Friday, June 3, 2016

Proposed Chief David Allen has Been Begging for Chief Job for Years

When you have done as many records requests as I have, you start to assemble a significant library of information.

In the old treasure chest, I found the email at the link below from Fire Marshal David Allen begging to be made Fire Chief, AGAIN!

Not advertise the job!
Not accept his application!
Give it to him!

From: David Allen
Sent: Thursday, December 29, 2011 8:50 AM
To: Bill Reynolds
Cc: John Asmar
Subject: Fire Chief

Dear Sirs,
As I stated in September, I would appreciate your consideration for the position of Fire Chief. While I am aware of the politics involved with such an appointment, I feel that I have the unique combination of education, experience and the ability to implement ideas that will move the department forward.

I am requesting the opportunity to share my vision of how to not only improve the fire department, but also incorporated those improvements into the Mayor's vision for the city.

David E. Allen

The response from Bill Reynolds:

John and I appreciate your continued interest in the position. The Mayor has yet to make a decision in regards to the leadership of the Department. We have several issues that must be dealt with prior to that decision including a look at reorganizing the organizational structure. Our continued thanks for your service to the City.
My best,


To be made Chief over Interim Chief Schmitt?
To be made Chief over Deputy Chief Glover?

Did you tell them you were lobbying for the job Chief Allen?
How many times have you sucked up and promised to implement the "Mayor's Vision"?

Who brought up the Child Seat Fund to VanSickle?
Who had the most to gain from the recent fire investigation?
Who appears to have gained the most from the investigation?
Thirty pieces of silver for Chief Allen?

Next week I will be covering the past of the Mayor's proposed fire chief who is commonly referred to by the older firefighters in the department as:

"the man who left Maurice Bartholomew in the fire"

David Allen is not the right person for this job!  The Department needs someone without the history and baggage associated with decades inside the Department.


Anonymous said...

If the council confirms this appointment they are just as inept and incompetent as the mayor and his administration.


Anonymous said...

Vote NO City Council. Do not confirm the Mayor's choice as Chief. This was a witch hunt years in the making and you know it.

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in "the man who left Maurice Bartholemew in the fire" part. Really? What's the word on that?

Anonymous said...

Of course he's the wrong person for the job, why else would he even be considered? He would fit in real nicely with Hayward's other selections:

Castille - Not the right person
Fountain - Not the right person
Olson - Not the right person
Sisson - Not the right person
Wells - Not the right person, AGAIN!
Allen - Not the right person

Therefore, he is the obvious choice.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. If this nomination is passed, the council is just as guilty for the political lynching of Schmidt and glover.

Anonymous said...

Your characterization of "the man who left Maurice Bartholemew in the fire" is not fair at all. Maurice's death almost destroyed David Allen. I'm no fan of Allen & think his actions related to Schmitt and Glover are deplorable. But to pin Maurice's death on Allen is unacceptable. There's plenty of blame to go around, and it's not right for you to claim that all responsibility rests with Allen.

Anonymous said...

Pull the public records for the sidewalk bar/canopy/awnings at Blend.

Look for Fire Department involvement. Allen did a favor, got a promotion.

Fire department response times to the Saenger, who cares.

Maren DeWeese said...

Anonymous 3:30

I will be sharing the actual report from the Fire Monday.

The readers can draw their own conclusions.

You may conclude differently but the report is the report.


Anonymous said...

You know nothing about what happened and you are way out of line using the death of a firefighter for your political gain.

There were so many things wrong with that fire to blame it on one person or one crew is not even remotely appropriate. You say you have read the report, but I don't believe you read the whole thing. If you had, you would see that there were many things that lead up to what happened that terrible night.


You are no better than the people you are attacking.

Anonymous said...

As a lieutenant with city fire, any respect that I had for you Mrs. Deweese has disolved with that last quote. You have no idea and will never have any idea how losing him affected us all, including David. Shame on you for that

Anonymous said...

Now we all can see how this public lynching was brought about. David Allen is a real piece of work. After reading this, I don't know how any firefighters can trust him to do the right thing let alone following his example of non-leadership. He fits the Hayward selection profile; incompetent, cowardly, and no ability to lead.

Anonymous said...

You should be ashamed for blaming Allen for the death of this Maurice. You've stooped so low that as much as I hate the damage Hayward has done to this community, I can no longer respect you. Allen should not be the Chief, but he should also not be vilified. You are causing additional hate & division within the department. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Lieutenant with city fire, I didn't realize that any of you were allowed to speak. You all have been noticeably silent for four months in spite of how unfairly the Chiefs have been treated. I understand politics well and the new opportunities for promotion with them gone, but let's be real, you only suddenly have something to say because you believe that you will benefit in some way.

Anonymous said...

