Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Andrew Tallman (McKay) Addresses Police Issue with Union and the Mayor

AM 1620 tried to get the Mayor to address the concerns of the Police union this morning on the radio.

Hayward just dribbled "contract negotiations", "positioning", "part of the process"

Police officers, please remember in 2010 when he was running for office, Hayward made the following statements at a reception at Billy Barnes Union Hall.  I was there.  I remember.

  • "F$#@ Dick Barker.  When I'm elected Barker is F$#@ing fired."
  • "When I'm elected, I will sit at the negotiating table with you personally."
  • "Supporting our police officers will always be my number one priority."
Is he keeping his word?

Now lets break down his statement today: 

"The police budget has increased each year since I have been in office."   True...but the rest of the story.

FY2016 Budgeted Salaries  $9,143,900
FY2017 Budgeted Salaries  $9,100,300

Decreased salaries?  How does that work?

FY2016 Budgeted Overtime  $241,900
FY2017 Budgeted Overtime  $241,900

Flat Overtime with decreased Salaries?

FY2016 Budgeted Incentive Pay  $127,300
FY2017 Budgeted Incentive Pay  $109,500

Decreased Incentive Pay?

FY2016 Budgeted Differential Pay  $280,700
FY2017 Budgeted Differential Pay  $226,400

Decreased Differential Pay?

The department budget may be bigger, but not the amounts that go to the officer on the street.

You know what this means about the Mayor?


CJ Lewis said...

WEAR Channel 3 recently had two stories related to PPD. In the first, David Gonzalez reported on the chronic traffic mess around Scenic Heights Elementary School. Tell me about it. The morning traffic backs up blocking my driveway onto Forest Glen Drive. The situation is made worse by the bad condition of Forest Glen Drive between Greenwood Lane and Hilltop Road caused in large part by massive pooling of water every time there is a light rain. Fixing that problem is not even on the list of streets being considered for rework with Local Option Gas Tax (LOGT) revenues in the next three or even ten years. A citizen who lives near the school explained to Gonzalez that there are laws prohibiting parking in certain areas, the parked cars making a bad situation worse, but the laws are not enforced. It reminds me of how the day after July 4 PPD Chief David Alexander told Channel 3 that he would have his officers enforce the state's fireworks laws if they were important to Mayor Ashton Hayward but they are not so he does not. The second Channel 3 story related to the suicide of a county employee last week. Hayward said that every day he thinks about how to fight crime. It reminds of how he pranced nearly breathless into our PPD Citizens' Law Enforcement Academy class in order to get himself in "our" class picture. He explained how he and Chief Chip Simmons had spent the whole day out crime fighting. Hayward forces regular citizens to submit to weapons screening as a condition of being allowed into Pensacola City Hall to attend meetings of the Pensacola City Council on which he does not serve. Hayward and his staff and City Council members and their staff are exempt from the weapons screening. I was once just behind Hayward when he breezed past security with one of his underlings in trail giddy at being able to just flash her badge and bypass the search. On August 22 & 23, the Pensacola City Council is going to have a whopping 10.5 hours of scheduled discussion about the most important document in the city government - the annual budget document. In truth, the discussions should have begun early in the year. One of the scheduled briefs on August 22 is PPD. As a mere citizen, I will not be allowed to speak but I hope one of the City Council members asks detailed questions about the state of the PPD to include if it has enough officers, are they paid enough especially the shockingly low starting salary, how can their total benefits package be made more competitive with other law enforcement agencies in the area to include should the city provide a tax-free housing allowance to encourage PPD Officers to live inside city limits where they can be our eyes & ears 24/7 in our neighborhoods, etc. My guess is that Council President Charles Bare and Councilwoman Sherri Myers will try to raise some of those issues in the thirty minutes allowed to discuss the PPD but will get few answers and most of the other City Council members will be bored to tears if they even bother to show up.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, our crime is getting out of hand and people are continuing to move to nearby Santa Rosa. I can't wait till November to vote out Jewel Cannada-Wynn. She has failed us miserable. She's just a bought and paid for employee of the Mayor who makes fun of her behind her back.

Anonymous said...

CJ usually your comments are well formed and well researched but I keep hearing this and that about roads so I did some of my own really fast.... One if you got a drainage issue the resurfacing is not going to help it that issue. Resurfacing from what I was told by an engineer is just a remove and replace which means they take off say 1 inch and replace 1 inch no corrections to drainage. I am guessing corrections are considered reconstruction? From what I can find about drainage in the City you need to contact a gentleman by the name of Carl Flowers ... Now when he gets to you will be the question?

In my search for information I decided to look at the 2016 budget and look at the resurfacing list that is in it. Low and behold the very first one on the list is Forest Glen from Creighton to Hilltop is in that list resurfacing. As a result it would not be on the list for roads to to be done with the bond money because it is already getting done. I think people should look at that list a little bit more carefully there is one or two roads on there I think don't need any work done and might be on there just to keep one or two people on the council from complaining.

oinksmith said...

Hayward campaigned office to office at the POD in 2010 and told anyone who would give him 5 minutes that law enforcement and protecting the citizens of Pensacola was his top priority. He said he wanted the best paid, best trained agency in the state. Here we are 6 years later and the PPD is struggling to recruit officers because of the paltry starting salary that remains under $33,000 per year. No one wants to strap on a gun and body cam and be put under a microscope pocket change.

oinksmith said...


Anonymous said...

I'm no fan of Hayward -- to the contrary. But salaries (and associated overtime, etc.) will be affected by employee turnover. If more senior (and thus more highly compensated) employees leave & are replaced by employees who are paid at the minimum of the salary scale, then the amount budgeted for salaries is adjusted. I don't know if the city would give it to you, but they have reports that reflect each employee's pay, years of service, step in the pay scale, etc.