Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Chief Allen Violates Handbook Again

Monday, Chief Allen sent the media an email on promotions.  The email contained a word document. Not a PDF. Not an official city press release. A Pensacola Fire Department Press Release.

Frankly, it looks either Volunteer FD or JV, you choose!

The headings are in one font.
The body looks like it was done on a typewriter.

Allen literally took the second paragraph verbatim from the job description.  More on that to come.


The list of media contacts it was sent to includes:

The only City employee copied was Bill Weeks!

So besides being JV what's the issue?

The Human Resource Manual states:

Effective communication is an essential part of public service. This policy was created to manage the flow of information to and from the City of Pensacola regarding all forms of communication with the press.


1. In order to ensure that all accurate, appropriate and authorized information is released to the media, all formal releases of information to the media on behalf of the City or its Departments should be forwarded to the Communications Administrator.

Any news releases (aside from routine announcements, meeting notices, etc.) should be coordinated through the Communications Office.

a. Exempted from this are those departments which already have their own process for news releases in place, such as the Police Department.

4. Without prior approval, only the Mayor, City Administrator and Communications Administrator are authorized to speak to the press on behalf of the City.

Vernon, Chief Allen makes you look bad!  You better reel him in!

If he is allowed to send them, at least teach him how!

Maybe you should ask for an investigation!


Anonymous said...

That is a typewriter. On very old letterhead.

It speaks volumes that crooked Weeks was the only one who actually received the email.

Were the promotions to move more unethical people up the ranks?

Allen earned favor with the Mayor and Weeks after caving to political pressure and approving the sidewalk awning at Blend, despite the known public safety issues it caused for the Saenger.

Were/are these promotions kickbacks for turning a blind eye to these unsafe practices?

Was this Allen letting Weeks now that the deal had been finalized?

Feds......oh Feds......can you come out and play yet?

Anonymous said...

I am a local civil engineer and I can tell you that EVERY document that I have received from the City's Engineering Department in the last 10+ years (primarily from Derik Owens and Brad Hinote) have ALL come in .DOC format. Even worst, every time you open the document the date on the document automatically updates to the current date, making it impossible to know the date that the document was actually written by the engineering department. It is absolute amateur hour in the city's engineering department and don't even get me started about the corrupt things they do in regards to awarding over budget projects to certain local contractors.

Anonymous said...

Chief "Turn and Run" is now one of Ashton's boys. As long as he kisses the appropriate amount of A$$ of Big Ed, Coward in Chief Olsen and little Ashy, the rules don't apply to him. Until he screws up, and then they will. I'm sure the Fire (verb) Chief Allen file has already been started and documents added to it.

Anonymous said...

There's a lot that stinks at 222 W. Main Street. Can't blame the sewage plant for the smell anymore!

Anonymous said...

Lol....He begs for the job that he was proven to be unfit to hold. Naturally he's the perfect choice for Hayward. Chief Allen continues to show his incompetence and everything is normal in Pensacola.

Anonymous said...

If Eric Olson resigned TODAY, the City would rejoice!

Anonymous said...

Only if SISSON goes with him!

Anonymous said...

In the Hayward administration, employee handbooks are only dusted off when someone wants to fire an employee!

Anonymous said...

THIS!!! The City of Pensacola has to be one of the worse places in the state to be an employee. There is NO LEADERSHIP from the top and it is showing in the fire dept also. David Allen begged for the job and Hayward have it to him in spite of everything in his personnel file. Allen's lack of integrity must have been what convinced Hayward to make him the chief after 6 years with an interim chief.

Anonymous said...

Really no surprise here. David Allen has been known for his monumental screw ups throughout his entire career. His record speaks for itself. Sadly, he has never been held accountable for any of the things he has done.

Anonymous said...

Same in Ecambia County