Monday, June 13, 2016

Union President to Council: Morale Up With Allen. WELL SURE IT IS!

The local fire union IAFF 707 President was burning up the phones this weekend telling City Council members that morale has improved in the Fire Department since Chief Schmitt is no longer in charge.

No union vote was taken in support of Allen just the Union President as a Citizen lobbying Council.

The IAFF 707 can now hold their union meetings while on duty at the Fire Stations.  This was not included in the recent collective bargaining agreement and NEVER allowed under Chief Schmitt.

How do you like that Police Chiefs?  Right there in the department...on duty!

Firefighters can now park their secondary job vehicles at their fire stations...logos and all. This was not included in the recent collective bargaining agreement and NEVER allowed under Chief Schmitt.

Chief Allen, to win political favor has been using CITY TAX DOLLARS to allow rampant overtime since February which is placing the fire department budget in peril.  I will be reflecting these "allegiance" payments in public records requests soon.


The IAFF 707 has a Chief nominee totally compromised based on his past.

How can Allen discipline a firefighter for outside work on department time?  Allen admitted in sworn testimony that was absolutely allowed and he personally allowed his direct reports to work on outside businesses on the clock.

How can Allen discipline a firefighter for failing to disclose outside employment? Allen has had outside employment undisclosed for years.

How can Allen discipline a firefighter for racial slurs and threats to superiors?  He just received a written reprimand for those.

How can Allen discipline a firefighter for political activity on duty?  He was just reprimanded for those actions.

How can Allen discipline a firefighter for misuse of his position as a firefighter and conflicts of interest when he has documented misuse and conflicts of interest in his past?

How can Allen discipline a firefighter for Chain of Command violations when he himself as been reprimanded for those actions,

How can Allen discipline a firefighter for failure to supervise subordinates when he himself as been reprimanded for those actions.

David Allen is a Union President's DREAM.

What is he supposed to say?  Do as I say not as I do!

Draw your own conclusions.

David Allen is not the right person for this job!  The Department needs someone WITHOUT the history and baggage associated with decades inside the Department.


Anonymous said...

Who is the local fire union IAFF 707 President?

I wonder what is in his personnel file.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, Deas' complaint also named Jose Cobbs (president of Union)as being involved.

Jose Cobbs was not investigated, or placed on leave.

After the Chiefs were terminated, Cobbs is saying everything is great and morale is high, back Allen.

Is Cobbs trying to save his own skin and pension?

CJ Lewis said...

The PNJ's reporting is making it sound as if Hayward nominated Schmitt to be the Fire Chief and the City Council sat on the nomination taking no action. In truth, Hayward waited until after he had fired Schmitt and Glover whom Allen wanted out of the way before nominating Allen to be the Fire Chief as he did last May. Hayward could have nominated Allen to be the Fire Chief at any point prior to include on his first day in office but did not. Allen's middle initial is "E." I checked a list of county voters several months old and there was no "David E. Allen" who lived in the City of Pensacola. There are two people named "David E. Allen" who own property with a Homestead Exemption located outside of city limits. Originally, the Charter Review Commission included provisions that required the Charter Officers (City Attorney, City Clerk, City Administrator) and Department Heads to be city residents. After receiving a lot of pushback, the CRC removed those provisions but Chairwoman Crystal Spencer emphasized that the Mayor could require them to be city residents "and" the City Council could adopt one or more ordinances requiring the same. In addition to all of the information we know about Allen, the fact that he will not live in our community should be a factor in opposition to his confirmation as Fire Chief. He could live among us but chooses not to do so. Hayward gives Allen credit for the new "Automatic" Aid Agreement that requires the City of Pensacola to provide free fire services to those living outside of city limits in Unincorporated Escambia County. If David Allen lives outside of city limits, I can see why he does not care about the Automatic Aid Agreement because he does not have to help pay for it.

Anonymous said...

The Union President has a lawn business he runs on the side. How much of his City time is spent on that!

Anonymous said...

Nate Edler is the Local 707 prez. He use to hate Allen like most other firemen. Edler wasn't allowed to park his lawn trailer at the fire station under Schmitt but now he can. He has also been begging Allen for a promotion ever since this all started! Maybe that has something to do with the improved "morale". Edler has no issue with Allen's lack of integrity because he is obviously of the same ilk.

This whole thing is shameful and disturbing. It's a great test of each City Council member's integrity. How can Allen be legitimately confirmed with his past and present issues when Schmitt and Glover were scrutinized publicly for what everyone knows is complete BS? Where's the investigation on David Allen?


Anonymous said...

Tonight the city will learn which council members are corrupt and which ones are not.

Anonymous said...

I am sickened by the spectacle at council this evening. They haven't voted yet, but I'm pretty sure I know what the vote will be. I hope I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

And now we know the Corrupt Council Members.

Anonymous said...

Council woman Canada-Wynn is a disgrace to every minority who has to continue to deal with the racist, good ol boy ways that permeate through The City of Pensacola. Time and time again she has proven to not care about issues that plague the black community. Her deciding vote that put Allen in as fire chief is a slap in the face to those dealing with discrimination. Hope Hayward paid you enough.

Anonymous said...

