Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Recall Hayward Facebook Page

A Recall Mayor Ashton Hayward facebook page has been established.


Its stated purpose is:

"Stay updated on the petition to recall Mayor Ashton Hayward because of his clear lack of concern for public safety and historical preservation in Pensacola"

Someone is so upset about old home demolition that they are calling for recall?
  • Admitted contracts for cronies...Nope
  • Financial waste in the millions...Nope
  • Witch hunt investigations...Nope
  • Jobs for unqualified people...Nope
  • Illegal towers for contributors...Nope
  • Staff attacking citizens...Nope
  • Squandering city money with attorneys and lawsuits...Nope
  • Demolished historic home of best friend of John Sunday's father...Nope
A developer demolished a single home to build new townhomes...Recall!

Sure!  Why not?


Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Please give me a petition to sign. I don't need a Facebook page to "think about it."

Anonymous said...

Probably done by Ashy and his minions to identify those against him. Can't be anonymous on Facebook. He must be getting more paranoid.

Anonymous said...

We've finally reached the tipping point where he's angered enough people. Personally, I think this happened when he went after the Pokémon Go players. He poked the wrong bear. Millennials don't put up with Trashton.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Maren! There is plenty of proof and this is what they go after him with?

Anonymous said...

The Sunday House demolition was a galvanizing point for citizens to unite behind. It epitomizes the corruptness in so many ways.

Don't bash the effort, educate it. Help them build a legitimate recall campaign.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of the final straw, if this is legit, count me and a large number of my family members and friends in! This recall is WAAAAAYYYYY OVERDUE!!!

Anonymous said...

Someone please tell me this is true...Ready to see all the trash removed from city hall.

CJ Lewis said...

As a reminder, under the prior Council-Manager form of government the City Manager could be fired at any time for any reason. Under the current Mayor-Council form of government, the Mayor who took the place of the City Manager can only be fired once every four years. State law provides a uniform method for the recall of elected officials who serve on the "governing body of a municipality." Most Mayor in all forms of government do serve on the governing body of a municipality. For example, both Charleston and Orlando have Mayor-Council forms of government on which the Mayor serves as a voting member and leader of the Council. That is the normal situation. However, for reasons I would challenge anyone to try to explain, there are exceptions to include in Pensacola (Mayor-Council) and Milton (Council-Manager). The Pensacola Charter Review Commission had a long discussion about not making the Mayor a member of the City Council not wanting them subject to Florida's Government-in-the-Sunshine Law making clear that none of them understand the law. In both Pensacola and Milton, the Mayor is not subject to recall under "state law." In 2014, voters corrected a major legal error in the Charter so that the Mayor is now subject to recall under the authority of the Charter using the same "procedures" as prescribed by state law, specifically Section 100.361, Florida Statutes. The City Council could have asked voters to approve a far less onerous process for the same seven recall grounds or even more but did not. As such, anyone who wants to initiate a recall of this or any future Mayor has to jump through some massive hoops. A more effective way to deal with the problem of misbehaving elected officials now and in the future is to provide the City Council with the power to remove them perhaps only for the same reasons as a member of the City Council can be recalled. That power is a common provision in most Municipal Charters but could also be adopted by ordinance (subject to veto) for inclusion in the Municipal Code. Such a provision exists in the City of Gulf Breeze Charter just three miles to the south. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why no one thought to put such a provision in the new Charter. The new Charter's Section 6.03.(a) does have a very badly crafted removal provision that is of uncertain applicability. In 2012, I identified three candidates (one incumbent) who openly violated the prohibition against conducting partisan elections. They all had their signs at the Republican Party headquarters, some had their materials inside and the staff told me they were making calls on the behalf of one. I told the Council and the City Clerk and no one cared because that is what they do - they do not care.

Tina Rashed said...

I just found out in April that I was connected to John Sunday through DNA. He is my 3rd Great Uncle and I was really looking forward to seeing his home in person one day. I post all the time on the Recall Hayward FB page. I'm so happy to find your blog! #recallhayward

Anonymous said...

What ever it takes. This group is the only group taking direct action to spotlight the "business as usual" on the 7th floor and all the way down to the second floor.

Anonymous said...

Hayward doesn't believe a recall is possible. He has stated on many occasions that most people don't care what he does. As much as I hate to, I would have to agree with him on that. It seems that very few people are willing to speak out against his numerous missteps. #pensacolaapathy

George Hawthorne said...

This page looks like a sham page prepared by Cousson and crew. If you look at the issues they raise for recall (public safety/demolition)they are not "recallable" offenses. This is a ploy to district from the clear violations under the legal statues for Hayward's recall being, incompetence, neglect of duty, malfeasance and misfeasance.

This site was put up to obfuscate the real issues; identify and divide recall supporters; and attempt to "frame" a false narrative of offenses that are not recallable. DON'T GET FOOLED and start a legitimate recall effort with substance not folly.

Anonymous said...

Ashton Hayward is narcissistic. Hayward awards no-bid contracts to his wife's best friend to manage social media accounts and take "average" looking photos. $35,000 of your tax dollars are spent annually on this mediocre service. This same individual tells other of her "clients" official city business. But the Hayward family is blind to it. Many other municipalities employ communications professionals to head their public information offices, not the City of Pensacola.

