Thursday, June 30, 2016

Hayward Finally Leaves Mark on City

Mayor Hayward has always wanted to leave his mark on Pensacola. Now he evidently has!  He has posted the picture below as his Facebook background.

I guess he is very proud of having painted his name on the trestle. See circled upper right corner.  Can he go now?

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Congratulations Airport Director Flynn...You Weathered the Storm!

Dan Flynn was confirmed yesterday as the Airport Director after 2 years as the Interim.  Flynn, like everyone else in the Hayward Administration without Special Snowflake status, has had to work in a hostile work environment and even has had his job threatened by a former high ranking Hayward official.

From almost getting fired to permanent Airport Director.  Congratulations Dan!  You are there and she is gone! It shows that career employees can still succeed if they keep their heads down and just wait for the latest wave of Mayoral appointees to ebb with the tide.

Here is an old post to show how Flynn outlasted the last wave of Mayoral appointees.

COO Fountain Threatens to Have Airport Director Fired

    Thoughts on the below email.
  • Work around you?  He worked for Barker.  That was his boss?  He asked to speak with his boss.  But it appears his boss works for Fountain.
  • The Airport is an ENTERPRISE.  Why should it report to City staff?
  • Let me hold being fired over your head on a Friday evening at 6:44PM.  Basically, I own your future and I'll decide if you have a future.
  • Threats and intimidation.  HOSTILE WORK ENVIRONMENT?
Anyone want to work for this woman?

From: Tamara Fountain 
Sent: Friday, March 13, 2015 6:44 PM
To: Dan Flynn
Subject: Insubordination


Mr. Barker forwarded me your email to him concerning Emagination. Per the Mayor, I have final authority for all marketing issues. If you have an issue relating to the marketing agency in place, you should raise those issues with me. It is inappropriate for you to work around me and raise such issues with Mr. Barker.

The airport's bond rating continues to slip. The airport's languishing real estate assets desperately need to be activated. There is a strong need for an effective marketing program for our airport. If your enterprise was operating successfully, Mayor Hayward would not have asked me to involve myself.

We have discussed these issues many times, and I am deeply disappointed in your lack of cooperation with the marketing structure which Mayor Hayward has set forth.

Frankly, at this point, I am considering recommending termination of your employment to Mayor Hayward. While this represents blatant insubordination on your part, I will refrain from copying this to Mayor Hayward and take the weekend to think this over. Should a decision be made to retain your services, we will need to have some serious conversations about our next steps, including the issue of non-performing employees on your team.


Monday, June 27, 2016

Where is the Historic Patio at 417 E. Government Street

Below are photos of the 417 E. Government property.

Anyone see this historic patio?

Surely the below isn't the historic patio?

52 bricks?  By the little gate?  Patio?


Friday, June 24, 2016

417 East Government...Complied by Using Historic Bricks in their Patio


In 2014, the ARB issued a conditional demolition permit for the property that stated an identical home must be rebuilt in order to receive a demolition permit. The demolition permit was issued in February 2015 based on the ARB conditions. Since that time no construction has taken place to rebuild an identical house on the site in violation of the ARB approval. The site has been remodeled into a landscaped driveway for the home directly behind the subject property on Zaragoza.


Verified Official 21 hours ago

On July 10, 2014, Item 4, 417 E Government, the Architectural Review Board minutes reflected the following:

Mr. Carter Quina is requesting approval for a phased demolition and reconstruction. Mr. Quina said that the structure has to be reconstructed because it can’t be saved. He said that most of the house is not original. Mr. Mark Greskovich said he wanted to keep as much of the original structure that he can salvage. Mr. Quina stated the plan is to deconstruct the house and the reconstruct and identical house, using as many of the original materials as they can. Mr. Quina stated this would be for conceptual approval so he could proceed with details for the carriage house. Ms. Nina Campbell made a motion to approve and Mr. Michael Crawford seconded the motion. Acting-Chair Mead called the question and it carried unanimously.


On November 19, 2015, Item 5, 417 E Government, the Architectural Review Board minutes reflected the following:

Mrs. Galbav, was requesting approval for new landscaping on the vacant lot she owns directly behind her residence. The landscaping has already been installed as well as a gravel driveway and bricked area for a patio. She stated they used the original bricks from the old home which was demolished. Mr. Quina made a motion to approve the landscape plan as presented, seconded by Mr. Crawford, and the motion carried.

The property owner, in gaining approval for the landscaped area has complied with the Architectural Review Board decision.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Rules are for Fools at City Hall

Below is a picture of Visitor Parking at City Hall.  What is interesting is who uses the visitor parking area.  You can clearly see a Volvo Hatchback comfortably parked in the shade and a City SUV also taking spaces away from the Citizens.

The Volvo I understand from City Hall sources belongs to City Administrator Eric Olson.  Why does he feel he does not have to use employee parking spaces and can take visitor spaces?

A.  He doesn't care about employee rules and regulations?
B.  He doesn't care about the Citizens access to their City Hall?
C.  He is entitled to do as he pleases, because rules are for fools
D.  All of the above.

Way to lead by example Mork!

Yeah, Ed Sisson also parks his big truck in Visitor parking also.

You boys can't move without me hearing about it.  Boo!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Featured Comment on ARB Issue

Let’s get past the finger pointing stage for a while. The situation at the present time is quite simple. The Galbavy’s are still required to rebuild the cottage. There is no statute of limitations to their obligations to rebuild even though they may think that they have a “Get out of Jail” card. Someone needs to file a complaint with the city, probably with Code Enforcement. My nominee for this task is Elizabeth Schrey as she actually witnessed some of the shenanigans. However, anyone can file the complaint as we are all damaged when a historic building is lost. If the Galbavy’s refuse to rebuild the cottage then a magistrate judge can start fining them $1,000 per day and slap a lien on both of their properties. The good news for Carter Quina is that he may finally get that fat fee that he was dreaming of all along.

