Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Featured Comment on ARB Issue

Let’s get past the finger pointing stage for a while. The situation at the present time is quite simple. The Galbavy’s are still required to rebuild the cottage. There is no statute of limitations to their obligations to rebuild even though they may think that they have a “Get out of Jail” card. Someone needs to file a complaint with the city, probably with Code Enforcement. My nominee for this task is Elizabeth Schrey as she actually witnessed some of the shenanigans. However, anyone can file the complaint as we are all damaged when a historic building is lost. If the Galbavy’s refuse to rebuild the cottage then a magistrate judge can start fining them $1,000 per day and slap a lien on both of their properties. The good news for Carter Quina is that he may finally get that fat fee that he was dreaming of all along.

The Galbavy’s may believe that others are guiltier than them and they would be correct. Unfortunately, the Galbavy’s are the ones that were caught without a chair to sit in when the music stopped. The Galbavy’s pulled the demolition permit and it is quite apparent that they have been intimately involved with this property since 2011. Surely they know that they are required to rebuild the cottage.

Here’s my take on the other responsible parties –

Carter Quina can lose his professional license in Florida for perpetrating this fraud. He has been wearing two hats at the ARB meetings, which is a crime by itself. Quina’s story about rebuilding the cottage with the same materials was a complete lie and he misled the ARB members who don’t know any better. Quina is no stranger to fraud.

Maverick Demolition can also lose their license in Florida for submitting a fraudulent application for demolition. It is their signature on the demo application.

Heads should roll in the city’s building inspection department for the shoddy permitting work, but don’t expect that to happen. It looks like no one was checking anything, which is a good indication that the shoddy work was intentional. I do not think that the folks in the building department are bad people. I do think that someone above them is forcing them to approve bad projects with the threat of losing their jobs. By the way, no one gets the extra-special treatment unless you hold a Special Snowflake card.

Angela Denmon seems to be the driving force behind this sordid affair. She was smelling payday back in 2011 and kept pushing for a demolition permit even after her buyers withdrew the application. But what are you going to do to her now? She is laughing all the way to the bank.

In addition to Carter Quina, several members of the ARB had to have been in on this scam. What are you going to do to them? All ARB members are appointed by members of the city council, and we can’t seem to get rid of them either!


Anonymous said...

You need to get the recording of the ARB Meeting when Lisa Menshew was present. You will hear all of the comments made by the sitting ARB members.

Anonymous said...

Wow! So clearly by all this evidence, ANYONE can walk into Inspections and pull a permit to demolish a home that you don't even OWN. Think about it. I know I am.

Anonymous said...

Quinn has lots of problems with his ethics.

He takes work from the city which is a CONFLICT OF INTEREST at least according to the attorney general who issued an opinion some years ago .

But wait, who cares? He got the big one near city hall after that was issued and still sits on the board .