Tuesday, June 7, 2016

David Allen Reprimanded For Racial Slurs, Threatening and Swearing at Superiors

In 1992, proposed Fire Chief David Allen threatened a superior officer after getting off of a shift leading to a written reprimand for insubordination obtained from his employee file. 

Allen alleged that the Superior officer made racial slurs. 

However, the investigation also disclosed that other firefighters noted that Allen himself made racial slurs.


Our Fire Department has a history of severe racial issues. David Allen appears to have been a part of that culture of racism within the department during his career. 

Allen is no stranger to reprimands as an employee.  During the VanSickle investigation of the Chiefs, Allen himself noted he was reprimanded by Chief Schmitt for insubordination in his continual lobbying for the Fire Chief job while Chief Schmitt still occupied the role.

The remainder of the 1992 reprimand was redacted by the City as it contained information about Allen and his involvement in the Employee Assistance Program. Per the Employee Manual:

"Employees needing assistance with personal issues (i.e. family/marital, financial, interpersonal relationships, anger, alcohol/drugs, stress etc.) may contact the City’s third party administrator for counseling services."

If the proposed Chief who has been selected to lead the City's fire department has "personal issues", do the citizens not have the right to know what they are because they could potentially effect his ability to lead?

Draw your own conclusions.

David Allen is not the right person for this job!  The Department needs someone WITHOUT the history and baggage associated with decades inside the Department.


Anonymous said...

The one in charge but the 1st man out of the fire, begging for the chief's job behind his supervisor's back, okay with firefighters working their 2nd jobs while on duty with the fire department, now we find out the choice of "the men" and Hayward makes racist comments. All I can say is he perfectly fits the Hayward mold.

Anonymous said...

^Did you say "the Hayward mold?"^
As in the black mold in the fire house? Lots of irony here!

Anonymous said...

Can you post the more recent reprimand from Schmidt?

Anonymous said...

Under a previous Interim Chief the firefighters were sent out by truck to volunteer at the elementary schools. They were to read and talk to the children. David Allen refused to get out of the truck and participate. I guess he thinks children are beneath him. He only cares about himself and what is in it for him!

Anonymous said...

He was also against funding the award program for the fire fighters. He was at odds with Chief Glover because Glover felt strong about admin support financial wise.

Anonymous said...

See if you can find out how many city vehicles he has wrecked. And I'm sure in Allen's on words, he doesn't know how any of them happened.

Anonymous said...

^^Check his driving record! He should have never been hired.

Anonymous said...

He never supported or participated in anything unless he was going to personally benefit in some way. He's even used and begged people he thought had influence to push for him to be the chief. Before, the city wouldn't allow us to come to council meetings in uniform on or off duty unless we was getting an award. We couldn't go when everything was going on with the chiefs but now all of a sudden we get invited by Allen. SMDH!

Anonymous said...

lol, get used to it crybabies. David is going to be your boss.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, you're probably right. Good thing I don't have to put up with this BS much longer. If I was just starting out there's no way I could work for this city.

Melanie Nichols said...

Are these facts: court transcripts, published business websites listing him as an employee etc. the "rumors and urban myths" that Eric Olson warned the Council about? I hope the City Council is downloading and reading all this evidence. Provided free of charge, without $300 an hour attorneys.