The Galbavy’s may believe that others are guiltier than them and they would be correct. Unfortunately, the Galbavy’s are the ones that were caught without a chair to sit in when the music stopped. The Galbavy’s pulled the demolition permit and it is quite apparent that they have been intimately involved with this property since 2011. Surely they know that they are required to rebuild the cottage.

Here’s my take on the other responsible parties –

Carter Quina can lose his professional license in Florida for perpetrating this fraud. He has been wearing two hats at the ARB meetings, which is a crime by itself. Quina’s story about rebuilding the cottage with the same materials was a complete lie and he misled the ARB members who don’t know any better. Quina is no stranger to fraud.

Maverick Demolition can also lose their license in Florida for submitting a fraudulent application for demolition. It is their signature on the demo application.

Heads should roll in the city’s building inspection department for the shoddy permitting work, but don’t expect that to happen. It looks like no one was checking anything, which is a good indication that the shoddy work was intentional. I do not think that the folks in the building department are bad people. I do think that someone above them is forcing them to approve bad projects with the threat of losing their jobs. By the way, no one gets the extra-special treatment unless you hold a Special Snowflake card.

Angela Denmon seems to be the driving force behind this sordid affair. She was smelling payday back in 2011 and kept pushing for a demolition permit even after her buyers withdrew the application. But what are you going to do to her now? She is laughing all the way to the bank.

In addition to Carter Quina, several members of the ARB had to have been in on this scam. What are you going to do to them? All ARB members are appointed by members of the city council, and we can’t seem to get rid of them either!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

BOOM! 417 Government Demolition Permit Filled with Errors

Below is a link to the demolition permit for 417 E. Government:

Demolition Permit


  • It was issued in the name of Angela Denmon although Denmon had not owned the property since 2014
  • Maverick Demolition properly stated the owner was Judy Galbavy.
  • The permit states ***ARB APPROVED***
What kind of shotty staff work is going on here?

  1. Did anyone notice the property owner on the application (Galbavy)  did not match the property owner of record (Denmon)?
  2. Did anyone not review the ARB minutes and see that the approval was for the Greskovichs, not Denmon and not Galbavy, with a reconstruction condition?
  3. Did anyone ask who in the heck Judy Galbavy was and why she was asking for demolition permit for the property?
  4. Why didn't anyone call Carter Quina, the architect of record, who obtained the demolition permit for the project and ask about the name differences?
Or was this a wink, wink transaction?

Monday, June 20, 2016

PNJ Coverage of Allen Confirmation...For the Record

This weekend the PNJ editorial lauded the confirmation of David Allen as the Fire Chief.

Editorial: David Allen is the right choice for fire chief

"Our opinion mirrors the comments Monday by Councilwoman Jewel Cannada-Wynn and Councilman Andy Terhaar who voted to confirm Allen. Cannada-Wynn admitted she was against confirmation — which would have defeated the confirmation 4-4 — until firefighters showed up at Monday’s meeting in support of Allen."

The PNJ coverage leading up to the confirmation was...well, less than forthright.

If the PNJ knew that Allen was reprimanded "for threatening an officer"  it knew that reprimand also included the fact that Allen made racial slurs. That was not reported.

The PNJ lauds the appointment of a man with a documented past of making racial slurs.

The PNJ also received the handwritten additional reprimands given by Matt Schmitt.  I copied them with them.  I have the email with the documents attached.

The PNJ knew the entire laundry list of issues with David Allen.  No objections to:
  • Chain of Command violations 
  • Political activity while of duty
  • Delegation when not authorized
  • Conducting media interviews w/o authorization
  • NO - Character, honesty, integrity, fairness, caring, accountability
  • Solicitation of political support from Citizens while on duty
  • Positioning self at events so as to curry political favors
  • Failure to properly supervise subordinates
  • Using the office of FM and PIO to further political aspirations
  • Lack of respect for DC in the Chain of Command
They chose to ignore them and minimize them.  They didn't think this documented evidence which was only obtained after the State Attorney got involved and forced the disclosure is not relevant.

Instead they lauded the firefighters who came down to support the Chief by sitting in the audience at Council despite the fact it violated state law:

23.  Section 112.313(6), Florida Statutes provides:
          No public officer or employee of an agency shall corruptly use or attempt to use his official position or any property or resource which may be within his trust, or perform his official duties, to secure a special privilege, benefit, or exemption for himself or others. This section shall not be construed to conflict with s. 104.31.
24.  The term "corruptly" is defined by Section 112.312(9), Florida Statutes, to mean:
          [D]one with a wrongful intent and for the purpose of obtaining, or compensating or receiving compensation for, any benefit resulting from some act or omission of a public servant which is inconsistent with the proper performance of his public duties.

David Allen was effectively using the fire department to lobby for a pay increase.

On duty trucks were brought to City Hall at his "allowance".

Employee...resource in his a benefit...compensating

Most that follow this blog try to be a little more informed regarding city issues.  John Q. Public is not as in tune with the inner workings of the corruption in City Hall.  What they see of the City is what is in the press and what they hear on TV or Facebook.  That's why Hayward has been so successful.

Control the message, control the people.

That's why a recall will be the only way.  The uninformed must be educated about what is going on and why it matters.

