Friday, July 8, 2016

City Boards...It comes back to staff

Fundamentally, the City's Citizen Boards exist to help the City Government to function with the oversight roles needed in our community. These volunteer boards are listed below with their staff lead:

  • Architectural Review Board- Brandi Deese
  • Code Enforcement Authority - Code Enforcement Staff
  • CMPA - Mandy Bills
  • CRA - NONE; Helen Gibson - Part time
  • Construction Board of Adjustment and Appeals Doesn't meet
  • Eastside Redevelopment Board - Helen Gibson
  • Environmental Advisory Board - Don Kraher
  • Fire Education Incentive Board  Doesn't meet
  • Fire Pension Board of Trustees - Dick Barker
  • Fire Prevention Board of Appeal Doesn't meet
  • Gateway Review Board Brandi Deese
  • General Pension Board of Trustees- Dick Barker
  • International Relations Advisory Board - Elaine Mager
  • Parks and Recreation Board - Entire Staff
  • Planning Board - Brandi Deese
  • Police Pension Board of Trustees - Dick Barker
  • Veteran Memorial Park Foundation of Pensacola - None
  • Westside Redevelopment Board - Helen Gibson
  • Zoning Board of Adjustment - Brandi Deese
So what are the takeaways:
  • Brandi Deese has a lot on her plate.
  • I don't see either Bill Weeks or Sherry Morris names in many minutes.  Bill is at Code Enforcement meetings.  What do they do all day?
  • Shouldn't those two be at several of the above meetings to know what is going on?
  • We need to scrap staff support for some of these that either don't meet regularly or could handle their own admin.
  • We could afford a lot more staff support if we didn't have to pay for:
    • Official Mayoral Photographer $30,000
    • Executive Aide to the Mayor $30,000
    • Special Assistant to the City Administrator $100,000
    • Economic Policy Coordinator $ 60,000
  • The 4 jobs above alone add up to 3 and 2/3rd of Brandi Deese salary.
Its great to have active citizen boards.  But without an underlying staff in the departments that they regulate stuff starts to slip through the cracks.

In little ole' Pensacola, imagine how many code enforcement calls, inspections, permit issues, development plans, site plans, utility planning, and other construction related items are in the air at any one time.

The Mayor touts all the development going on in Pensacola, has his photographer take a picture at every groundbreaking, but does not invest in staff support to monitor, assist, direct, improve and oversee these developments.

But as long as the employees running these departments keep pretending like they are keeping up and doing all that needs to be done, his royal highness will do nothing.

Remember, being quiet out of fear for your job only works until you make a mistake.  Then the Hayward train will roll right over you!  Choo Choo!

Ask your former colleagues.


Anonymous said...

I did all Brandi is assigned and more. I did all TPO work. I managed CRA projects. I had multiple phone lines ringing to my desk so the relentless calls actually got answered. I can't even describe how large my workload was. I was the only planner even required to be in the building during office hours.

I did it all. I did it all while unofficially having to ensure Alan Gray didn't light a fire to everything he touched. And THAT.....supervising Alan.....was one task I was promised I would never have to do when I was given the Senior Planner spot.

Never once was I even talked to about my job performance before their failed attempt at demoting me.

They approved me postponing the AICP test they lied about in the attempted demotion.

When they said I wasn't doing my job, I proved they were lying by proving I was doing the work of ten. proving Sherry and Alan did nothing!

When Sherry Morris point blank asked me to lie to Council about the legality of the Manna case, I refused. I was then called, at-home, and informed my services were no longer needed.

During this same time period, I was forced to endure a hostile work environment in that 'they' started illegally sneaking someone into the building in violation of a city police and city human resources ban on that person entering the building. The ban(s) we're approved by all levels of the administration to ensure my physical safety while at work.

Yes, they are severely understaffed, but no, that is not the real issue. The real issue is the crooks in charge of development....Hayward, Morris, Weeks. The real issue is the lack of concern for laws or for the employees.

Elizabeth Schrey, AICP

Anonymous said...

To avoid conflict one person should never be on that many boards.

Anonymous said...

Economic Policy Coordinator = total joke. Total waste of $, she is at $70,000 a year now after she get's her $10k raise from administration. We do not get any grants and the one's she does try to apply for we lose! What does she do for Pensacola? There has been no increase in business in Pensacola.

Anonymous said...

Eric Olson, the city administrator ($130k) has a three member team of support staff.

Keith Wilkins, Assistant Administrator $120k
Rusty Wells, Special Assistant to City Administrator $100k, and he has a "Landrum" employee earning almost $60k

Eric Olson is costing the tax payers nearly $415,000 a year just in his and his staff alone. We get nothing but inaction, incompetence, and no plan to move the city forward. We have a volunteer coordinator from Habitat running a $250,000,000 organization and 700 employees.

Anonymous said...

Just curious, how many building permits were applied for over the past 12 months compared to previous years? How many new building projects are on the horizon? How many new building inspectors have been added to the inspections dept.? I have lived here for over 30 years and do not recall this level of building activity in the city limits.

Anonymous said...

They are too busy planning photo ops and taking pictures to care about proper staffing.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Schrey for Congress!

Anonymous said...

Ashton Hayward wants city employees to do more with less...except those on the 7th floor who do less and less. Some bobblehead who follows Mr. Model around makes more than some of our police or firefighters. Executive aide to the Mayor, which aide because he has about 10. $30,000? Hilarious when you've had people who have been at the City 10 years and they still don't make $30,000. Funny how Mr. Bonfield didn't need 10 assistants when he was City Manager. Let's get rid of 20 more city positions so we can have a Executive Chef for Council meetings, Asst. Make up Artist to the Photographer, Social Media Twitter Twatter Facebook Manager, and City PR for BS Administrator, Vernon needs an assistant too.

Anonymous said...

Weeks is a total waste of tax dollars

Did he ever get the required license to do that job?

He is happy being the fall guy for all the corrupt actions that are always going on in development.

Need a favor like a fantasy written inspection???

Ask Bill.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Don Kelley, prior to his passing, was the City's certified floodplain manager (CFM). How long did Bill refuse to get the CFM he needed to be abiding by the Land Development Code?

Were appropriate flood map amendments completed with FEMA when Bill issued the permit to change the elevation of the old ECUA site?

How much of the city's flooding can be personally attributed to Bill Weeks refusing to do his job?

And now, on the Sunday House demolition, Bill required ZERO safeguards for asbestos removal. Zero.

Elizabeth Schrey, AICP