Monday, August 15, 2016

Police Union Humiliates Hayward...Press Reports Nothing

Sometimes the story is in the ads!  The cops are done with Hayward's lies too!

The IN Weekly this week ran an ad by the Police Officers Union.

inweekly_aug._11_issue...See Page 9 of 32

"Citizens of Pensacola  Did you know that...

  • City staff has decreased the public safety budget since 2014.  Meanwhile top City administrators have enjoyed lucrative pay raises.
  • The Pensacola Police Department has more than 30% vacancies for trained patrol officers.
  • Due to budget constraints, the ability to recruit and retain YOUR police department is at historic low numbers.
If this is something that concerns you and you think something needs to happen, call the Mayor at 850-435-1628 and tell him."

WOW!  Cops ain't happy in Pensacola and are PAYING to let the public know.  And the press...

PNJ?  Crickets!
Andrew Tallman on 1620? Crickets!
WEAR?  Crickets!

Guess the massive raises for Sisson, Olson, Workman, Ferguson, etc, don't sit well with the Police.

Hey Heroes in Blue, why don't you guys force the Chief to open up the overtime floodgate that Fire opened due to their understaffing?

No money for Police, no money for Fire.

Tons of money for photographers, attorneys, supporters and business partners


Anonymous said...

Nothing new in "The Corr-UP-t Side of Florida"! You can't spell "corrupt" without spelling "up"! I wonder if the Police Union has to deliver Alexander and Lyter before the city signs off on the "overtime payoff" agreement for the PPD?

Anonymous said...

"Public safety is my number one priority!" - Ashton Hayward


Anonymous said...

The News Journal? Seriously? The "news" journal stopped being a real newspaper long ago. Massive flooding in Louisiana over the weekend. Three people killed. Not a word to be found on this tragedy in the Sunday edition of the PNJ. Why? Because the PNJ shuts down on Friday afternoon but still claims to be printing a Saturday and a Sunday "news" edition. Sunday's edition is filled with canned articles, mostly written by and about Quint Studer who can't help but blow hot air about himself.

The editorial page should be filled with articles about the police union's ad. Instead, we get "hard-hitting" advice to "go vote!" Will someone at Gannett please pull the plug on the News Journal...!

Anonymous said...

When it comes to news you can forget WEAR-TV. They will read the press releases provided to them (all positive content) but not attempt to offer anything near true reporting/journalism (negative content). They will offer feel-good stories that are safe, (for WEAR). They certainly won't investigate. WEAR will not bite the hands that feed them: advertisers. The local good old boy network would put a stranglehold on WEAR if the "news" department did anything to upset the status quo. Only when a story has spun so far out of the GOB's control that it cannot be ignored will WEAR give it a brief 30-second mention. And then it will be a sanitized report that minimizes the risk of losing future advertising income. — WEAR-TV "news"?! — What a joke. ... Or am I wrong? ... Maybe they don't have enough air time to properly cover the news?

3 in the Morning at 4:30AM (30 minutes)
3 in the Morning at 5AM (30 minutes)
3 in the Morning at 5:30AM (30 minutes)
3 in the Morning at 6AM (1 hour)
Channel 3 News Dayside {11AM} (30 minutes)
Channel 3 News at Four (1 hour)
Channel 3 News at Five (30 minutes)
Channel 3 News {6PM} (30 minutes)
Channel 3 News {10PM} (37 minutes)
Channel 3 News Extra {10:37PM} (24 minutes)


Anonymous said...

The pnj days are numbered. Too bad The Pulse will be our local paper online edition i guess. Wear is a complete joke. They only "report" what they can steal off the internet. They ran a story about a guy in fort walton beach whos dog got attacked by another dog, in every new cast that day. The pnj is even worse. You cant open the thing with an article on quint, bubba, the blue yahoo. This town is a joke...

Anonymous said...

Not only does Hayward lack integrity, courage, and competence, he must also lack self respect because the average person wouldn't be okay with being such a failure at everything. There seems to be only a few nitwits like Bobby K. who believe he's done a good job.

Anonymous said...

I purchase a PNJ paper about once every 3 months and recently discovered that there had been a substantial price increase. The other option is to pay $20 per month to read their "speedy" online edition. I wonder how many subscribers fork out $20/month to try to read a website that is still being hosted on an IBM XT from 1988.

dahlingECG said...

This town is definitely not a joke... And you're going to get hometown hero stories peppered in with everything else bc it would all be murder, war and food truck battles on palafox otherwise.