A few can start the recall petition.  It WILL make the press.
The same few can lead the recall vote signature campaign.  Success will guarantee coverage.
Only then will the uninformed be presented with the facts by the press.
When it can not be avoided.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Timeline of 417 E Government - Pathway to a HISTORIC Vacant Lot

Below is a timeline on the Sebastion Barrios home at 417 E. Government built around 1916.  It is a work in progress as my review continues.
  • February 16, 1993 - Angela Denmon obtains deed for 417 E Government from Betty Barrios
  • December 20, 2007 - 417 E Government is hit with Code violations to be corrected by March 4, 2008
  • March 4, 2008 - End of compliance period
  • December 16, 2008 - Lien on property filed at $25 per day from March 4, 2008 forward. Lien
  • December 15, 2011- Galbavy's request permission to demolish 417 Government. ARB tables Galbavy request to demolish 417 Government Minutes
  • January 5, 2012 - Galbavy's withdraw offer to purchase 417 Government.
  • January 12, 2012 - Denmon and attorney Lisa Minshew attend ARB requesting permission to demolish.  ARB discussed the need for an appropriate replacement structure if demolition is approved.  Quina volunteers to inspect structure. Motion to approve demolition if recommended by Quina
  • February 1, 2012 - "Mr. Quina inspected the structures and recommended the contributing structure not be demolished."  Agenda  Mr. Quina's report is in the agenda.
Quina's report states : "Based on my inspection, I do not recommend demolition, for any reason. There is no risk of demolition by neglect except for a small portion of the non-original rear shed addition...I believe in time, an interested party will be able to make the numbers work such that the renovation project, that was underway, could then be continued to a positive outcome."
  • February 29, 2012 - Denmon files Notice of Commencement for roof repairs.
  • February 21, 2013 - The Galbavy's present their home to the ARB as a Bed & Breakfast.
  • July 10, 2014 - ARB Meeting where Carter Quina presents Greskovich house plans incorporating an identical rebuild.  ARB passes demolish and rebuild.
  • December 31, 2014 - Angela Denmon sells the property to Judith Galbavy for $282,000
  • April 23, 2014 - The Galbavy's commence construction on their Zaragoza Street home.
  • February 18, 2015 - City of Pensacola releases all liens against the property. Lien Release
  • February 19, 2015 - I understand a demolition permit was issued to the FORMER property owner Elizabeth Denmon for the 417 Government home although she no longer owns the property.  I have a Public Records Request in for the actual permit.
  • How can Quina find it is not necessary to demolish the house in February 2012, then ask to demolish in July 2014?
  • How can Denmon apply for a permit to demolish when she doesn't own the property?
  • Is is just a coincidence that the Galbavy's originally wanted to just demolish and eventually they did just that with no rebuild?
  • Who is the City allowed this to happen?
  • Does Carter Quina have a conflict of interest?
  • Does Quina's opinion of save or demolish change based on if its his customer or not?
  • Why doesn't someone with the City follow up on conditional demolition permits to see if they are meeting the conditional requirements?

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Schrey on 417 Government: Rebuild Required!

Yesterday, former City planner and current congressional candidate Elizabeth Schrey posted the following to my blog concerning the property at 417 E. Government."

"Any new owner is bound by the last plans approved by the ARB.

I don't honestly recall the facts regarding ownership at the time this was heard. Often potential buyers will pursue ARB approvals prior to closing deals. 

Inspections is ultimately responsible for ensuring the ARB approved plans are followed. A new owner would have to complete the approved plans. (I would note that at any time one can ask for a new plan to be approved by the ARB. What to watch now is if Code Enforcement acts and if a new plan is now approved or if the rebuild requirement is upheld.)."

I'm confused!  The project was sold to the current owners on December 31, 2014 the property does not appear to be getting ready for construction.

  • Who applied for the demolition permit and when?
  • Who was the property owner of record when the demolition permit was issued?
  • Why has City Code Enforcement not required a rebuild?
  • Have plans been submitted for  new construction?
  • Is the City assessing code violation penalties on the property owners?
  • Does Quina have all the salvaged materials in some storage shed?
City Permitting has some 'splainin to do.

Sounds a lot like the Longhollow tower.  Where are we with that debacle?

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

An Open Letter to the Pensacola Fire Department


I apologize if the presentation of facts regarding Chief Allen's qualifications for promotion have in some way made you feel I am in opposition to the Fire Department.  Nothing could be further from the truth. I have advocated for the Fire Department for years, while on Council and after my term. Since I started this blog, I have blogged in support of the PFD more than any other City issue or department.  Show me one other source in Pensacola that has advocated for your issues as I have. And I have protected the reputations of firefighters I have known that have been less than stellar.  It wasn't relevant to the issue.

You know most of the issues I speak of because YOU told me of them.

Last week, I reached out to Nathan Edler to attempt a dialogue on the Chief confirmation issue and the issues regarding Chief Allen's career. He refused to talk.  In the past he didn't have a problem coming to my home, pulling in the Circle to complain about Mayor Hayward and how he doesn't get the issues involving fire fighters.

Everyone in the 707 knows the issues surrounding one of the speakers at Allen's confirmation.  Did I print it?  No.  Not relevant to the issue. Although it does say something about who supported Allen.

Everyone at the PFD knows all the issues surrounding Chief Allen's career.  I have known most of the issues I raised over the last week for years because you told them to me.  But they weren't a City issue until he was proposed as Chief.  He was not being proposed for just any job, he was being proposed as the Fire Chief.  I felt the information was not only relevant but Council and the Citizens deserved to know.

Since 2008, I have covered and fought for YOUR issues.  I have given you a voice you wouldn't otherwise have had.  I have worked cooperatively with past union Presidents attempting to give them a voice on issues that mattered to them.

Meeting with the Fire Department was the first thing I did when I was elected to office.

I have advocated for the replacement of Station 3 loudly for years.  As a councilmember, it was at the top of my list every year.

I have advocated for the Rescue trucks to once again be manned.  I even have the Mayor lying about manning them.

I have advocated for two in, two out and fought for staffing.

I detailed the racial history of the department, redacting the names of racist firefighters detailed in the case files as it wasn't relevant to the story, and how far the department has come since.

I opposed automatic aid as the City pays for your services and they should not be given away to County residents for free.

I detailed the understaffing of the ARFF.  Yes, the ARFF which recently was noted according to Chief Allen as deficient at the Pensacola Regional Airport.

I fought for David Allen when he opposed a Haunted House that the Mayor's sponsor Fred Levin was trying to force the Fire Marshal to sign off on illegally.

