Friday, June 10, 2016


In January 2015, before the Chief investigations, before the EEOC complaints, before VanSickle, there was Interim Chief Schmitt reprimanding his employee David Allen for his job performance.

The City released an additional document late yesterday regarding the performance issues of proposed Chief David Allen noted by Chief Schmitt.  The issues are in the form of bullet points which are listed below verbatim.
  • Chain of Command violations Mayor, Councilpeople, Dick, Tamara
  • Political activity while of duty
  • Delegation when not authorized
  • Conducting media interviews w/o authorization
  • Competent in skill, knowledge, experience, ability
  • NO - Character, honesty, integrity, fairness, caring, accountability
  • Presense in Stations
  • Time spent in City Hall - 5th Floor Only
  • Solicitation of political support from Citizens while on duty
  • Positioning self at events so as to curry political favors
  • Failure to properly supervise subordinates
  • Using the office of FM and PIO to further political aspirations
  • REDACTED - email you did not give me re Port at City Council
  • Impersonating the Fire Chief
  • Lack of respect for DC in the Chain of Command
  • City ordinance change / accessing attorneys w/o permission
  • Chief Schmitt going in drop
  • Call to office from Mayor to you week you returned from Fire Rescue East
  • ATV Grant. Did you authorize the application by Hoffman?

WOW!  How can Hayward make this guy the Chief when the Interim Chief he counted on for 5 years assessed his nominee as stated above?

Why was this document hidden for over a week by the City until the SAO had to get involved?

How can Hayward make this guy Chief when Dick Barker ASKED Chief Schmitt to reprimand him for constantly being under foot begging for the job?

When your supervisor states in writing NO - Character, honesty, integrity, fairness, caring, accountability that's usually unrecoverable in an employee file for promotion.

When a your supervisor states in writing "Failure to properly supervise subordinates" that's usually unrecoverable in an employee file for promotion.

Apparently those traits are EXACTLY what Hayward looks for in employees.

The Court and Jury will LOVE this document in any future suit!

Draw your own conclusions.

David Allen is not the right person for this job!  The Department needs someone WITHOUT the history and baggage associated with decades inside the Department.


Anonymous said...

All of this clearly shows that the Mayor, Olson, and Sisson have absolutely no desire to give Pensacola the BEST Fire Chief possible for the taxpayers of the City of Pensacola.

CJ Lewis said...

Bare and Myers seem pretty well informed on this issue helped in part by their legal backgrounds. The Council's unthinking Three Mayoral Stooges (Terhaar, Johnson & Spencer) have likely been told to vote YES and will notwithstanding any input from their constituents. Ironically, Johnson recently told me that he represents everyone in the city and Terhaar recently boasted the same to the Council. Wingate seems pretty angry about the racial aspects of what has been done and probably does not appreciate that Allen has been maneuvering for years to push Glover out of the way. Wu always said that even the most minor decisions are really hard for him, declares that the people voted for a Weak City Council that does what the Mayor wants and perhaps he will, vote YES. I think Allen's fate rests in the hands of Cannada-Wynn as the fifth vote needed by Hayward. Perhaps a Council member will make it easier for her by making a motion to reject Allen "and" at the same time to politely ask Hayward to conduct a nationwide search for the best qualified Fire Chief not the one most loyal to him. Someone who knows Cannada-Wynn should sit down with her to go over all of the shocking information being reported here and on Rick's Blog/Inweekly. She may not know about it. Hayward once told Wu he knows everything that goes on in city hall. Taking Hayward at his word, it is unbelievable he still wants to proceed down this bad road.

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't PNJ, or WEAR called the Mayor to review Allen's Personnel file and why he thinks Allen is the man for the job? Hayward did it for Fountain and Olson.

Anonymous said...

All of this was predicable. This is what you get with a Mayor/Council form of government in lieu of a Manager/Council form of government. Getting what is "BEST...for the taxpayers of the City of Pensacola" is of low priority. Getting what is BEST for Ashton Hayward is of high priority. Look at the people who have been fired from their city jobs because they tried to do a good job for the citizens of this city. Look at the people who are now making salaries of over $100,000 simply because they will do whatever Hayward tells them to do.

It is quite obvious that the voters were duped into approving what has turned out to be an absolutely horrible form of government. The city council was a joke before the change and it has only gotten worse. The "we have no power" excuse is laughable, but it has given them a reason to do even less than they did before.

Anonymous said...

I've tried to find your post where a witness reported Eric Olson leaving the Fire Dept with a file, but have not had success.

Would you re-post the link?


Maren DeWeese said...

Anonymous 6:05


Anonymous said...

Thank you--I found the Circus Round-Up, but didn't catch this one.

Anonymous said...

He's not fit to be in charge of the Fire Department or any other City Department. The Mayor continues to hire and promote the most horrible people: Rusty Wells, Eric Olson, Tamara Fountain, Ed Sisson, etc. It's got to stop. City Council needs to shut this down. Demand a nation-wide search. David Allen should be FIRED, not promoted and whoever deleted the public records from his employee file should also be FIRED.

Anonymous said...

There couldn't possibly be a worse choice for the fire chief position. His confirmation will set this city back ages. He's got way to much baggage! David Allen was in charge when Maurice Bartholemew lost his life. He has beem reprimanded for using racial slurs. He swore under oath that firefighters can work a 2nd job while on duty. He has been reprimanded numerous times for a variety of things. He has been unethical in his secondary employment. He's been begging for the Chiefs job for years and was in the middle of the witch hunt that got Schmidt and Glover fired.

Hayward claims that he fired the other two Chiefs to protect firefighters yet HAYWARD IS THE REASON A FIREFIGHTER GOT SICK FROM BLACK MOLD and Allen is the one who panicked and left his men behind! Hayward and Allen both should be terminated for the safety of all firefighters.

Whoever votes for this confirmation is responsible for minimizing Maurice's death.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why anyone would want to work for the city. Hayward has fired the ethical, highly qualified employees & has surrounded himself with unethical, inexperienced idiots. Hurry up & go back to a council/manager form of government.

Anonymous said...

City council has everything they need to make a decision.

Soon we will find out which council member represents their district and which ones are corrupt.

Anonymous said...

For all of the talk that City Council has "no power" (Especially P. C. Wu), here is an opportunity to get something right.


Anonymous said...

A confirmation of David Allen for fire chief is a vote for injustice! How can this man be considered as a viable replacement for the two men he helped to destroy although they did nothing to deserve it?