Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Fire Department Overtime Soars (as I stated in June)

On June 13, I discussed the "improved moral" at the fire department.  One of the reasons it was up is Chief Allen's opening up the overtime budget to buy some support in the department.

"Chief Allen, to win political favor has been using CITY TAX DOLLARS to allow rampant overtime since February which is placing the fire department budget in peril.  I will be reflecting these "allegiance" payments in public records requests soon."


Rick Outzen beat me to it!


Outzen reports:

"How much of the overtime was allowed after Chief Matt Schmitt and Deputy Chief Joe Glover were placed on paid administrative leave? $137,313 total, an average of $34,328 per month."

107 firefighters eligible for overtime (page 329 of budget)
$34,328 per month
$320 per man per month
6 months under Allen
$1,920 per man on average

I'm sure it was evenly spread, right Chief?  Wink Wink!

Guess I was lying.


Anonymous said...

Just the cost of corruption in The Upside Down Side of Florida! Of course, like everything else, this will be swept under the rug. Between the cost of administrative leave with pay for the Chiefs (over 3 months), the $65K spent on the "independent" investigator, the pay raise "pay-offs", the promotion "pay-offs", the unlimited overtime "pay-offs", and the epic lawsuit that's sure to come, it will be interesting to see the total cost of the public lynching financed by the taxpayers. If Schmitt or Glover are city taxpayers or have family members who pay taxes in the city, I wonder how they feel about paying for all of this?

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! No wonder the firefighters were at the confirmation for Allen. They were bought and paid for. THI$ AL$O EXPLAIN$ THE $UDDEN BOO$T IN THE FIREFIGHTER'$ MORAL. Instead of Andy "Clueless" Terhaar asking for all of the firefighters in support of Allen to stand, he should have asked for all firefighters getting a "hook-up" by Allen's to stand. Most pathetic was Jewel Cannada "sell out" Wynn pretending to be oblivious of everything going on around her. Bare, Myers, and Wingate are the ONLY council members with any semblance of integrity.

Synonym of the day:
Open Corruption = Transparent Pensacola

Two questions for anyone to answer:

1) Is this what you voted for when you voted for the new form of government?

2) Is there anything egregious enough that Hayward could do to cause enough of an outcry that someone finally initiates a recall? (This question is not for you Catfish) Serious responses from credible, legitimate people only, please.

Anonymous said...

^^^Money po$t right there!

Anonymous said...

Zero accountability at every level. So Allen is Hayward's choice for Chief? He fits in perfectly with Olson, Sisson, Barker, Fountain, Bowling and the list of incompetent selections goes on. This is exactly what you get when you elect someone without substance and no ability. Sadly, Hayward and others actually think he's done a good job.

Anonymous said...

What an absolute mess. It is unbelievable how this all goes unchecked. The former Chiefs were defamed and investigated over bogus charges. On the other hand, Allen was written up for using racial slurs, stated in a deposition that it's okay for firefighters to work side jobs while on duty, abandoned his crew in a fire where one firefighter died, begged for the Chief's job behind his bosses back, attempted to cover up an accident he had in a city vehicle, and has been written up for numerous other things during his career. Now he has gone way over budget for overtime to pay for the new moral at the fire house? This is the guy Hayward waited 6 years to name "his" fire chief. Maybe the race of the firefighter left behind sealed the deal for Hayward. Ijs

Anonymous said...

Anyone who believes the moral around here is better with Allen and now Redding running things is totally off base. I thought I was in a department that was going to progress but now there is no trust at all. David Allen is a joke and it doesn't matter how many picnics he has, everyone knows he only cares about himself and has always been that way. Yes, the overtime was good but we all knew it wouldn't last. Also, most of the firefighters at his confirmation were "highly encouraged" to be there. I'm sure you know what that means. There are FEW who agree with what happened to Schmitt and Glover but we all could see the handwriting on the wall when the personnel evaluator came in February to figure out what needed to be done to "get behind Allen" as the fire chief. Everybody smiles in his face but then talks behind his back because he can't be trusted and doesn't know what he's doing. Most of us can't wait for him to be gone, but we don't know who's next. One thing we know is that whoever it is will be controlled by the mayor.

Anonymous said...

$34,328 per month???? How much is a starting fire fighter's annual salary?

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure it's less than $34K

Anonymous said...

Welcome to The City of Payoffs, The Corr"UP"t Side of Florida!