Monday, June 27, 2016

Where is the Historic Patio at 417 E. Government Street

Below are photos of the 417 E. Government property.

Anyone see this historic patio?

Surely the below isn't the historic patio?

52 bricks?  By the little gate?  Patio?



Anonymous said...

This only happened because no one in City Hall has any ethics.

Staff should have at least presented a factual ARB application.

Anonymous said...

What would happen if john q citizen did this?

Anonymous said...

I think I saw these bricks on Craigslist a while back but they are gone now. The new owners have to recoup their demolition expenses somehow!

George Hawthorne said...

Maybe the driveway in the "patio" picture used the bricks and it doubles as a "patio," you know a dual use driveway that when you pull the car in you roll out the grill and furniture. Right, that's the story.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the City Photographer and best friend of the mayor's wife can go out there and find it. JOKE!