The same goes for the pathetic P.C. Wu. They both act like they don't know the difference between right and wrong. I pray that someone will run against them.

Anonymous said...

Goodbye Jewel. You are DONE. Hope you were paid well because you just lost the election.

Anonymous said...

Put a fork in them.

Rick Simmons said...

I hope everyone will read all of this. I am a 27 yr Capt with PFD. I am in the DROP for 34 more months. This will become more relevant later in this post. First, I like how all these "In the know" posters are anonymous. I want everyone reading this to hear some facts from my perspective. Next, the Union President does what the union body tells him to do. He is available around the clock to take calls or visits from us. He didn't have to call a meeting to hold a confidence vote. Trust me, he heard from everyone that cared. On the second, or outside, or secondary (whatever you want to call it) employment, for the love of God people, no one is doing anything while on duty. And we NEVER moss calls for ANY reason. The City of Pensacola has one of the best fire dept's in the country. We do it all on much lower than average wages. If we want to live comfortably and provide for our families, we have to work outside the dept. Maren, Charles Bare, and Mayor Hayward all know this. Maren writing the stuff she is really bothers me. I've known her and her family for years and they are some of the finest people I know. Great family and great friends. I will say that I think she is writing without verifying some of the information. She knows she can call me anytime. I wish she would. Third, the racial issues within our dept are not uncommon in an organization this size. We are aware of these issues and everyone (most) is trying to do the right thing. The people causing any problems here may suprise you. As for Chief Allen, he is the fairest person I know in the dept. He has diversified the Officer ranks more in the last 4 months than any other time in history. Last, for now, not one single person, including former Army Officer Charles Bare, can comment on what happened at the fire that FF Bartholomew died in, unless you were there. I was not, but was called in a couple of hours later. It was the single darkest moment in my career. And there has been a few. Most of which took place while you were safe in your homes or beds. I will say, it was not as recently depicted. If you've ever had a positive feeling about your FF's, then that is good common sense on your part. I implore you to go back to that, because that is truth. Your fire dept loves this community and strives to serve everyone in it. Always will. Thanks for reading, Fire Captain Rick Simmons.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Rick Simmons, none of what you just wrote justifies what happened to the two chiefs. I hope that the next mayor fires Allen on his (or her) first day in office and without a 90+ day "investigation." And I hope the next mayor arrives sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said...

Rick -- you wish Maren would call you. Since you know her so well, why didn't you call her. And I do not understand how you can defend what happened to Matt Schmitt and Joe Glover. It's shameful. That's not how you treat employees -- or at least it wasn't how city employees used to be treated, but now it's common place. Firefighters should have stood up for the two men who were fired without due process and in a demeaning, demoralizing manner.

Anonymous said...

Fire Captain Rick Simmons, it's obvious that you are friends with Allen. Apparently you did not feel the same way about Glover or Schmitt but that's not how decisions are made in leadership. Maybe Allen is more agreeable to allowing firefighters do whatever they want to do. I have lost a lot of respect for the Pensacola's firefighters. Regardless of how you may have felt about the former chiefs personally, to be supportive of that process says a lot about you guys.

Anonymous said...

Rick, Im sure you will get a call from Eric Olson, Ed Sisson, Allen, but probably not The Mayor(because he hasn't learned his numbers yet just his ABC's) on how City employees arent supposed to comment, or read any blog that puts this Administration in a bad light. Im sure you know most who comment here are current employees who need this job to feed and put a roof over their families head. You can tell which employees havent been bought by the mayor, they post anonymously because they fear being fired. Only someone who clearly is "buddies" with the mayor or his minions would post their real name,because they fear no retaliation, so your comment actually holds no water. Did Ashton or Ed Sisson tell you to write that. Did you stick up for your 2 old bosses as they were being lynched? Are you as passionate about the mold problem in FH3 as you are about everything else? We love and value our fire fighters but dont act as if there havent been real issues that continue to have been swept under the rug for 40 years.

Rick Simmons said...

A couple of things. First, the replies under Mackenzie Simmons were mine. My phone helped me out with that one by picking the author for me. She has no input or concern on this matter. Second, I never touched on the treatment of the other chiefs. But it is admirable how all you stand-up citizens use your real name to post comments. And no, I'm not worried about retribution. Not because I'm friends with David Allen or Ashton Hayward, but because I'm a City resident and the DROP thing mentioned at the beginning of my very first post. I AM however a fan of the men and women of the fire dept. and want to see them treated fairly. I believe they will be by Chief Allen.

Rick Simmons said...

I agree with alot of what you say here, but most of the probles you mentioned are a direct result of the past administration. And as far as being a minion of anyone at City hall, give them a call and ask them how they feel about me. Some time you have to show a little courage to prove honesty on a subject. And if you love and value your firefighters, get from behind your screen and engage at city hall.

Anonymous said...

One thing is clear. Ashton Hayward has turned an excellent fire department into just another drama-filled group of lackeys run by political appointees. It seems that Hayward won't be satisfied until he has cleansed the city of everyone except his most rabid followers. This is what you get when you have a dictator mayor, a weak-minded city council, and uninvolved voters. It is exactly the setup that the puppet handlers were looking for.

Anonymous said...