Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Insider Deal of the Day at the City and A View of the Alphabet Man

Today another inside deal will likely be done.  This time at PFD.  Nathan Edler will likely be made a Battalion Chief.  Has he earned it?  Of course not!  It's political.  Put the resumes side by side and he loses everytime...and twice on Sundays.  Here's the details.

2 African-American Acting Battalion Chiefs will be overlooked so that Chief Allen can appoint the Union Leader that pushed Allen's appointment.  The Union Leader, Edler, up for advancement, used, without any Union vote, his position in the Union to lobby for Allen's appointment as Chief.  He called each Council member and lobbied them for Allen.  He went down and spoke for Allen.

Today the repayment is likely to be made. Allen wants the Union Leader in his stable of pet ponies.

Sit Nate, Bark Nate, Good Union Leader!

Inside cookin' with our dollars...or Allen could do the right thing?  Holding my breath!  :)

Also, I want take a minute and let Olson, Sisson and yes, Hayward know my readers are always watching you.  They tell me what you do and they tell me what you say.  They don't like you...but are right behind you! Watching, listening and yes...telling.

Here is a lovely picture of Sisson at his desk.  What's he surfing? Rusty?



Anonymous said...

Love it!!! Maren is the best!

Anonymous said...

Here in lies the problem with people selling their souls...Someone ALWAYS gets left out! There are only so many promotions to go around and certain people are going to think that they were deserving because of whatever deal they made or because they believe that they are the best thing since sliced bread! Here's where an organization begins to deteriorate internally because of a lack of leadership. SO SAD!