Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Self Proclaimed Bigot Andrew McKay (Tallman) of NewsRadio AM 1620 Continues Anti-Gay Rants

Andrew McKay of Newsradio AM1620 wrote the following concerning homosexuality in an article entitled Five Logical Errors of the "Born Gay" Ideology.

"If present at birth, sexual orientation could come from either biology or psychology. If biological, then a medical procedure may be discovered to alter it."

"Similarly, if the issue is psychological, treatments may be possible. Many traits and behavioral patterns people believe ought or need to be changed can be adjusted by good counseling or psychopharmacology. Simple induction concludes that if medicine goes looking for a treatment for homosexuality, it might find one."

On transgender..."How can gender be so fixably wrong but sexual orientation so unfixably right? "

"No one denies that gays have strong desires to be sexual with like-minded, like-bodied others. But strong desires do not justify behavior."

"In gay doctrine, being gay isn’t seen as an important part of one’s identity. It’s seen as the definitive center of it."


The man is a bigot!

We are all entitled to our opinion but really?


Anonymous said...

Have you ask 1620 for a comment on the hiring of Tallman, with his history?

Anonymous said...

i can save you the trouble on that score...."no comment"

Anonymous said...

His writing is like that of a 14 year old boy who just got home from school where the bulk of the conversation was, "you're gay, that's so gay, no you're gay" nauseum. What a childlike perception of the world around him, bereft of empathy and the possibility that those in the world around him may not only seem different, but actually be different.