Friday, August 5, 2016

Ashton Hayward...Bought and Paid For

In documents made available by the FAA, Pensacola's Airport had repeatedly over the years had issues with Innisfree Jet Center violating its lease at the Airport.  Violations included:
  • Providing fuel to aircraft it did not own and that were not owned by an affiliated entity.
  • Subleasing portions of its premises to other entities

These violations occurred from 2004 through 2010.  In fact, a April 2, 2010 draft letter from then City Attorney Rusty Wells stated to Innisfree's owner that was later modified "to reflect a kinder/gentler approach":

"I have also reviewed a great deal of correspondence between you, your representatives and airport staff spanning several years in which the airport's position has been clear, simple and direct on the point that you are not authorized to use your fueling facility to provide fuel or any other related service to any aircraft that you do not own or that is not owned by an appropriate entity which you own or control. Consequently, the purpose of this letter is to direct you to cease these activities immediately, and to provide a reasonable but short amount of time for you to remove tenants at your earliest convenience."

Wells letter continues:

"Mr. MacQueen, the correspondence I have reviewed reflects a consistent pattern over several years of you and your representatives constantly pestering the airport staff for the right to fuel other aircraft when you have been advised from the very beginning that this would not be allowed.  In addition, you are not an FBO, and because of your constant pestering, the City of Pensacola has recently spent a substantial amount of money on a consultant to document that fact and also the fact that you are not in a position to become an FBO."

Look at document "16-12-12 part 12 of 19 tab 20" page 12

The kinder/gentler letter is at the same link and was sent to MacQueen on May 4, 2010.

So the City, the Airport and the FAA informed Innisfree they could not just do what they want.

So what happened?

5/13/2010 - Innisfree Hotels 113 Bay Bridge Drive $500.00
5/13/2010   Fulford Harbour 113 Bay Bridge Drive  $500.00
5/13/2010   H&S Development 113 Bay Bridge Drive  $500.00
10/6/2010   Perdido Hospitality 113 Bay Bridge Drive  $500.00
10/7/2010   Sunrise Hospitality 113 Bay Bridge Drive  $500.00
10/8/2010  Soundside Market, LLC 113 Bay Bridge Drive  $500.00

Campaign Finance Records - Hayward 2010

Less than two weeks after the City told Innisfree NO, the money starts flowing to Ashton Hayward's campaign.


Years of telling Innisfree NO.  On Monday I will show what happened soon after Ashton Hayward took office.

Anyone want to guess?


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Does this implicate Bobby K somehow? It's common knowledge that Ashy doesn't sneeze unless he gets the okay from him first. I love the fact that Kerrigan has gone on record for being one of Hayward's most staunch supporters against the"fat cats" as he calls them. I wonder if Bobby K is willing to snitch to save his own pathetic hyde when the Feds come knockin?

Anonymous said...

Boooom! The block just got a little hotter.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he'll resign at 4:59 PM today, after it is Friday....I know...I know...But I can wish can't I?

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A search for an alternate spelling of "113 Bay Bridge" as "113 Baybridge":

Search via

Candidate Office
Hayward, Ashton-455 City of Pensacola Mayor

9/1/2013 Surf & Sand Development 113 Baybridge Drive $500.00
9/3/2013 Soundside Market, LLC 113 Baybridge Drive $500.00
9/4/2013 H & S Development, LLC 113 Baybridge Drive $500.00
9/6/2013 Fulford Harbour, LLC 113 Baybridge Drive $500.00
9/8/2013 CRR Hospitality, LLC 113 Baybridge Drive $500.00
9/10/2013 Sunrise Hospitality of Pens. 113 Baybridge Drive $500.00
9/12/2013 Innisfree Hotels 113 Baybridge Drive $500.00
9/17/2013 Club Coco, LLC 113 Baybridge Drive $500.00
9/18/2013 Sandspur Development, LLC 113 Baybridge Drive $500.00
9/19/2013 Balmaqien Hospitality, LLC 113 Baybridge Drive $500.00

Anonymous said...

I remember Colleen Castille as well as other members of his staff contributed to Hayward's campaign. Wasn't Roads, Inc. also a major contributor?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Roads, Inc. (Cody Rawson) was/is a major contributor. Why do the think the mayor is borrowing $15 million to try to cram 10 years of road work into 3 years? As Maren has pointed out, Rawson and Hayward are business partners in at lease one land deal.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone looked into Alan Stanwyck and the role which Boyd Aviation played in all of this. Irwin Fletcher has done some good think pieces on the story.

Anonymous said...

Many contributions come with an expectation of payback when elected. That explains why he's fighting so hard for the Escambia county gas tax money.. How can he keep shoveling repaving money towards Cody Rawson and Roads Inc if there's no money left?

Anonymous said...

Ms. DeWeese, do you have a copy of the oath of office that Ashton Hayward took? Is so, would you share it on your blog? I am certain that he's broken that oath. I would just like to know exactly what it says to gauge the depth of his breach. Thanks in advance and thank you for all you do to keep us informed.

George Hawthorne said...


Look at the VT/MAE design and build contracts and you will see another example where the Airport has used FAA dollars and not followed the DBE contracting program that was submitted to the FAA.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the many problems with politics. It's not who will best serve and represent the people, it's all about who can raise the most money. That's where the corruption comes in. Why else would a law firm like Beggs & Lane be so "invested" in a mayoral campaign. It doesn't get much worse than an elected official using tax dollars to repay campaign "sponsors".

Anonymous said...

Alan Stanwyck,, now that is funny!!

Anonymous said...

That ballon mortage must be coming due....

Anonymous said...

How this criminal remains out of prison is one thing, but what's more amazing is how he was elected twice and a recall doesn't seem likely even though he seems to only have the support of those who bought and paid for him (GOBs).

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it as a lifelong city resident of 40+ years, but your comment speaks to the level of apathy in the city.

Maybe it's time to cut our losses and either go back to the council-mayor form of government or just consolidate already. It couldn't possibly get any worse especially with Hayward and crew.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone checked into the ballon mortage the mayor had? Surley the road company has made enough to kickback more than enough to pay that off.

Anonymous said...

Ashton Hayward being bought and paid for has got to be the worst kept secret of all time! It seems as though EVERYTHING he's involved with has a quid pro quo theme to it. He clearly believes he is above others and the rules don't apply to him. The worst part of all this is how the taxpayers who are funding all of this illegal and unethical activity just sit back and watch the corruption.