Tuesday, June 14, 2016

ARB Permit Fraud?...By One of Its Members? Special Snowflake?

Architectural Review Board Vice Chair and apparent Special Snowflake Carter Quina knows how to demolish any house he wants in the historic district any time he wants to.  Its all about the terminology and the story you spin as well as who else is on the Board.

Case in point.  417 East Government Street as it stood on November 9, 2012

Charming house!  But you see...Special Snowflake Carter Quina had a vision to share with the ARB as seen below.

2. Item 4 

417 E Government St Pensacola Historic District
Contributing Structure

Mr. Carter Quina is requesting approval for a phased demolition and reconstruction. Mr. Quina said that the structure has to be reconstructed because it can’t be saved. He said that most of the house is not original. Mr. Mark Greskovich said he wants to keep as much of the original structure that he can salvage. Mr. Quina stated that the plan is to deconstruct the house and then reconstruct an identical house, using as many of the original materials as they can. Mr. Quina stated this would be for conceptual approval so he could proceed with details for the carriage house. Ms. Nina Campbell made a motion to approve and Mr. Michael Crawford seconded the motion. Acting-Chair Mead called the question and it carried unanimously.

Did you see that...

"phased demolition and reconstruction"
"deconstruct the house and then reconstruct an identical house"

Well lets see how the Special Snowflakes vision came together.

Deconstructed and Reconstructed!

It is the spitting image of the historic home they demolished.

Give me a F

Give me a R
Give me a A
Give me a U
Give me a D
Give me a ?

What do you have...Special Snowflakes walking between Pensacola raindrops!

You see the folks over near another ARB board member on Zarragossa wanted a private drive from Government to maintain that charm over on Zarragossa.

Rules are for fools in the Upyours of Florida!



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The ARB approved this as a staged, carefully detailed tear-down, preserve & rebuild project.

If that is not what has occurred, it needs reported to Code Enforcement. Using it as just a private drive would be expressly prohibited under what was approved for the site.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

And what will Code Enforcement do? Check the who's who directory of special snowflakes and either NOTHING will be done, or you'll have to send reams of complaints over and over again and copy the news media. It takes a massive amount of persistence to get a snowflake before Code Enforcement. Try one year to get Freddie Donovan to begin to take care of his home.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You are now hitting on one of Pensacola's greatest cesspool, The Architectural Review Board (aka The Aesthetics Police, aka The You-Scratch-My-Back-and-I'll-Scratch-Your-Back Board). Carter Quina and other members of the ARB have used their position on the ARB to form a business monopoly. Almost all of downtown Pensacola is now under the control of the ARB, and if you want your project to get approved you had better hire a member of the ARB (or Brian Spencer, a city councilman). If you want to go through agonizing delays and disapprovals, try hiring someone who is not on the ARB. The chairman of the ARB, Ben Townes, has been running it for ten years without ever had read the ordinance that governs the board. He just makes calls from the seat of his pants.

Another business monopoly that deserves scrutiny is the one that runs Arrogant Court. Anyone doing business in Arrogant Court must be "approved" by Special Snowflake Michelle MacNeil. MacNeil is the daughter of the Supreme Snowflake, Big Jim Reeves, the founder of the Irish Politicians Club. Only MacNeil and a few of her select friends are allowed to do business in Arrogant Court. One of her select friends is Special Snowflake Carter Quina. All of this is, of course, highly illegal. You can try to sue her, but she will just run to Daddy who will defend her for free. Daddy Reeves was the developer of Arrogant Court and he is the one who wrote the subdivision ordinance that gives his daughter sole control of the monopoly.

Fed up with Pensacola said...

I guess Uber is a snowflake to

Tina Rashed said...

Find me on Facebook Maren! I'm trying to to get this demolishing of Historic Pensacola stopped. Tina Rashed. From New Orleans, Louisiana and living in Vicksburg, MS now. Finding my roots in Pensacola thanks to Ancestry DNA.