Thursday, July 21, 2016

Not Deputy Chief...Assistant Chief. But Why?

Fire Chief David Allen appointed a career firefighter to the rank of Assistant Chief.  What's unusual about that?

Until June 22, 2016, the position of Assistant Chief did not exist in the City of Pensacola.

The position was created specifically for the person who filled the role.

Prior to the Assistant Chief role being created, the similar role was Deputy Chief.

Below are links to both job descriptions.

Brand New Assistant Chief Job Description

Deputy Fire Chief

So whats the differences?

Years as a Battalion Chief or Captain
  • Assistant Chief  - 4 years
  • Deputy Chief - 5 years

Assistant Chief Nature of Work

This is professional and administrative work as the principal staff assistant in operations to the Fire Chief. 

An employee in this class is primarily responsible for analyzing, developing, and implementing a comprehensive, effective emergency operations program that will provide the highest level of service and protection to the community. The Assistant Fire Chief reports directly to the Fire Chief. Work is assigned and evaluated by the Fire Chief.

Deputy Fire Chief

This is administrative and supervisory work regarding the direction of fire suppression, training, and fire prevention activities for the Pensacola Fire Department. This employee serves as the chief administrative assistant to the chief of the Fire Department.

An employee in this class is responsible for staffing, training, budgeting, and other
administrative matters. This employee is also responsible for promoting fire prevention
measures and enforcement. Work is subject to review by the director of the department.

All management authority was been removed from the Deputy Chief position.

David Allen's Executive Assistant?

He apparently can't give any direction just analyze and implement!


CJ Lewis said...

Under the City Charter, the Fire Department is supervised by the Mayor. No matter who thinks they supervise whom in the Fire Department, at least one court has found that the Mayor supervises everyone in a municipal department. In an August 7, 2009 letter to the Council, City Attorney Rusty Wells sought clarification about who appoints and dismisses city officers and employees below the rank of department head to include division heads, etc. The Charter limits the Mayor's powers of appointment to department heads to include the City Attorney and City Clerk who are department heads but of a different type because the Council exercises the executive power to approve their appointment and dismissal. In an August 10, 2009 letter to the Council, Charter Review Commission (CRC) Chairwoman Crystal Spencer writing jointly with the CRC's general legal counsel Margaret Stopp that the power to appoint and dismiss city officers and employees below the rank of department head was vested in the City Administrator charged by the Charter to "be in charge of the daily operations of the City." In truth, no one actually knows who is in charge of what to include what the City Administrator actually does which does not seem to be much of anything the Mayor and department heads could not do if the Mayor was not too busy playing golf or yachting. Two obvious Charter amendments are to eliminate the position of City Administrator and expressly empower department heads to appoint and dismiss all persons filling positions in their departments. Such changes would end the practice of low-level "rats" going behind the backs of department heads to curry favor with the Mayor. All of these problems exist because no one on the CRC has much executive background and the group as a whole knew little to nothing about municipal government or municipal law.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious that rules don't apply with this crappy, corrupt administration. When something doesn't fit they just change it and claim that the charter gives the mayor the power to do anything he pleases. After all, Wayward pays big money to his crooked attorneys who render "legal opinions" that ALWAYS favor what he wants. Welcome to the Corrupt Side where the SAO goes after the small fish and the real criminals continue to openly break the law.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure with the city's emphasis on diversity (sarcasm) that was a major priority as in all other selections.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the MANY side effects that comes to light when you couple a group of disloyal inbreds with their own agendas and the incompetent, corrupt group at city hall. The "overtime morale" will likely be short lived, the honeymoon will soon be over and it will be on to the next target.

Anonymous said...

ERIC OLSON NEEDS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Add HAYWARD, WELLS, SISSON, and BARKER to the list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!