Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Eric Olson and Chief Allen...Your Automatic Aid Partner is on the Scene!

Recently, Eric Olson, City Administrator and David Allen, Fire Chief, entered into an automatic aid agreement whereby many City of Pensacola residents could be responded to by Escambia County Fire Units.

For YEARS, the PFD complained about the professionalism of the Escambia County Fire Department.

Now the ECFD could be the first onscene when Pensacola citizens need help.

What type of firefighter may be first on scene?  Well watch the video and see.

On Scene Response

How will Eric Olson and David Allen assure the Citizens they will not be faced with this bigotry?

Now with automatic aid, the City has no control over who responds first to a call.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, they don't care about this. As long as it's not a city fireman I guarantee it means next to nothing. Whenever that use to happen at city fire it was just swept under the rug. Then fire admin and city hall would go after the person that reported it.

Anonymous said...

Pardon the pun but where there's smoke, there is fire! This happens more often than you'd think. It's just not usually caught on camera and people seldom want to "stir the pot" by reporting it. Bravo to the man who recorded this and followed up. Tax payers pay taxes to get rid of "trash" not to have it treating citizens with disrespect. Glad he resigned!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: A $10,000.00 a year pay raise for council members amounts to a 71+% increase. Yet the city employees have not had a pay raise in 8 years. The mayor just can't find the money to give the cities employee's a raise. Rest assured, if given a raise it would be in the 1 - 2 % range for people who work 40 hours a week for the city. I wonder how the mayor is going to explain his actions to his employee's?