The fired state department employee (no municipal government experience) serves as the City administrator. His accomplishments: Threaten citizens, retain low performing employees or convicted felons, waste money on positions to bolster his inexperience, lose the gas tax ( millions of $ ), doesn't communication or work with the legislative body, lie about and hide public records, and publicly fund his ongoing "you know what" with a subordinate.

The assistant city administrator sits in his office collecting $10k a month for just showing up. If anyone on this blog actually has a spine, they would begin a recall. Word on the street is that Ashton Hayward is gearing up for another run. If anyone had sense at all, they wouldn't allow that to happen. Charles Bare doesn't have a shot and neither does Donna Clark. That is just the facts!

People who in fact can win are:

Quint Studer
Brian Spencer
Grover Robinson
Clay Ingram (Though he doesn't live in the City)
David Stafford
Collier Merrill

No matter how much people talk about Hayward or his incompetent employees no one will actually put that energy into fighting the corruption or actually doing something about it. In the meantime, millions of dollars are wasted and people are getting hurt. The tax payers are totally getting the UPYOURS. Our city has changed for the better on the appearance side of things solely because of private investment from people like Studer. Hayward hates Studer, probably because he is jealous of his success. Yes, Hayward gets jealous and acts out on it. And yes, he is a 46 year old man. Starting a Recall Hayward facebook page does nothing, because an actually recall petition hasn't been started. Don't talk, DO.

Anonymous said...

A city resident has to run for Mayor as part of the recall....someone has to step up to the plate.

The recall paperwork and signatures is the easy part.

WHO is going to be our Mayor and replace him with a recall campaign?!?

Anonymous said...

This charter scandal seems like it was a plan for Crystsl Spencer to grease the skids for her hubby Brian once elected mayor. Little did they know that Hayward would be so openly corrupt and so incompetent that the current form of government needs to be seriously changed or at least the charter needs to be reformed. I sincerely hope that the voters remember that Brian Spencer's wife played a major role in granting the mayor the power to do as he pleases.

Anonymous said...

RECALL HAYWARD!!!! Now that's a cause I can definitely support. Where do I sign and who do I write my check out to?

Anonymous said...

If this website is indeed a hoax, which wouldn't surprise me, I hope that it backfires and finally puts attention on the blatant malfeasance, misfeasance, mismanagement, incompetence, and outright corruption at silly hall. If this is a sham job by Trashton and his minions, it's the ultimate sign of disrespect to the citizens. It's like daring anyone to try to stop the corruption. If Cosson is the creator of this site, City of Pensacola's residents are getting PUNKED LIKE NEVER BEFORE!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The recall page is run by citizens of pensacola and is not a spy and/or sham site. Since they are not attorneys or familiar with the legal recourse yet, the page was set up as a community opinion page to guage the temperature of residents in a recall effort. They would welcome any and all support to actualize this mission, either via Facebook message or public posts at www.facebook.com/recallhayward When the time comes for action, hopefully soon, they will need vounteers to collect signatures.

Anonymous said...

There should be enough fed up people willing to rent a few Recall Hayward billboards around town. I along with many others would be willing to contribute to something like that. Honestly, there aren't many people I can think of who could do a worse job as mayor with the exception of maybe the dictator in North Korea. There are a number of city residents who would do better instantly by simply stopping the blatant corruption. Before anyone starts spouting off about qualifications think about Hayward's:

Failed real estate business/ investor
Education at FSU was meh
No experience in government
No experience in management
No experience in supervision
Criminal record
Failed underwear model

So basically he has been a loser and a failure at everything he's done.

With this resume he should have never been elected dog catcher let alone mayor twice!

If Ashton Hayward is the best the City of Pensacola can do, it's time to move out of Pensacola immediately and never turn back.

Anonymous said...

Anybody who won't violate city ordnance, ignore state statutes, and break federal law. Anyone who won't hire their friends, give those friends unlimited access to city hall, and give special friends no bid contracts. Any person who will actually take the time to listen to their bosses (that's us, the citizens). Someone who doesn't need to waste millions on legal fees and subject the taxpayers to unnecessary lawsuits. Somebody who is not an arrogant, racist, elitist, narcissistic sociopath on Red Bull "among other things". Anybody who can actually think without Bob Kerrigan giving him bad advice time and time again. Anyone who won't get drunk in public making a fool out of himself and embarrassing Pensacola. I know I'm leaving a lot of things out but basically, Ashton Hayward has shown us everything that we don't want or need in our local government. So, anyone who would do the opposite of the things he has done and continues to do is fine by me!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:42 AM - So true that Pensacola can do so much better than all of the current scum at City Hall.

Anonymous said...

I know at least 25 city residents personally off the top of my head who would sign a petition today. That doesn't include their neighbors, family, and friends.

Anonymous said...

Count me in!!!! I'm convinced that it would be impossible for anyone to do a worse job. I don't want to believe that there is anyone less capable than the clown who has been in office these past 6 years.

Anonymous said...

Recall Hayward and "make Pensacola great again"! No I'm not a Trump fan at all. Lol