Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Congratulations Airport Director Flynn...You Weathered the Storm!

Dan Flynn was confirmed yesterday as the Airport Director after 2 years as the Interim.  Flynn, like everyone else in the Hayward Administration without Special Snowflake status, has had to work in a hostile work environment and even has had his job threatened by a former high ranking Hayward official.

From almost getting fired to permanent Airport Director.  Congratulations Dan!  You are there and she is gone! It shows that career employees can still succeed if they keep their heads down and just wait for the latest wave of Mayoral appointees to ebb with the tide.

Here is an old post to show how Flynn outlasted the last wave of Mayoral appointees.

COO Fountain Threatens to Have Airport Director Fired

    Thoughts on the below email.
  • Work around you?  He worked for Barker.  That was his boss?  He asked to speak with his boss.  But it appears his boss works for Fountain.
  • The Airport is an ENTERPRISE.  Why should it report to City staff?
  • Let me hold being fired over your head on a Friday evening at 6:44PM.  Basically, I own your future and I'll decide if you have a future.
  • Threats and intimidation.  HOSTILE WORK ENVIRONMENT?
Anyone want to work for this woman?

From: Tamara Fountain 
Sent: Friday, March 13, 2015 6:44 PM
To: Dan Flynn
Subject: Insubordination


Mr. Barker forwarded me your email to him concerning Emagination. Per the Mayor, I have final authority for all marketing issues. If you have an issue relating to the marketing agency in place, you should raise those issues with me. It is inappropriate for you to work around me and raise such issues with Mr. Barker.

The airport's bond rating continues to slip. The airport's languishing real estate assets desperately need to be activated. There is a strong need for an effective marketing program for our airport. If your enterprise was operating successfully, Mayor Hayward would not have asked me to involve myself.

We have discussed these issues many times, and I am deeply disappointed in your lack of cooperation with the marketing structure which Mayor Hayward has set forth.

Frankly, at this point, I am considering recommending termination of your employment to Mayor Hayward. While this represents blatant insubordination on your part, I will refrain from copying this to Mayor Hayward and take the weekend to think this over. Should a decision be made to retain your services, we will need to have some serious conversations about our next steps, including the issue of non-performing employees on your team.



Anonymous said...

The mayor has done his best to destroy the professional -- and in some cases personal -- lives of dozens of employees. He doesn't meet with employees, set expectations, or conduct performance evaluations. No, he plays games with their lives. Surprising them on Friday afternoons with a box to collect their personal items & an escort out of the building. I'm really glad Dan was able to survive, however, he should continue to watch his back. Hayward is just as likely to turn on Flynn as he has so many others.

Anonymous said...

Of course they bit off more than they can chew with their tiny " International" airport and hotel giveaway scheme !
Really? Not booming as the good ol boy council promised?
The new advertising wave can't float this .

Anonymous said...

Make no mistake about this. It's great that Dan finally got the job, but understand that this all relates to the 6 year interim fire chief. Suddenly a "fire chief" is hired followed by the hiring of the interim airport director. A lot of things had to fall in place so that Hayward could get rid of the "uppity" #2 guy in the fire department. Don't be fooled by the David Alexander hire which Hayward NEVER WANTED!