I have always been about what is right.  If a truth needed to be told I told it regardless of the personal aspects of the matter.

My opposition to David Allen for Fire Chief was not personal.  It was politics and it was business. Allen's appointment should be good for the Union and the rank and file.  He has no moral stance in so many disciplinary matters due to his previous records.

David is a pleaser as long as it benefits him.  He opened up the overtime flood gates for you until the money ran out.  He relaxed rules on second job vehicles at the stations.  He says all the right things.

He wants to let YOU lead the department.  He is "just a facilitator".  To me, that's not the role of a Fire Chief.

I hope he turns out to be a great Chief since he has already had his minions state AT THE CONFIRMATION its only for two years til he retires.  A lot can change in two years.

Look how much Hayward has done for the Department in his six years in office.

  • Failed to fix your stations
  • Took $800,000 in PFP for his political promised community centers
  • He has never once attended a union negotiation as he promised
  • Failed to return the Rescue trucks
  • Diminished ARFF to a point of deficiency.
  • Pawned you off in an automatic aid agreement
  • Neglected to appoint a chief for six years.
  • Tried to close your pensions

Hey, he did let Chief Allen buy you a fire boat!

Firefighters, I will always support you for what you do for us, the Citizens. Thank you for your service!

I will just do it quietly like others.

I'm done being an advocate.  Go tell it to the Mayor!

Digging a little deeper into ARB and 417 Government Street

Below is the package submitted to the ARB for 417 East Government Street.

Observations from the Package

  • The meeting was July 10, 2014
  • Carter Quina, ARB board member, requested the approval.
  • The plans state "Quina Grundhoefer Architects"
  • The plans state that the plans are for Mark and Lisa Greskovich
  • The plans detail the house to be "reconstructed"
  • Congressional candidate Elizabeth Schrey was the staff contact.
  • The minutes state it was approved unanimously.

  • Until 12/31/2014, the property was owned by Angela Elizabeth Denmon not Mark and Lisa Greskovich as represented by Carter Quina to the Board in July of 2014
  • The property was approved for demolition and reconstruction of an identical house.
  • The property was purchased on 12/31/2014 by Judith A Galbavy who owns the property directly behind the 417 E Government property at 414 E. Zarragossa for $282,000.
  • The property at 414 E. Zaragoza was presented to the ARB on February 21, 2013 as a Bed and Breakfast on the Zaragoza lot only Agenda/02242013-65
  • On April 23, 2014, the Galbavy's commenced the construction of their "new home" at 414 E. Zarragossa
  • Mr. Quina knew that the applicant was not the homeowner of 417 E Government.  Why wasn't the homeowner required to make the demolition application to the ARB instead of the "potential buyers"?
  • Who filed for the demolition application with City permitting, the homeowner or potential buyers?
  • How do you get approval to demolish and rebuild and NOT REBUILD?
  • Isn't A dependent on B?
  • When Quina saw the sale of the house would not go through, why did he let the demolition occur?
  • How does Quina get to vote on a project that he is architect for?
  • Has he ever voted no on one of his own plans?  It s self licking lollypop!
  • Don't Florida statutes have a clause about voting on matters that "enure" to the benefit of the public official?
  • Between approval to demolish on July 10, 2014 and sale on December 31, 2014, what happened to the "demolish and reconstruct"?
  • Why is the new property owner not required to complete the reconstruction? 
  • When is follow up done by the City to ensure the entire process was completed?

Looks like initially I need to research some "shooby dooing" in the ARB.

Where is Elizabeth Schrey on this one?  Elizabeth, your name is on it?  Can you shed some light?

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

ARB Permit Fraud?...By One of Its Members? Special Snowflake?

Architectural Review Board Vice Chair and apparent Special Snowflake Carter Quina knows how to demolish any house he wants in the historic district any time he wants to.  Its all about the terminology and the story you spin as well as who else is on the Board.

Case in point.  417 East Government Street as it stood on November 9, 2012

Charming house!  But you see...Special Snowflake Carter Quina had a vision to share with the ARB as seen below.

2. Item 4 

417 E Government St Pensacola Historic District
Contributing Structure

Mr. Carter Quina is requesting approval for a phased demolition and reconstruction. Mr. Quina said that the structure has to be reconstructed because it can’t be saved. He said that most of the house is not original. Mr. Mark Greskovich said he wants to keep as much of the original structure that he can salvage. Mr. Quina stated that the plan is to deconstruct the house and then reconstruct an identical house, using as many of the original materials as they can. Mr. Quina stated this would be for conceptual approval so he could proceed with details for the carriage house. Ms. Nina Campbell made a motion to approve and Mr. Michael Crawford seconded the motion. Acting-Chair Mead called the question and it carried unanimously.

Did you see that...

"phased demolition and reconstruction"
"deconstruct the house and then reconstruct an identical house"

Well lets see how the Special Snowflakes vision came together.

Deconstructed and Reconstructed!

It is the spitting image of the historic home they demolished.

Give me a F

Give me a R
Give me a A
Give me a U
Give me a D
Give me a ?

What do you have...Special Snowflakes walking between Pensacola raindrops!

You see the folks over near another ARB board member on Zarragossa wanted a private drive from Government to maintain that charm over on Zarragossa.

Rules are for fools in the Upyours of Florida!


Congratulations Chief Doasisaynotasido

The soon to be appointed Battalion Chief and current Union President takes his new dog Chiefy out on a call.

Sit Chiefy, Stay Chiefy, Good Chiefy!  

Remember 707...Your President put him there.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Union President to Council: Morale Up With Allen. WELL SURE IT IS!

The local fire union IAFF 707 President was burning up the phones this weekend telling City Council members that morale has improved in the Fire Department since Chief Schmitt is no longer in charge.

No union vote was taken in support of Allen just the Union President as a Citizen lobbying Council.

The IAFF 707 can now hold their union meetings while on duty at the Fire Stations.  This was not included in the recent collective bargaining agreement and NEVER allowed under Chief Schmitt.

