Wednesday, June 8, 2016

David Allen Uses Collective Bargaining Agreement on Uniforms to His Benefit

Earlier, I posted an email from David Allen asking Fire Department employees ON Duty and OFF Duty to come in uniform to the Special Council Meeting. I noted the City Human Resource Manual's Policy on Uniforms Off Duty. The Policy states:

4. The uniform can be worn to and from work including incidental stops but shall not be worn under any circumstances for personal use.

5. Uniforms issued by the City with logo patches, may not be worn at times other than during performance of City duties.

However, the manual also states that Collective Bargaining represented employees are governed first by their Agreement then by the HR policies. 

So what does the Fire Union Collective Bargaining Agreement state on the issue?

SECTION 3. No article of clothing or equipment provided for herein shall be utilized during off duty hoursexcept as authorized by the Fire Chief or his designee.

The primary point about the authorization of the uniforms is that the self serving candidate for Fire Chief, David Allen, is shamelessly using his power as acting Chief to authorize a usually forbidden practice in order to solicit unionized Fire Department personnel covered by the agreement to come sit in their uniforms for his own visual benefit.

But the manual also states as I previously stated:

An employee may not: take any part in a political campaign during normal working hours; use his or her official authority or influence for the purpose of interfering with or affecting the result of an election or nomination for office;

David Allen (employee) is using his official authority (as Fire Chief) for the purpose of affecting the result of a nomination for office (his own nomination).

Proved!! and GUILTY!!

Draw your own conclusions.

David Allen is not the right person for this job!  The Department needs someone WITHOUT the history and baggage associated with decades inside the Department.


Anonymous said...

So, let me get this straight. During the upcoming Presidential election, we could actually see fire trucks and firefighters on the corners in uniform whether on or off duty, holding up signs for the candidate of choice? Of course this comes with the caveat that the candidate meets the fire chief's approval!

We need an investigation. VanSickle, VanSickle, VanSickle...

I also remember in Hayward's Open Letter to the Citizens and Council he called the assembly regarding the fire chiefs investigation a staged rally even though the charter explicitly gives council the authority to discuss such issues and certainly gives the citizens the right to express their concerns.

On the other hand, Hayward hypocritically endorses this unethical and possibly illegal action by Allen. Then again he's the "Strong mayor" and the new Charter gives him the power to change what has been legally determined to be unethical and he does not have to follow the law.

Lysia Bowling has come back with a legal opinion that the laws don't apply to Hayward they only apply to everyone else.

The former chiefs were terminated for violating an unwritten protocol.

Still no RECALL?

Anonymous said...

I witnessed first hand David Allen being rude to another employee at City Hall. He was condescending and downright mean. I hope Council really thinks twice before making him Fire Chief.

Anonymous said...

There is no ethical boundary with this guy; yet, Hayward, Olson, and Sisson have pegged him as the right man for the job? In the words of Allen when asked under oath if it's okay to work a second job while on duty, "ABSOLUTELY"!

What is so telling is how a 90+ day "investigation" against Schmidt and Glover orchestrated by Hayward's buddy and criminal defense attorney found next to nothing. VanSickle's "independent" investigation included going through Schmidt and Glover's computers and offices for countless hours hoping to find anything incriminating. But since he still couldn't find anything of substance, he had to end up investigating a free rental upgrade. a demotion that never happened, and an unwritten HR procedure.

Apparently, no one even bothered to glance through Allen's employment file before immediately anointing him.

Or maybe Hayward did look at his file, noticed his written reprimand for making racist comments, and that was enough to determine he was the white, I mean right man for the job! Confirming Allen actually bolsters the inevitable lawsuits by the former chiefs.

Quite a legacy Hayward is building.

Anonymous said...

No ethics, no competence, no leadership,!no integrity. Perfect choice for Hayward!