Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Allen Uses Public Office for Private Gain AND Encourages Employees to Violate City Policy

Proposed Fire Chief David Allen has not even been confirmed as the Fire Chief and he is already using his office for his own private gain.

If confirmed, David Allen will receive a substantial increase in pay, so what does he do?
He uses his position at the Pensacola Fire Department to back door attempt to leverage his employees to show up to "share his journey"  IN UNIFORM WHETHER ON DUTY OR OFF DUTY



The Pensacola Human Resource Manual states:

An employee may not: take any part in a political campaign during normal working hours; use his or her official authority or influence for the purpose of interfering with or affecting the result of an election or nomination for office;


The Manual continues:

4. The uniform can be worn to and from work including incidental stops but shall not be worn under any circumstances for personal use.

5. Uniforms issued by the City with logo patches, may not be worn at times other than during performance of City duties.


Allen sent the following email to all Fire Department employees:

From: David Allen
Date: Mon, Jun 06, 2016 at 9:09 AM
Subject: Fwd: Confirmation
To: Fire


The City Council has scheduled to consider my confirmation as Fire Chief on  June 13, 2016 at 5:20 p.m. in the Hagler Mason conference room on the second floor of City Hall.

Many have been a part of my journey, and I consider you an important part. I would be honored should you choose to attend. You may be in uniform, whether on or off duty.

I am proud of Pensacola, I am proud of the Pensacola Fire Department and I am appreciative of your support.


David E. Allen
Fire Chief
City of Pensacola

The man is not even in office and he is ENCOURAGING on duty AND off duty employees to violate the employee manual.

Where is Sisson.  We need another investigation!

Draw your own conclusions.

David Allen is not the right person for this job!  The Department needs someone WITHOUT the history and baggage associated with decades inside the Department.


Anonymous said...

If this is how he acts now, I can imagine what he will do later.
Anyone can run their business using company property and dime.
Guests are allowed at any time and soon a stripper pole to be installed. (who would know the difference right?)
The PFD garden in the back yard, marijuana, but we will say its oregano. No one will notice.

Hey, if anyone complains.....You know the drill...we will "F#r@ bomb" their house. (a common threat made against anyone that speaks out. Escambia County FD also uses the same ammo. )

I am untouchable.

Yep, pretty much sums it up.

CJ Lewis said...

If any firefighters show up "on duty" that tells me they are non-essential employees whose position can be eliminated. Someone should make a roster of all firefighters who show up and then determine who is "on duty" and which were "off duty" and drove in from Pace to show their support for Allen. Hayward has been in office since January 2011 and prior to May 2016 refused to nominate anyone - not Schmitt, Glover, Allen or anyone else - to be the Fire Chief. The fact that Hayward has not nominated Allen - as he could have done without regard to anything related to Schmitt or Glover - suggests that Hayward did not think Allen was right for the job. The only smart thing to do is a nationwide search to bring in someone from the outside who can assess the shortfalls in the Fire Department - personnel, training, equipment and facilities - and then come up with a triage plan to deal with the worst problems and then put forward a longer-term plan. That is only going to get done by someone coming in from the outside. If the Council lets voters approve a charter amendment providing department heads protection from random firings, an action now proposed by Myers to bring our Charter in line with most other Charter's to include Hialeah used as a primary model, the next Fire Chief will be free to tell the truth.

Anonymous said...

NEWSFLASH, Laura Bogan is now selling her "tax dollar funded photographs" we already pay her to capture the city and community and now she wants to see the prints? OVERPRICED!!!!!! INSTAGRAM MAKES EVERYONE A PROFESSIONAL. WASTE OF OUR MONEY!

Anonymous said...

This sounds a lot more serious than deviating from the unwritten protocol. Surely Allen will be placed on administrative leave for the next 90 days so that an "independent" investigation can be conducted. After all we can't allow someone to unnecessarily expose the city to a potential lawsuit, right?

Of course it's what dictator Hayward wants so watch them change the rules, AGAIN!

What more does it take to initiate a RECALL?