Thursday, June 2, 2016

NewsRadio AM1620's Andrew McKay (Tallman) "Visually Assaults" Women

NewsRadio AM 1620's Andrew McKay (Tallman) continues to reveal his personal issues.

The below are a few direct unedited quotes from the Mayor's favorite interviewer Andrew McKay (Tallman):

"I like looking at attractive women.

A lot.

Despite what the culture would have me believe, I do not consider this a virtue.

I spent all my younger years hunting hot women with my eyes, a sport my culture, my friends, my television, and my subscription to Playboy all strongly encouraged me in and trained me at.

Upon becoming a Christian, I learned that the lust behind such eye-hunting is wrong for a variety of reasons, and I have been trying ever since to unlearn the skill.  Sometimes I do pretty well at not looking.  Sometimes I even enjoy a few brief hours of being uninterested in looking.  Most times I am a spectacular failure.

"I was walking through a parking lot, and I caught myself looking at a pretty woman.  Well, actually, I caught myself looking away from her just at the moment I thought she might turn and see me ogling her from a distance.  Such finely-tuned reflexes are common for eye-hunters.  We don’t want the quarry to notice us hunting them, you see. But why not?

Because I would feel very ashamed and embarrassed to let a sexy woman actually see me looking at her this way.  She would almost certainly dislike it, an understandable reaction to someone visually assaulting you.  And as a result of not wanting to actually be discovered in my lusting, I have just enough cowardice to try to hide it from her. "

Andrew's words!
Hunting them?
Visually Assaulting?


Merrilee Moore better be keeping her eye on more than the traffic on the 5's!


Anonymous said...

What a freak

Anonymous said...

And this man has the nerve to label others as perverts! This is disgusting! The major is displaying very poor judgment to even associate with this bigot, much less have him close to ear.

Anonymous said... of the Mayor's best friends and supporters is Tim Eagen...Google him. Tim works for the guys that own the Landfill that is in constant violation of the law. The Mayor has a history of associating with cocaine dealers well into adulthood. To be shocked that he would associate himself with McKay tells me you have not done your research into the Mayor's past and present associations.

Anonymous said...

here....maybe some old blogs from good ole Dicky Outzen can refresh your memory.....

Anonymous said...

one more for the unknowing and shocked....

Anonymous said...

If that's true why the heck would our mayor associate with known drug dealers??