL licensed FBO wasn't going to roll over and let this illegal activity continue to occur. All of that money could have been used to fix sidewalks, pay salaries for additional police officers, and clean up this town. Every incumbent who comes up for re-election for City Council that sits by and does nothing to stop this is GOING HOME. That's a promise. P.C. Wu and Jewel Cannada-Wyn are going home in November. It's over. While you are worried about doubling your salaries, the Mayor is running our City into bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

yawn - nothing here, move along. Heaven forbid someone try to ease in on the Pensacola Aviation monopoly. Oink oink little piggie. Just like when Macqueen tried to build the Hyatt. The Cordova area hotel mafia delayed the project by 18 months in order to keep their upper hand. Tell the whole story Maren.

Anonymous said...

So practically everything Hayward has been involved with has been rife with scandal. Pensacola could literally be a case study on ethics violations; yet, nothing is done to stop it or at least curtail it. The SAO will go after small time, petty criminals, but refuse to do anything about the corruption we read about daily. What a complete sham and embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 6:49 (AKA the Yawner!) -

YOU are the one not telling the whole story! Macqueen wasn't just "trying to build the Hyatt." He succeeded in building a hotel on publicly owned property (my property!) without a competitive bid and with a super-low lease fee. The location (right at the front doors to the airport) is far superior to being across the street from the airport. Macqueen snuck in this deal by directly dealing with a city employee apparently without the knowledge of the ex-mayor or anyone on the city council.

Yes, Pensacola Aviation has a monopoly and monopolies are never good. But PA has played by the rules by leasing the required acreage. Macqueen, through his connection with Ashton Hayward, tried to change the rules to align with the property that he leases from the city. The city taxpayers, courtesy of Hayward, even picked up the tab for numerous engineering studies designed to help Macqueen's cause. Was Macqueen going to sell fuel cheaper than PA's price? I doubt it. His motive, driven entirely by his ego, was to operate his own aviation kingdom.