I am a retired firefighter and I know exactly what happened that night Maurice died because I was there. It's shameful that some of you will only break your silence now. I don't even remember any comments from you cowards when one of your own firefighters became ill because of the mold. The fact of the matter is David never took any ownership for what happened that night. Many of you only feel guilty because of how you mistreated Maurice when he was here among us. Let me remind you of what David said at Maurice's candlelight vigil, "Nothing went wrong." Yes, there were other issues that night but DO NOT dishonor Maurice's death by pretending that Captain Allen had no responsibility for his crew and their safety. Or is it every man for himself in the same manner he screwed over Schmitt and Glover while begging for the chief's job. David knocked Chuck down and was the first man out or did you forget about that? He didn't kill Maurice but he damn sure didn't save him either. I have great respect for Maren who has always been a big advocate for PFD. Maybe some of you ungrateful ingrates have forgotten that already. Even though this is a difficult subject it's a subject that's worth bringing up when you're talking about the top position in the department.

Anonymous said...

In Ms. DeWeese's defense, she merely seemed to be quoting how "older" firefighters referred to Allen. It doesn't appear to be something that she made up on her own.

I take issue with him writing letters to the Mayor behind his superiors backs. That shows a serious lack of integrity which is probably why he was the mayor's clear choice.

Anonymous said...

Maren, publish the report. Let us read it ourselves. The fire department is holding lots of secrets and the current fire department is afraid to speak up.
Geez, what the he co is going on there? Tell us.

George Hawthorne said...

To Anonymous 8:51

The greatest gift that the Lord has given me is to be able to discern TRUTH, recognize TRUTH and learn from TRUTH. And you SIR, have just told the TRUTH and the entire TRUTH.

You have also come to the "bottom-line" of this entire fiasco purely and simply liad at the feet of the Mayor who is perpetuating a system of systemic cronyism, poor leadership and flagrant incompetence.

Clearly as the evidence continues to pile-up everyday, it is clear to me that systemic racism and a clear pattern of discrimination - is ingrained within the organization - from the firehouse to the Mayor "personal offices" and each layer of his key administrative staff - Olson, Sisson Bowlings, Wells and unfortunately someone who I greatly respected, Keith WIlkins.

If the City Council confirms David Allen under the TRUTH you just provided - they are ALL culpable and fully complicit with the injustices perpetrated against Chief Schmidt and Chief Glover.

Unfortunately, it will be the TAXPAYERS and citizens that pay the cost by higher costs of government (taxes) and reduced services (firefighters, fire coverage, police services, community centers, PAYING ofr Maritime Park, etc).

For the council to even consider - "the leadership at the helm of the fire department like David Allen" -would be the greatest miscarriage of "right and justice" perpetrated in the modern times of Pensacola and a clar "signal" to the community that "their voices don't matter."

Anonymous said...

^^Anonymous 6:30 PM if you know anything you know that NIOSH reports are never written in a way that places blame. It's not so much that Allen gets all of the blame. The fact remains that he bailed on his crew regardless of what happened. Now maybe that's acceptable to you but it's not acceptable to any real firefighter ever. How about asking Maurice's real family how they feel before spouting off.

Anonymous said...

From the report linked above:

"The Captain(Allen) from Rescue 32 stated that the Lieutenant(Walters) turned and went in front of him toward the front door and the victim(Bartholomew) turned and was face to face with him. The Captain then turned, which placed the victim behind him, and attempted to exit. The Lieutenant stood and began to run toward the exit before falling over heavy debris (clothing, furniture, and paper products). At approximately 0147 hours, the Captain stated that heavy fire filled the hallway and he also fell to the floor. He then told the Lieutenant that they had to go through the fire to exit the structure. The Captain then proceeded to pass the Lieutenant and exit the structure. The Lieutenant exited the structure shortly after. The Captain did not see the victim exit, but assumed the victim was right behind him. He asked the Lieutenant if the victim had exited and the Lieutenant could not recall if he did."

Turned his back on Bartholomew, ran away and passed Walters without verifying the safety of either. Maybe the report places no explicit blame--but that is a pretty damning description of Allen leaving his men behind.

Anonymous said...

3 points that need to be said.
1- Schmidt & Glover ran the Department with intimidation and they did not care about the Firefighters. Glover only cared about his promotion to Chief and advancing minorities. Good riddance.
2- David Allen is better in this new Chief position than he was on the line as a Captain and the consensus among the men is to make him our Chief because moral is better around the station now that things are moving in the right direction under his leadership.
3- Blaming David Allen for Maurice's death is a new low for anyone.
And before you start assuming this post is from someone inside Davids rest assured that I am not a fan of his but he does have the skills to run this Department.
Current Department member here.

Anonymous said...

