Monday, June 6, 2016

Can Firefighters Operate Businesses While of Duty? David Allen Under Oath: ABSOLUTELY!

Although the City Employee Manual states:

"Such secondary occupations must be carried on fully outside of regular hours of City employment and must not interfere in the performance or efficiency of the employee's City position."

Proposed Chief David Allen says UNDER OATH that its OK.  In a deposition in 2008, Asst State Attorney Russ Edgar asked David Allen the following:

Page 10 Line 8:

Q: And when you're working at the Fire Station, you're supposed to be working, right?

Allen: Absolutely

Page 10 Line 16:

Q: Well, can he be a contractor and have customers come in, subs come in and go over contracts?

Allen: Oh absolutely. You can have visitors at the Fire Station and the visitors don't have to be family members. The visitors can be anyone that you care to have as visitors, as long as you are not actively fighting fires or on a call rescue.

Page 11 Line 6:

Q: So you could run  another job sitting in the station while you're being paid as a firefighter?

Allen: Absolutely, absolutely.

Q: So you are not paid full time?

Allen: We are paid full time. But the entire time you're there, you're not on duty... But at the Fire Station you don't have a lunch hour. You're on call 24 hours continuous.

So therefore if I have to take care of something while I'm there, as long as it doesn't interfere with my duties, then I can use the phone.  Like that's considered part time.

Page 12 Line 18

Q: If you don't have a call, could you spend 20 hours out of the 24 working on your part-time job?

Allen: I could detail cars the entire 24 hours if I wanted to, if I never had a call.  And as long as I responded to the call and it didn't affect my job performance in any way, shape or form, then yes, theoretically, I could detail cars. I could bring in may car one day and do it and the next day i could bring in my wife's  and the next day I could bring in my neighbors.

Q: How about your co-workers cars, could you do that too?  Could you detail your co-workers cars or the people that worked under you, your subordinates?

Allen: Absolutely Absolutely.

Here is the link to the entire deposition

The proposed fire chief believes it is OK to operate businesses while on duty out of the Fire Station in direct violation of the City's Human Resource Manual.

Draw your own conclusions.

David Allen is not the right person for this job!  The Department needs someone WITHOUT the history and baggage associated with decades inside the Department.


Anonymous said...

And Eric Olson and the Mayor want to make this idiot our next Fire Chief?

Anonymous said...

Allen thinks it is OK to be on duty and run a business such as a car detailing service.

Very profitable venture:
Use the City's water, sewer, electricity, hoses,parking lot and sewer to dispose of the detailing chemicals.
Never mind getting a license because the EPA wont question the disposal being at the Fire House.

You would think their down time they would be training, preparing for tests, conducting educational classes, ETC.

This is the Man Ashton has chosen to lead the City Fire Fighters?

Do you email a copy of your blog to the council so they can read it?


Anonymous said...

After reading the entire transcript, it appears numerous Fire employees use the City Resources to run their own business on the City's dime.

When the City condones this, it make it appear that the City endorses the employee's business, which leave the City liable to lawsuits, in addition to insurance liability should one of the Fire employees'customers trip on a hose- or breath mold.

The City of Pensacola is being run like a circus.

Why is the City Attorney and Human Resource Director allowing this after the 2008 lawsuit came out?

Where is the accountability? Who is actually in charge?

Anonymous said...

This explains why the other fire fighters ("the men") are happy with the new chief and his "leadership".

Were do I sign up for this gig?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, absolutely!!!

Anonymous said...

According to the deposition, it is an accepted and common place for Pensacola Fire employees to:

Operate their own business while on the tax payers clock.
To use City vehicles to check on their construction job sites as long as it is within
their assigned district.
Use The Fire Departments parking lot to run their private businesses.
Use the Fire Department conference room to meet with side business clients while they are
on the tax payers clock.
Use the City's tax paid resources such as WIFI, printers, paper, toner, water, sewer and
electricity to run their business while on the clock.
In addition, they use City's water and electricity to wash and clean their personal
vehicles as well as their wives and friends vehicles.

I wonder how many Fire Employees have separate businesses that Tax Payers are subsidizing.

This also makes me wonder how much studying for advancement is being done when they are busy running business?

I think you should do a record request to see what percentage has reported second jobs and compare it to the promotions within the department.

If I were the Chief, I would recommend promotions to the employees that use the clock wisely and study for advancement tests - NOT the ones running a side business during work hours.

Running a side business while on the clock tell me you are not serious about your career.

I think there is a whole lot more going on then what we Tax Payers know.

Anonymous said...

Is this real? It just gets more ridiculous by the day. Chief Allen, can the fire fighters have a poker tournament if they're not busy? ALLEN: "Absolutely, absolutely". This guy is unbelievable.

Please city council don't let this happen.
P. C. Wu has been lamenting that there's nothing the council can do. Well here's your one chance to get something right. VOTE HELL NO.

Anonymous said...

OMG! How on earth is this guy even employed let alone being in charge of anything. Another fine choice for Hayward's collection of clowns. Remind me again why he railroaded the other Chiefs. It wouldn't surprise me if he was in on the entire thing. He's the first man out of the fire while in charge, he shamelessly begs for the fire chief job without his bosses knowledge, and he allows fire fighters to work another job while on duty. What the hell is going on in Pensacola?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Captain...I cannot go on this fire call right now because I'm in the middle of detailing my next door neighbors car for him.

Anonymous said...

If none of the council members are going to have the guts to do a recall, then vote NO in confirming David Allen fire chief, continue to find ways in making Eric Olson's "exciting" life miserable, he's a public servant who can't tie his shoe without having an instruction manual. Totally incompetent.