Thursday, July 21, 2016

Not Deputy Chief...Assistant Chief. But Why?

Fire Chief David Allen appointed a career firefighter to the rank of Assistant Chief.  What's unusual about that?

Until June 22, 2016, the position of Assistant Chief did not exist in the City of Pensacola.

The position was created specifically for the person who filled the role.

Prior to the Assistant Chief role being created, the similar role was Deputy Chief.

Below are links to both job descriptions.

Brand New Assistant Chief Job Description

Deputy Fire Chief

So whats the differences?

Years as a Battalion Chief or Captain
  • Assistant Chief  - 4 years
  • Deputy Chief - 5 years

Assistant Chief Nature of Work

This is professional and administrative work as the principal staff assistant in operations to the Fire Chief. 

An employee in this class is primarily responsible for analyzing, developing, and implementing a comprehensive, effective emergency operations program that will provide the highest level of service and protection to the community. The Assistant Fire Chief reports directly to the Fire Chief. Work is assigned and evaluated by the Fire Chief.

Deputy Fire Chief

This is administrative and supervisory work regarding the direction of fire suppression, training, and fire prevention activities for the Pensacola Fire Department. This employee serves as the chief administrative assistant to the chief of the Fire Department.

An employee in this class is responsible for staffing, training, budgeting, and other
administrative matters. This employee is also responsible for promoting fire prevention
measures and enforcement. Work is subject to review by the director of the department.

All management authority was been removed from the Deputy Chief position.

David Allen's Executive Assistant?

He apparently can't give any direction just analyze and implement!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Chief Allen Violates Handbook Again

Monday, Chief Allen sent the media an email on promotions.  The email contained a word document. Not a PDF. Not an official city press release. A Pensacola Fire Department Press Release.

Frankly, it looks either Volunteer FD or JV, you choose!

The headings are in one font.
The body looks like it was done on a typewriter.

Allen literally took the second paragraph verbatim from the job description.  More on that to come.


The list of media contacts it was sent to includes:

The only City employee copied was Bill Weeks!

So besides being JV what's the issue?

The Human Resource Manual states:

Effective communication is an essential part of public service. This policy was created to manage the flow of information to and from the City of Pensacola regarding all forms of communication with the press.


1. In order to ensure that all accurate, appropriate and authorized information is released to the media, all formal releases of information to the media on behalf of the City or its Departments should be forwarded to the Communications Administrator.

Any news releases (aside from routine announcements, meeting notices, etc.) should be coordinated through the Communications Office.

a. Exempted from this are those departments which already have their own process for news releases in place, such as the Police Department.

4. Without prior approval, only the Mayor, City Administrator and Communications Administrator are authorized to speak to the press on behalf of the City.

Vernon, Chief Allen makes you look bad!  You better reel him in!

If he is allowed to send them, at least teach him how!

Maybe you should ask for an investigation!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Fire Department Overtime Soars (as I stated in June)

On June 13, I discussed the "improved moral" at the fire department.  One of the reasons it was up is Chief Allen's opening up the overtime budget to buy some support in the department.

"Chief Allen, to win political favor has been using CITY TAX DOLLARS to allow rampant overtime since February which is placing the fire department budget in peril.  I will be reflecting these "allegiance" payments in public records requests soon."

Rick Outzen beat me to it!

Outzen reports:

"How much of the overtime was allowed after Chief Matt Schmitt and Deputy Chief Joe Glover were placed on paid administrative leave? $137,313 total, an average of $34,328 per month."

107 firefighters eligible for overtime (page 329 of budget)
$34,328 per month
$320 per man per month
6 months under Allen
$1,920 per man on average

I'm sure it was evenly spread, right Chief?  Wink Wink!

Guess I was lying.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Absolute Circus...

In case you missed it...

  • Cops
  • Clearing the room
  • A Kazoo
  • Singing chants
  • The Council Executive standing over the chanting Satan Worshiper ready to pounce
  • "Let us embrace the luciferian impulse to eat of the tree of knowledge"   ummmmmm
  • "Dissipate our comforting delusions of hope" ummmmmm
  • Hand gestures ummmmmm
and then....the usual 5 hours and 30 minutes of regular circus.