How do you like that Police Chiefs?  Right there in the department...on duty!

Firefighters can now park their secondary job vehicles at their fire stations...logos and all. This was not included in the recent collective bargaining agreement and NEVER allowed under Chief Schmitt.

Chief Allen, to win political favor has been using CITY TAX DOLLARS to allow rampant overtime since February which is placing the fire department budget in peril.  I will be reflecting these "allegiance" payments in public records requests soon.


The IAFF 707 has a Chief nominee totally compromised based on his past.

How can Allen discipline a firefighter for outside work on department time?  Allen admitted in sworn testimony that was absolutely allowed and he personally allowed his direct reports to work on outside businesses on the clock.

How can Allen discipline a firefighter for failing to disclose outside employment? Allen has had outside employment undisclosed for years.

How can Allen discipline a firefighter for racial slurs and threats to superiors?  He just received a written reprimand for those.

How can Allen discipline a firefighter for political activity on duty?  He was just reprimanded for those actions.

How can Allen discipline a firefighter for misuse of his position as a firefighter and conflicts of interest when he has documented misuse and conflicts of interest in his past?

How can Allen discipline a firefighter for Chain of Command violations when he himself as been reprimanded for those actions,

How can Allen discipline a firefighter for failure to supervise subordinates when he himself as been reprimanded for those actions.

David Allen is a Union President's DREAM.

What is he supposed to say?  Do as I say not as I do!

Draw your own conclusions.

David Allen is not the right person for this job!  The Department needs someone WITHOUT the history and baggage associated with decades inside the Department.

Friday, June 10, 2016


In January 2015, before the Chief investigations, before the EEOC complaints, before VanSickle, there was Interim Chief Schmitt reprimanding his employee David Allen for his job performance.

The City released an additional document late yesterday regarding the performance issues of proposed Chief David Allen noted by Chief Schmitt.  The issues are in the form of bullet points which are listed below verbatim.
  • Chain of Command violations Mayor, Councilpeople, Dick, Tamara
  • Political activity while of duty
  • Delegation when not authorized
  • Conducting media interviews w/o authorization
  • Competent in skill, knowledge, experience, ability
  • NO - Character, honesty, integrity, fairness, caring, accountability
  • Presense in Stations
  • Time spent in City Hall - 5th Floor Only
  • Solicitation of political support from Citizens while on duty
  • Positioning self at events so as to curry political favors
  • Failure to properly supervise subordinates
  • Using the office of FM and PIO to further political aspirations
  • REDACTED - email you did not give me re Port at City Council
  • Impersonating the Fire Chief
  • Lack of respect for DC in the Chain of Command
  • City ordinance change / accessing attorneys w/o permission
  • Chief Schmitt going in drop
  • Call to office from Mayor to you week you returned from Fire Rescue East
  • ATV Grant. Did you authorize the application by Hoffman?

WOW!  How can Hayward make this guy the Chief when the Interim Chief he counted on for 5 years assessed his nominee as stated above?

Why was this document hidden for over a week by the City until the SAO had to get involved?

How can Hayward make this guy Chief when Dick Barker ASKED Chief Schmitt to reprimand him for constantly being under foot begging for the job?

When your supervisor states in writing NO - Character, honesty, integrity, fairness, caring, accountability that's usually unrecoverable in an employee file for promotion.

When a your supervisor states in writing "Failure to properly supervise subordinates" that's usually unrecoverable in an employee file for promotion.

Apparently those traits are EXACTLY what Hayward looks for in employees.

The Court and Jury will LOVE this document in any future suit!

Draw your own conclusions.

David Allen is not the right person for this job!  The Department needs someone WITHOUT the history and baggage associated with decades inside the Department.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

David Allen's Reprimands; State Attorney Assistance; Missing Documents

On June 1, I submitted a public records request for:

"All letters of reprimand issued to Chief David Allen included in his employee file"

On June 6, the City provided one (1) reprimand from 1992 for Allen's use of racial slurs and threatening a superior officer.  PR-Allen-Reprimand

On June 6, I emailed Ed Sisson, Eric Olson, and the Public Records Coordinator to inquire why I was not provided all reprimands.  I noted that Allen himself had disclosed additional reprimands in his testimony to Russell VanSickle.

I wrote:

In his statement to VanSickle, Chief Allen states:

"so in February of 2015, I asked to and got an appointment with the Mayor and to express my interest in the Fire Chief job and to let him know that I would like to be considered if in fact Chief Schmitt retires and like that and the Mayor thanked me but apparently he contacted Chief Schmitt and asked him is it true – I hear that you are thinking about leaving in April and Chief Schmitt took offense to that and called me into his office and told me that I had gone – been insubordinate – gone around the chain of command and that I was being reprimanded for that and then he brought up – I can’t remember the items because he didn’t give me a copy but but there were like three items in a row and I said - I said it was my understanding – Chief Glover by the way was in the room – um it was my understanding that we have a progressive discipline policy and that in order for you to get a second or third reprimand – you have to have gotten the first reprimand – that you can’t save three reprimands up and give them all simultaneously and uh anyway he told me that that’s how he was going to do that."

These reprimands were not provided.  Either proposed Chief Allen made false statements to VanSickle, someone has destroyed the records or you are withholding public records.

I request an immediate response or I will be forced to ask the State Attorney's Office to intervene.

The City responded:

"This letter responds to your public records request to the City of Pensacola, dated and received on 6/7/2016.

The City of Pensacola has reviewed its files and has determined there are no responsive records or documents to your request."

I then interviewed Former Chief Matt Schmitt and Former Deputy Chief Joe Glover who both confirmed that the reprimands were given and were witnessed by Glover as Allen stated.

On June 8, I again wrote to Olson, Sisson and the Public Records Coordinator stating:

As you are most likely aware, yesterday I was informed by the City's Public Records Coordinator that the reprimand of David Allen admitted to by Allen in his interview by Russell VanSickle is no where to be found.  The City informed me that there were "no records that match your public records request".