This! Very revealing of the fire department "culture". I would be very interested to hear more specifics about this "intimidation". It sounds to me like the consensus of "the men" is that there were too many minorities advancing and we can't have that. Glover needed to go! I wonder how it would be viewed by "the men" if Allen was black and Maurice would have been white? Would Allen still be the choice of the men?

Anonymous said...

Based up the repot, allen sounds like a real scum bag. So he will fit right in.

Anonymous said...

I am a firefighter and I can tell you that moral is not high. Well maybe for some it is high but I have to say that chief glover is a good man who you could depend on to do what is fair. Schmitt was mostly to himself but everyone knew what to expect. Neither of them deserved to be treated the way they were. There are some racists in the department still but I was raised to treat everyone the same. A lot of firemen forgot how chief Glover stuck out his neck regarding the captains at the airport which he did not have to do. I also know for a fact that he recruited and helped white firefighters get hired so whoever says otherwise is full of crap. I hope Chief Glover will go to another department in Florida and be the chief because I would go work for him any day. From a current firefighter.

Anonymous said...

I see racism still coming out at the fire house. Way to go Hayward. If you ever show your face again at my church you won't be welcome. This whole thing makes me sick and I have no respect for the fire fighters that so easily dismiss what Allen did when it came to being the 1st man out of the fire and then begging for the chief job behind his bosses back. The fireman that says all Glover cared about was his chief job don't have anything to say about Allen backstabbing for the job because he's a white male. He also complained that all Glover cared about was advancing minorities. That is a undercover racist that the minority fire fighters better be careful of. Schmidt and Glover are probably better off in the long run. Time for me to move out of the city because I don't plan to spend my retirement supporting racism.

Anonymous said...

If they ran the department with intimidation, maybe a performance review and training would be in order. That's how it's done in the real world.
The firefighters that want him off the line and in management , could be they don't trust him to have their backs in a burning building.
Allen is not the blame of his death, but he sure as hell
didn't do his job as a captain
I would not want him to have my back.
As for advancing minorities only, sounds like petty jealousy.
Take the tests. Perform well on the job. Be a team player. Stay physically and mentally fit. Be the person you would want to have your back.
Lastly, remember the reason you joined the department in the first place. It wasnt for the pay!

Anonymous said...

The captain does not leave the scene until his men are out. This applies in many situations such as ships and the battlefield. Normally if a captain abandons his crew and leaves the ship, he is charged with failure to perform their duty.

Anonymous said...

Re: 3 points that need to be said.

1- Please explain what you mean by Schmidt & Glover ran the Department with intimidation. This current situation is not convincing.

How did they not care about the fire fighters? Your mayor is to blame for your fellow firefighter being sick from mold in the station. What's your response to that?

"Glover only cared about his chief promotion"? Allen wrote letters to Hayward behind his bosses back begging for the job. You are okay with that "leadership"? Hmm...It sounds to me like you had a problem with with the possibility of Glover being the chief. What you said next tells me why. "...only cared about advancing minorities." Based on that comment you must have a problem with the advancement of minorities in the fire department. That also explains your problem with Glover. I'm now interested to know the rank structure and how many minorities have been promoted. You sound like a GOB throw back and it sounds like the department and community would be better off saying good riddance to you.

2- Based on "the consensus of the men" comment I assume there are no female firefighters. Maybe you think the fire department belongs to "the men" (white men of course). "Things are going in the right direction because of his leadership"? You can't be serious. He showed poor leadership begging for the job and as a Captain he bailed on the two firefighters he had responsibility for. Obviously there must be something in this for you personally.

3- I haven't seen anyone "blame" Allen for Maurice's death. However, he was solely "responsible" for the safety of his team but was the first one out
of the fire. He FAILED! Try to justify it all you want but if you really cared about Maurice like some of you claim he would be the last choice for the "leader" of the department. You sound like a fan of his and "his skills" will be doing exactly what Hayward tells him to do. Again, there must be something in it for you Mr. Current Department member.

Anonymous said...

Email the council members and ask them to VOTE NO on David Allen Fire Chief. This is the true test of their leadership abilities.

Anonymous said...

Oh what hypocrisy and bigotry in this post.

You first criticize Schmidt & Glover for not caring about their firefighters. Then, you defend Allen for leaving his firefighters behind to fend for themselves.

Your reference to minority advancement speaks volumes. I am very aware of what has happened at the fire house over the years because of people like you. If you represent the men as you call them, that is a clear indicator of the systemic racism that has been encouraged by City Hall over many years.

Anonymous said...

Where in the world are the federal investigators? What does it take for the EEOC to investigate? This entire situation is an absolute miscarriage of justice and racism appears to be alive and well from the Mayor's office to the fire house.

Anonymous said...

It appears that David Allen has fared very well for someone who was "almost destroyed". Sorry but my sympathy is with the family who lost a son, father, and brother. He also seems to have some involvement in the demise of the other chiefs.