Monday, June 20, 2016

PNJ Coverage of Allen Confirmation...For the Record

This weekend the PNJ editorial lauded the confirmation of David Allen as the Fire Chief.

Editorial: David Allen is the right choice for fire chief

"Our opinion mirrors the comments Monday by Councilwoman Jewel Cannada-Wynn and Councilman Andy Terhaar who voted to confirm Allen. Cannada-Wynn admitted she was against confirmation — which would have defeated the confirmation 4-4 — until firefighters showed up at Monday’s meeting in support of Allen."

The PNJ coverage leading up to the confirmation was...well, less than forthright.

If the PNJ knew that Allen was reprimanded "for threatening an officer"  it knew that reprimand also included the fact that Allen made racial slurs. That was not reported.

The PNJ lauds the appointment of a man with a documented past of making racial slurs.

The PNJ also received the handwritten additional reprimands given by Matt Schmitt.  I copied them with them.  I have the email with the documents attached.

The PNJ knew the entire laundry list of issues with David Allen.  No objections to:
  • Chain of Command violations 
  • Political activity while of duty
  • Delegation when not authorized
  • Conducting media interviews w/o authorization
  • NO - Character, honesty, integrity, fairness, caring, accountability
  • Solicitation of political support from Citizens while on duty
  • Positioning self at events so as to curry political favors
  • Failure to properly supervise subordinates
  • Using the office of FM and PIO to further political aspirations
  • Lack of respect for DC in the Chain of Command
They chose to ignore them and minimize them.  They didn't think this documented evidence which was only obtained after the State Attorney got involved and forced the disclosure is not relevant.

Instead they lauded the firefighters who came down to support the Chief by sitting in the audience at Council despite the fact it violated state law:

23.  Section 112.313(6), Florida Statutes provides:
          No public officer or employee of an agency shall corruptly use or attempt to use his official position or any property or resource which may be within his trust, or perform his official duties, to secure a special privilege, benefit, or exemption for himself or others. This section shall not be construed to conflict with s. 104.31.
24.  The term "corruptly" is defined by Section 112.312(9), Florida Statutes, to mean:
          [D]one with a wrongful intent and for the purpose of obtaining, or compensating or receiving compensation for, any benefit resulting from some act or omission of a public servant which is inconsistent with the proper performance of his public duties.

David Allen was effectively using the fire department to lobby for a pay increase.

On duty trucks were brought to City Hall at his "allowance".

Employee...resource in his a benefit...compensating

Most that follow this blog try to be a little more informed regarding city issues.  John Q. Public is not as in tune with the inner workings of the corruption in City Hall.  What they see of the City is what is in the press and what they hear on TV or Facebook.  That's why Hayward has been so successful.

Control the message, control the people.

That's why a recall will be the only way.  The uninformed must be educated about what is going on and why it matters.

A few can start the recall petition.  It WILL make the press.
The same few can lead the recall vote signature campaign.  Success will guarantee coverage.
Only then will the uninformed be presented with the facts by the press.
When it can not be avoided.


Anonymous said...

I quit reading the Snooze Urinal a long time ago. They have little interest in real news just fluff pieces.

George Hawthorne said...

Typical Pensacola behavior and expected commentary by the editorial board.

Only in Pensacola would the "public lynching" of Chiefs Schmidt and Glover be so blatantly carried out and then one of the main conspirators in the "lynching" be named the Chief of the department and celebrated by the editorial board of the local newspaper.

The PNJ Editorial Board wants an "end to the spectacle" in the fire department and so it "endorses" the corrupt "finale" of Allen's confirmation and at the same time tacitly "endorses the means" (the lynching of Schmidt and Glover) that got Allen appointed and confirmed.

Clearly, Pensacola has systemic issues of cronyism, nepotism, corruption and poor governance - also the PNJ lacks the moral will and journalistic fortitude to expose the perpetrators of such actions.

Anonymous said...

Pnj. Condones racism and corruption.

I will never give that rag one penny.

Anonymous said...

Same as it ever was...Same as it ever was

Excerpt from "Once In A Lifetime" by David Byrne

Anonymous said...

I subscribed the News Journal for 28 years before finally dropping it last year. What was once a great newspaper has deteriorated to the point of being worthless. If I am reading the style of this editorial correctly it was written by Tom Ninestine, a Gannet transplant from New York. Ninestine lives in Pace where he is isolated from city taxes, poverty, and the consequences of the horrible city administration that is now in power.

The editorial quality of the News Journal has collapsed under Ninestine's leadership. We are often treated to such hard-hitting editorials as "Do Not Litter" and "Love Your Mom." Heaven forbid that he would ever write anything except Happy News!

Anonymous said...

Reads like they are afraid of losing ad revenue from the city.

Anonymous said...

How on earth could the editors of the PNJ support a nominee who had letters of discipline action for some many 'fire-able offenses', who violated rules by not disclosing conflicting outside employment, and was in court transcripts defending an employee that was working as a contractor, without a license, from the FIRE DEPARTMENT, and who he allowed to work on his home for free, and who he pimped out to his neighbors? These were public records. The Mayor, his flunkies on Council, and the PNJ failed to do any research.

Anonymous said...

I hear the frustration in everyone's comments. I share your frustration and disgust but the only way it seems that things may ever change is through an epic lawsuit. Of course Hayward doesn't care because it's not his money. It would be up to council to shut off that money stream but we all know he has the majority in his pocket which means Cannada-Wynn, Wu, Johnson, Terhaar, and Spencer need to be voted out when the time comes. Not sure what it's going to take to cleanse Pensacola of its apathy.

Anonymous said...

There are many losers in this scam. The taxpayers who have to pay for all of it lose. The fire department loses because the new leader's record shows that he is everything but a leader. What had to be the worst endorsement I've ever heard says a lot. His "supporters" all publicly stated, "He only has two years left." Which means, "We can tolerate anybody for two years until we stab one another in the back to see who survives to become next in line." The Chiefs who were terminated and their families were losers. The media who could not seem to get things sorted out were losers. The black community lost thanks to Jewel Canada-Wynnn. The white community lost because the racist minority got their way. Pensacola lost because this entire situation has set this city back decade compliments of Hayward. As usual, what most people would consider a loss, Hayward calls a win. Where do I sign up for a recall?