We need to end the Circus or open a concession stand and sell tickets.

Council Meeting Video

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mayor Recommends Council $10,000 Pay Increase; Ditch "Legislative fees"

In the 2017 budget released this week, Mayor Hayward recommended Council pay increases of $10,000 each!  $10,000 is a nice round number. Just ask Amy Workman or Rebecca Ferguson.

"Additionally, an appropriation of $10,000 for each City Council member totaling $70,000 was requested by City Council for the costs associated with various legislative functions. While this funding is included in the Mayor’s proposed budget as requested by the City council in operating expense, it is recommended that the $10,000 per Council Member be added to their salaries."

Page 22

No Council action required!  Take that item off the agenda!

Yes Pensacola, less for the Citizens, more for the Council.  Courtesy of Mayor Hayward!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tricky Dick's Fright Nite

Yesterday, City of Pensacola CFO Tricky Dick Barker explained to Council how the sky was falling, the earth was crumbling, the zombie apocalypse was upon us, and Satan was coming to council (well... that last one is happening) over the Local Option Gas Tax allocation from Escambia County which is based on HIS CAFR.

He explained that the City will receive $1,000,000 less than previous years.

The numbers in the CAFR are his responsibility.  He puts his financials together.  This is like the error he made years ago that cost the City millions.

Well Dick, here is a solution to your problem.  A million short?  Let me find it for you.
  1. Rusty Wells   $99,486   Special Assistant to City Administrator
  2. Rebecca McLellan  $40,456  Airport Marketing Manager
  3. Eric Olson   $133,016  City Snitch and Administrator
  4. Photographer   $30,000  
  5. Executive Aide to Mayor $39,000
  6. Rebecca Ferguson   $69,987  Economic Policy Coordinator
  7. Clark Merritt  $71,302  Port Business Development Manager
  8. Amy Workman  $57,985 Recruiting and Training Manager
  9. Ed Sisson $99,694  HR Manager
  10. One less Council Salary  $14,000
  11. One less Council Discretionary expense  $10,000
  12. One less Council Travel $8,000
  13. Council Attorney $60,000
  14. Budget Analyst to Council  $40,000
  15. CRA Director  $77,900
  16. Golf Course Subsidy $100,000
  17. Fire Boat Slip Rental $28,500
Done before lunch! And didn't hit bone!

Next issue please!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Is a Building Historical? How Can We Determine?

Well, the State of Florida has a database of every historical structure and district in the state.

The Florida Master Site File is the State of Florida's official inventory of historical, cultural resources.

Categories of resources recorded at the Site File include:
  • Archaeological sites
  • Historical structures
  • Historical cemeteries
  • Historical bridges
  • Historic districts, landscapes and linear features
The Site File also maintains copies of archaeological and historical survey reports and other manuscripts relevant to history and historic preservation in Florida. The Site File currently holds information on more than 200,000 cultural resources and copies of over 22,000 manuscripts. Site File staff are available to assist citizens, government agencies and historic preservation professionals in performing searches and obtaining information from our inventory.

The master files also list districts that are historical.

The master files are DIRECTLY REFERENCED in the Pensacola Land Development Code.

So when was the last time Pensacola was updated?

2004 after Ivan.

So if a District is not included or a building is not included, it is subject to normal rules and regulations.

Maybe its time to have the survey updated to include other districts or buildings?

As an aside, is it not strange its not online to search in 2016 but you have to ask for manual help?
History hoarders?

Friday, July 8, 2016

City Boards...It comes back to staff

Fundamentally, the City's Citizen Boards exist to help the City Government to function with the oversight roles needed in our community. These volunteer boards are listed below with their staff lead:

  • Architectural Review Board- Brandi Deese
  • Code Enforcement Authority - Code Enforcement Staff
  • CMPA - Mandy Bills
  • CRA - NONE; Helen Gibson - Part time
  • Construction Board of Adjustment and Appeals Doesn't meet
  • Eastside Redevelopment Board - Helen Gibson
  • Environmental Advisory Board - Don Kraher
  • Fire Education Incentive Board  Doesn't meet
  • Fire Pension Board of Trustees - Dick Barker
  • Fire Prevention Board of Appeal Doesn't meet
  • Gateway Review Board Brandi Deese
  • General Pension Board of Trustees- Dick Barker
  • International Relations Advisory Board - Elaine Mager
  • Parks and Recreation Board - Entire Staff
  • Planning Board - Brandi Deese
  • Police Pension Board of Trustees - Dick Barker
  • Veteran Memorial Park Foundation of Pensacola - None
  • Westside Redevelopment Board - Helen Gibson
  • Zoning Board of Adjustment - Brandi Deese
So what are the takeaways:
  • Brandi Deese has a lot on her plate.
  • I don't see either Bill Weeks or Sherry Morris names in many minutes.  Bill is at Code Enforcement meetings.  What do they do all day?
  • Shouldn't those two be at several of the above meetings to know what is going on?
  • We need to scrap staff support for some of these that either don't meet regularly or could handle their own admin.
  • We could afford a lot more staff support if we didn't have to pay for:
    • Official Mayoral Photographer $30,000
    • Executive Aide to the Mayor $30,000
    • Special Assistant to the City Administrator $100,000
    • Economic Policy Coordinator $ 60,000
  • The 4 jobs above alone add up to 3 and 2/3rd of Brandi Deese salary.
Its great to have active citizen boards.  But without an underlying staff in the departments that they regulate stuff starts to slip through the cracks.

In little ole' Pensacola, imagine how many code enforcement calls, inspections, permit issues, development plans, site plans, utility planning, and other construction related items are in the air at any one time.

The Mayor touts all the development going on in Pensacola, has his photographer take a picture at every groundbreaking, but does not invest in staff support to monitor, assist, direct, improve and oversee these developments.

But as long as the employees running these departments keep pretending like they are keeping up and doing all that needs to be done, his royal highness will do nothing.

Remember, being quiet out of fear for your job only works until you make a mistake.  Then the Hayward train will roll right over you!  Choo Choo!

Ask your former colleagues.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Some Good News For 800 E Jackson from the ARB

Who is a winner in the recent ARB Sunday House ruling by Judge Bergosh!

The homeowner at 800 E. Jackson Street!  In May, her request for a wooden privacy fence with gate was tabled by the ARB.

Ms. Dean and Mr. Phillips, no need for a site plan and chain link will be just fine.  After 31 days, your request was administratively approved.


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Eric Olson and Chief Allen...Your Automatic Aid Partner is on the Scene!

Recently, Eric Olson, City Administrator and David Allen, Fire Chief, entered into an automatic aid agreement whereby many City of Pensacola residents could be responded to by Escambia County Fire Units.

For YEARS, the PFD complained about the professionalism of the Escambia County Fire Department.

Now the ECFD could be the first onscene when Pensacola citizens need help.

What type of firefighter may be first on scene?  Well watch the video and see.

On Scene Response

How will Eric Olson and David Allen assure the Citizens they will not be faced with this bigotry?

Now with automatic aid, the City has no control over who responds first to a call.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

UPDATE: Recall on the Way?

The 4th of July is an All American holiday weekend!

  • Hotdogs
  • Hamburgers
  • Ice cream
  • Fireworks
  • Patriotic music
  • Mayoral recall planning?

Someone took time on Friday to purchase the domain RECALLHAYWARD.COM

Registry Domain ID: 2039148451_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:
Updated Date: 2016-07-01T15:30:09.00Z
Creation Date: 2016-07-01T22:30:00.00Z

Due to the way it was set up online, whoever purchased it wants to remain anonymous. 


A) not willing to say they are angry!
B) or just drunk!

Land of the Free and home of the Not So Brave?



Nevermind:  It was Derek!  Hipster angst until Bob cracks that financial whip!

If he keeps it up, I can feel the Pulse weakening.

Get the paddles ready...start an IV with D5W...and transport to Rampart

Friday, July 1, 2016

Friday Funny: Fill in the box

Insert Comment.  Have fun and Happy 4th of July!

Thanks to the reader that sent this.  My photoshop skills are limited.  This is great!