I have reviewed David Allen's testimony to VanSickle which states the reprimand clearly existed.

I have interviewed Joe Glover and he stated he witnessed the reprimand being given, the document itself and the document being signed by Allen.  If asked, he is prepared to testify to such.

I have interviewed Matt Schmitt and he stated he gave Allen the reprimand and documented the reprimand. Chief Schmitt stated he gave the document to Susan Cotton to place in "Allen's jacket". If asked, he is prepared to testify to such

Let me be clear.  All three involved state the incident occurred and two expressly state the document was created.

I am giving the City until 3pm today to provide the document.  At that time, I will make a criminal complaint to the State Attorney's Office for a Sunshine Law violation.

Further, since a pay increase is associated with Allen's proposed appointment to Fire Chief and the document would potentially be a document the Council would consider in determining that appointment, I will also be asking the state attorney to determine if the "loss" or potential destruction of the document would constitute a financial crime which exceeds felony thresholds.

Please produce the document admitted to by three City employees.

NO RESPONSE was made by the City!

Public Records Correspondence

On June 8, 2016 at approximately 4:15pm, I informed the State Attorney's office of the facts of the matter and filed a complaint against the City asking for their assistance in forcing the City to turn over the reprimands.

At 4:49 pm, the City provided 4 "written reprimands" of proposed Chief David Allen.
  • All of the documents were clearly written by the same individual.
  • None of the documents were signed by any party. No employee, no supervisor, no witness, no date.
The documents state that three copies are to be made.  Original (personnel file), Employee, and Human Resources.

According to the documents, Allen received the following additional written reprimands besides his racial slurs and threats in 1992:
  1. 12/11/15 Failure to notify Fire Chief's Deputy Fire Chief of email sent by Buddy McCormick to City Staff/Council, before City Council meeting on 12/11/15
  2. 1/21/15 Failure to keep immediate supervisor Deputy Chief Joe Glover apprised of your activities.
  3. 1/21/15 Conducting political activity while on duty, including Mayor, other City officials and City Council members.
  4. 1/21/15 Violation / not using the chain of command by contacting the Mayor's office concerning Fire Chief.

Questions and Concerns:
  • Why did the City state that these 4 reprimands did not exist yet they magically appear?
  • Why was a signed copy not in the HR file for Allen?
  • Why are all of the documents unsigned by anyone?
  • Where are the supporting notes to these reprimands written up in MS Word kept on the F drive created by the Fire Chief?  
  • Were the originals destroyed or removed from the file?
  • If so, who had access to the personnel files in the fire administration building to remove the originals?
  • Is destruction of public records / personnel documents a crime?
  • Do the reprimands show a motive for why Allen worked so hard to remove Glover and Schmitt?
  • Is it concerning to Council that David Allen has openly lobbied the Mayor and his staff for the Chief's job over the objections of his supervisors since 2011 to the point that he had to be reprimanded several times.
  • Is it not convenient that:
    • Schmitt and Glover are put on leave.
    • David Allen is told by Eric Olson to go ahead and move in the Chief's office immediately when the Chiefs are put on leave and told to "start running the department as if its your own"
    • Allen brings up the Car Seat allegations of which HE IS THE RESPONSIBLE PARTY late in the process after the original allegations were compiled.
    • Allen is made Fire Chief the day Schmitt and Glover are relieved.
    • No nationwide search.
    • No advertisements.
    • No interviews.
    • Just appoint the guy:
      • who left a firefighter in a burning building and ran out ahead of his team
      • who took no responsibility for the death
      • was reprimanded for making racial slurs and threatening a superior
      • was reprimanded for continually doing politcal activity on duty lobbying the Mayor and staff to be Chief
      • had clear conflicts of interest in his outside employment
      • testified under oath that it was ABSOLUTELY OK to operate a business out of the fire house WHILE ON DUTY
      • who wrecked a City vehicle in Oct 2015 and did not report it for 24 hours
      • and failed to get permission from the City for outside employment at HDCC in direct conflict of interest with his job
Draw your own conclusions.

David Allen is not the right person for this job!  The Department needs someone WITHOUT the history and baggage associated with decades inside the Department.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

David Allen Uses Collective Bargaining Agreement on Uniforms to His Benefit

Earlier, I posted an email from David Allen asking Fire Department employees ON Duty and OFF Duty to come in uniform to the Special Council Meeting. I noted the City Human Resource Manual's Policy on Uniforms Off Duty. The Policy states:

4. The uniform can be worn to and from work including incidental stops but shall not be worn under any circumstances for personal use.

5. Uniforms issued by the City with logo patches, may not be worn at times other than during performance of City duties.

However, the manual also states that Collective Bargaining represented employees are governed first by their Agreement then by the HR policies. 

So what does the Fire Union Collective Bargaining Agreement state on the issue?

SECTION 3. No article of clothing or equipment provided for herein shall be utilized during off duty hoursexcept as authorized by the Fire Chief or his designee.

The primary point about the authorization of the uniforms is that the self serving candidate for Fire Chief, David Allen, is shamelessly using his power as acting Chief to authorize a usually forbidden practice in order to solicit unionized Fire Department personnel covered by the agreement to come sit in their uniforms for his own visual benefit.

But the manual also states as I previously stated:

An employee may not: take any part in a political campaign during normal working hours; use his or her official authority or influence for the purpose of interfering with or affecting the result of an election or nomination for office;

David Allen (employee) is using his official authority (as Fire Chief) for the purpose of affecting the result of a nomination for office (his own nomination).

Proved!! and GUILTY!!

Draw your own conclusions.

David Allen is not the right person for this job!  The Department needs someone WITHOUT the history and baggage associated with decades inside the Department.

Allen Uses Public Office for Private Gain AND Encourages Employees to Violate City Policy

Proposed Fire Chief David Allen has not even been confirmed as the Fire Chief and he is already using his office for his own private gain.

