Friday, June 24, 2016

417 East Government...Complied by Using Historic Bricks in their Patio


In 2014, the ARB issued a conditional demolition permit for the property that stated an identical home must be rebuilt in order to receive a demolition permit. The demolition permit was issued in February 2015 based on the ARB conditions. Since that time no construction has taken place to rebuild an identical house on the site in violation of the ARB approval. The site has been remodeled into a landscaped driveway for the home directly behind the subject property on Zaragoza.


Verified Official 21 hours ago

On July 10, 2014, Item 4, 417 E Government, the Architectural Review Board minutes reflected the following:

Mr. Carter Quina is requesting approval for a phased demolition and reconstruction. Mr. Quina said that the structure has to be reconstructed because it can’t be saved. He said that most of the house is not original. Mr. Mark Greskovich said he wanted to keep as much of the original structure that he can salvage. Mr. Quina stated the plan is to deconstruct the house and the reconstruct and identical house, using as many of the original materials as they can. Mr. Quina stated this would be for conceptual approval so he could proceed with details for the carriage house. Ms. Nina Campbell made a motion to approve and Mr. Michael Crawford seconded the motion. Acting-Chair Mead called the question and it carried unanimously.


On November 19, 2015, Item 5, 417 E Government, the Architectural Review Board minutes reflected the following:

Mrs. Galbav, was requesting approval for new landscaping on the vacant lot she owns directly behind her residence. The landscaping has already been installed as well as a gravel driveway and bricked area for a patio. She stated they used the original bricks from the old home which was demolished. Mr. Quina made a motion to approve the landscape plan as presented, seconded by Mr. Crawford, and the motion carried.

The property owner, in gaining approval for the landscaped area has complied with the Architectural Review Board decision.


Anonymous said...

If the 'changes' to what was approved for 417 were presented to the ARB without City staff providing the history on the required rebuild, the entire planning department should be reported to the APA for ethics violations. This is a disgrace to the planning profession.

(Pull the Bank of Pensacola ARB file and see how much was changed during construction, then approved after the fact by the ARB. But note how the changes were clearly identified for the ARB)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for continuing to investigate this issue. At least we now know where Quina is storing the salvaged bricks...! But where are the remaining building materials? It is time for Quina and the property owners, both present and past, to answer that question. Why isn't the ARB even asking the question?

We also now know that the members of the ARB are clearly aware that the historic cottage is not going to be rebuilt. This is a violation of their own requirements for the demolition. I retract my previous statements. EVERY member of the ARB is in on the sham. They ALL need to be held criminally charged with fraud but it is doubtful that they will even be fired. Has anyone made a complaint to Code Enforcement?

Anonymous said...

Just like much of our city government, the minutes of the Nov. 19, 2015 ARB meeting show that the ARB is now practicing NEWSPEAK, a language straight out of George Orwell's novel "1984." The cottage that was once existing on the property is now referred to as a "vacant lot." Not a "house." Not a "cottage." Just a "vacant lot" as though it had always been a vacant lot. The fact that the ARB allowed the cottage to become a vacant lot is ignored by the board members and they obviously hope that no one remembers that quaint cottage. They are ALL guilty.

Unfortunately, NEWSPEAK was spoken at city hall long before the present administration. A baseball stadium was once called a "park" for the purpose of confusing our easily confused voters. Major components of a voter approved plan disappeared overnight without anyone at city hall batting an eye. The budget for this plan increased 50% while our city council whistled "Dixie."

Yes, NEWSPEAK has been spoken for a long time at city hall. In the back of "1984" you will find a dictionary of NEWSPEAK terms. Next to the definition of UNGOOD you will find "City of Pensacola officials!"

Anonymous said...

Code enforcement issued a landscape violation instead of a failure to follow ARB rules and rebuild violation?

Staff presented only a request for landscaping, but identified the site as that of a Contributing structure?

No mention that the REAL code enforcement issue was the failure to rebuild.

Everyone in planning and inspections needs investigated and the unethical practices must be reported against their professional licenses.