Thursday, August 18, 2016

Airport Advertising RFP

Proposals were due August 16, 2016 for a three-year contract for the Airport's Marketing and Advertising.

Here is a link to the RFP.

Clear in the RFP is that the winner will report to the Potted Plant.

Staff Oversight:
Services of the firm shall be under the general direction of the Marketing Manager or their designee who shall act at the City’s representative during the performance of the contract.

I received the photo below from a reader.  Normally I would not post a photo of an event like a wedding, but when the Airport Marketing Manager is getting married and its important to invite the Airport's advertising contractor, you have to question her independence.


  • Does the Potted Plant sit on the selection committee?
  • Does she chose the members of the committee?
and the biggest:
  • Does attendance at the Marketing Manager's wedding and how nice your GIFT was have influence on her decision?
  • Did she declare the gift from a City contractor?
Who else got an invite?

I will be ALL OVER the emails, videos, presentations and evaluations and other documents on this bid and the time leading up to it being issued!


Anonymous said...

I give up - who is the guy with the red arrow pointed at his head?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I believe that's GOB Chip Henderson.

Anonymous said...

Very well put!

Anonymous said...

That violates Ethics Laws. She shouldn't have invited him to the wedding and if she did, he should have declined to attend because he is a contractor that does business with the government (in this case, the City of Pensacola - and she works for the City in a position of authority working with contractors). Both of them are in violation. This is what you get when you hire friends and not people with actual experience, qualifications, and training for these positions. We need a clock ticking away the days until the Mayor's term is up.

Anonymous said...

Go Crusaders.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:38 - Exactly what Ethics law does it violate? What statute? Look, what they do shocks me to the core, however, it is not illegal for a vendor to attend a wedding or anything with the COR, POC or what ever they call the contact person for the contract.