If confirmed, David Allen will receive a substantial increase in pay, so what does he do?
He uses his position at the Pensacola Fire Department to back door attempt to leverage his employees to show up to "share his journey"  IN UNIFORM WHETHER ON DUTY OR OFF DUTY



The Pensacola Human Resource Manual states:

An employee may not: take any part in a political campaign during normal working hours; use his or her official authority or influence for the purpose of interfering with or affecting the result of an election or nomination for office;


The Manual continues:

4. The uniform can be worn to and from work including incidental stops but shall not be worn under any circumstances for personal use.

5. Uniforms issued by the City with logo patches, may not be worn at times other than during performance of City duties.


Allen sent the following email to all Fire Department employees:

From: David Allen
Date: Mon, Jun 06, 2016 at 9:09 AM
Subject: Fwd: Confirmation
To: Fire


The City Council has scheduled to consider my confirmation as Fire Chief on  June 13, 2016 at 5:20 p.m. in the Hagler Mason conference room on the second floor of City Hall.

Many have been a part of my journey, and I consider you an important part. I would be honored should you choose to attend. You may be in uniform, whether on or off duty.

I am proud of Pensacola, I am proud of the Pensacola Fire Department and I am appreciative of your support.


David E. Allen
Fire Chief
City of Pensacola

The man is not even in office and he is ENCOURAGING on duty AND off duty employees to violate the employee manual.

Where is Sisson.  We need another investigation!

Draw your own conclusions.

David Allen is not the right person for this job!  The Department needs someone WITHOUT the history and baggage associated with decades inside the Department.

David Allen : Conflict of Interest and Misuse of Position In Outside Employment

David Allen has been proposed as the Fire Chief for Pensacola.  Previous to this proposed appointment, Allen served as the City Fire Marshal.  The role of the Fire Marshal in Pensacola per the Fire Department website are:

The Fire Prevention Bureau consists of the Fire Marshal, one Captain and one Lieutenant. Together the staff of the bureau carry out our mission statement. “Through education, investigation, engineering, and enforcement the Pensacola Fire Department is committed to protecting the members of the Pensacola Fire Department and the citizens and guests of the City of Pensacola”.  We implement the policies and programs that reduce the severity of emergencies, and prevent or minimize the loss of life, property and environmental damage. The Fire Prevention Bureau conducts fire inspections in commercial buildings for city and state licenses, certificates of occupancy, general fire safety inspections and acceptance testing of fire protection systems. Other duties include responding to both citizen and fire company officer complaints,  plan review for compliance with the Florida Fire Prevention Code, coordination of Knox box installations, in-service training for company officers, and public education presentations.

In addition to working full time with the City of Pensacola, Allen was employed by HDCC & Associates headquartered in Mobile, Alabama.

In his HDCC biography it states:

David Allen
Fire Code & Systems Specialist   Fire Marshall David Allen has been serving the Pensacola Fire Department since 1988. David supervises code inspections for more than 3000 businesses in his area annually. He also provides code interpretations and conducts all plan reviews for his Department. As a graduate of Columbia Southern University, David holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fire Science along with an Associate Degree in Fire Science from Pensacola Junior College.

I have requested his forms 405 and or 406 regarding this outside employment.  The City has not provided them to date.


Read the following Florida Commission on Ethics CEO 90-1:

 CEO 90-1 -- January 24, 1990
To:      Mr. C. H. Duke, Chief, Director of Fire, Rescue, and Inspection Services Department, City of Miami
A prohibited conflict of interest would be created under Section 112.313(7), Florida Statutes, were an arson investigator in the fire prevention bureau of a municipal fire department to operate a private business providing fire consultation and expert witness services relating to incidents occurring outside the city.  The potential for clients of the business to have interests in other cases within the city, and the further potential for the subject employee to use information obtained through his public duties for the benefit of private clients, would present a continuing and frequently recurring conflict between his private interests and his public duties.  No prohibited conflict of interest would be created were a personnel officer in the management services division of the fire department to engage in such a business.  Such private activities would not present a conflict with his public duties, inasmuch as he would not conduct arson investigations or be in a position to obtain information through his public position which could be used for private benefit.  CEO 88-59 is referenced.


Would a prohibited conflict of interest exist were an arson investigator and a personnel officer with a city fire department to operate a private fire consultation and expert witness service in areas outside the city?

Your question is answered in the affirmative with regard to the arson investigator and in the negative with regard to the personnel officer.

Draw your own conclusions.

David Allen is not the right person for this job!  The Department needs someone WITHOUT the history and baggage associated with decades inside the Department.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

David Allen Reprimanded For Racial Slurs, Threatening and Swearing at Superiors

In 1992, proposed Fire Chief David Allen threatened a superior officer after getting off of a shift leading to a written reprimand for insubordination obtained from his employee file. 

Allen alleged that the Superior officer made racial slurs. 

However, the investigation also disclosed that other firefighters noted that Allen himself made racial slurs.


Our Fire Department has a history of severe racial issues. David Allen appears to have been a part of that culture of racism within the department during his career. 

Allen is no stranger to reprimands as an employee.  During the VanSickle investigation of the Chiefs, Allen himself noted he was reprimanded by Chief Schmitt for insubordination in his continual lobbying for the Fire Chief job while Chief Schmitt still occupied the role.

The remainder of the 1992 reprimand was redacted by the City as it contained information about Allen and his involvement in the Employee Assistance Program. Per the Employee Manual:

"Employees needing assistance with personal issues (i.e. family/marital, financial, interpersonal relationships, anger, alcohol/drugs, stress etc.) may contact the City’s third party administrator for counseling services."

If the proposed Chief who has been selected to lead the City's fire department has "personal issues", do the citizens not have the right to know what they are because they could potentially effect his ability to lead?

Draw your own conclusions.

