Thursday, June 23, 2016

Rules are for Fools at City Hall

Below is a picture of Visitor Parking at City Hall.  What is interesting is who uses the visitor parking area.  You can clearly see a Volvo Hatchback comfortably parked in the shade and a City SUV also taking spaces away from the Citizens.

The Volvo I understand from City Hall sources belongs to City Administrator Eric Olson.  Why does he feel he does not have to use employee parking spaces and can take visitor spaces?

A.  He doesn't care about employee rules and regulations?
B.  He doesn't care about the Citizens access to their City Hall?
C.  He is entitled to do as he pleases, because rules are for fools
D.  All of the above.

Way to lead by example Mork!

Yeah, Ed Sisson also parks his big truck in Visitor parking also.

You boys can't move without me hearing about it.  Boo!


Anonymous said...

Love! Love! Love! The funny thing is, Eddy boy screams at other employees about where they should and should not park. The place is a circus and full of clowns!

Olsen is entitled.

Anonymous said...

I received a parking ticket when I parked in City Staff parking at City Hall, after 5 p.m. in order to attend a City meeting. Ridiculous. They fill up all the visitor parking because they don't want the public to see their expensive cars and thus take away the perception that we are overpaying these fools.....then they have the nerve to ticket the citizens for parking in all the empty staff spots.

Anonymous said...

expensive cars? who has expensive cars at City Hall? The mayor drives a 10 year old car...please explain.

Anonymous said...

Why does Rusty Wells also park in the visitor section?

Anonymous said...

Call Olson's boss 850-435-1626, and try to get him fired!

Anonymous said...

All of the above. Thank God I left the hell hole that is Pensacola. No longer my circus or my monkeys.

Anonymous said...

Not that Im defending him, I will say that Olson is parked at the very back end of the parking lot closest to Main St. side. Primarily, visitor parking is in the center. Lets also mention that citizens park at City Hall for NON city business such as walking over to the courthouse, parking at city hall before a Wahoos game way before attendents come to collect money, and now they park to eat or work at Union restaurant or Food trucks...sooooo a lot of people are misusing parking, not just him.