David Allen is not the right person for this job!  The Department needs someone WITHOUT the history and baggage associated with decades inside the Department.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Can Firefighters Operate Businesses While of Duty? David Allen Under Oath: ABSOLUTELY!

Although the City Employee Manual states:

"Such secondary occupations must be carried on fully outside of regular hours of City employment and must not interfere in the performance or efficiency of the employee's City position."

Proposed Chief David Allen says UNDER OATH that its OK.  In a deposition in 2008, Asst State Attorney Russ Edgar asked David Allen the following:

Page 10 Line 8:

Q: And when you're working at the Fire Station, you're supposed to be working, right?

Allen: Absolutely

Page 10 Line 16:

Q: Well, can he be a contractor and have customers come in, subs come in and go over contracts?

Allen: Oh absolutely. You can have visitors at the Fire Station and the visitors don't have to be family members. The visitors can be anyone that you care to have as visitors, as long as you are not actively fighting fires or on a call rescue.

Page 11 Line 6:

Q: So you could run  another job sitting in the station while you're being paid as a firefighter?

Allen: Absolutely, absolutely.

Q: So you are not paid full time?

Allen: We are paid full time. But the entire time you're there, you're not on duty... But at the Fire Station you don't have a lunch hour. You're on call 24 hours continuous.

So therefore if I have to take care of something while I'm there, as long as it doesn't interfere with my duties, then I can use the phone.  Like that's considered part time.

Page 12 Line 18

Q: If you don't have a call, could you spend 20 hours out of the 24 working on your part-time job?

Allen: I could detail cars the entire 24 hours if I wanted to, if I never had a call.  And as long as I responded to the call and it didn't affect my job performance in any way, shape or form, then yes, theoretically, I could detail cars. I could bring in may car one day and do it and the next day i could bring in my wife's  and the next day I could bring in my neighbors.

Q: How about your co-workers cars, could you do that too?  Could you detail your co-workers cars or the people that worked under you, your subordinates?

Allen: Absolutely Absolutely.

Here is the link to the entire deposition

The proposed fire chief believes it is OK to operate businesses while on duty out of the Fire Station in direct violation of the City's Human Resource Manual.

Draw your own conclusions.

David Allen is not the right person for this job!  The Department needs someone WITHOUT the history and baggage associated with decades inside the Department.

Saturday, June 4, 2016


My discussions over the years regarding the death of Firefighter Maurice Bartholomew have ended with one truth.  I, nor ANY Firefighter have EVER sought to place blame on anyone, since blame is something very different from taking responsibility. What each Firefighter, whether black or white, retired or current has always stated is that David Allen, as Captain, has never taken responsibility for losing a member of his team in that fire.

As clearly stated in the NIOSH report...

Ensure that crews stay together at all times.

"The department's SOPs state that crews should stay together at all times. The company officer is responsible for keeping his/her crew intact at all times and should provide the crew with the direction ordered by the IC. "

Below are extracts of the NIOSH report associated with the Fire that claimed the life of Maurice Bartholomew in 2000.  In the report, David Allen is the Captain of Rescue 32.


On November 25, 2000, a 30-year-old career male fire fighter (the victim) died in a residential house fire. At 0135 hours, fire fighters received a call of a reported structure fire. Engines 5, 2, 1, Ladder 11, and Rescue 32 responded to the early morning call. At 0141 hours, Engine 5 arrived on the scene and the Captain assumed incident command (IC). The IC reported to dispatch that they had a well-involved, single-story house fire. He then decided to send a search team inside the structure because it was unclear if the homeowners had exited. The victim from Engine 5, and the Captain and the Lieutenant from Rescue 32, teamed up to enter the house and complete the search. The victim, Captain, and Lieutenant advanced a 1¾-inch handline through the front door as the Captain and Lieutenant from Ladder 11 were ordered to set up a positive pressure ventilation (PPV) fan at the front door and then back up the search crew. The Lieutenant and a fire fighter from Engine 1 advanced a second line to the rear of the structure to attack the fire. The victim, and the Captain and Lieutenant from Rescue 32, advanced their line down a hallway and into a bedroom when the Captain noticed heavy fire in a room off to their right. The Captain requested that the victim pass him the nozzle because there was heavy fire in an adjacent room in the rear of the structure and he was afraid it was going to flash. The Lieutenant responded, saying that they could not locate the nozzle. In fear of a possible flashover, the Captain ordered the victim and Lieutenant to exit immediately. As the three attempted to exit, the hallway became heavily involved with fire. The Lieutenant and Captain fell over debris and the victim became disoriented. The Captain and Lieutenant exited the structure but the victim did not exit. The IC immediately ordered exterior crews to enter the structure and search for the missing victim. Approximately 56 minutes later, fire fighters found the victim. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Detail of Evacuation
With the heat intensifying, the Captain ordered the victim and Lieutenant to exit the structure immediately. At this point, the Lieutenant and fire fighter from Engine 1, who were on the B/C corner, recalled seeing the roof over the kitchen begin to collapse. The Captain from Rescue 32 stated that the Lieutenant turned and went in front of him toward the front door and the victim turned and was face to face with him. The Captain then turned, which placed the victim behind him, and attempted to exit. The Lieutenant stood and began to run toward the exit before falling over heavy debris (clothing, furniture, and paper products). At approximately 0147 hours, the Captain stated that heavy fire filled the hallway and he also fell to the floor. He then told the Lieutenant that they had to go through the fire to exit the structure. The Captain then proceeded to pass the Lieutenant and exit the structure. The Lieutenant exited the structure shortly after. The Captain did not see the victim exit, but assumed the victim was right behind him. He asked the Lieutenant if the victim had exited and the Lieutenant could not recall if he did. 


Ensure that when the IC orders an interior fire attack or search, the fire fighters follow the SOPs for an interior attack.

Department SOPs state that when the IC initiates an interior attack or a search for civilians, the fire fighters should follow the SOPs for an offensive attack. The offensive attack should consist of fire fighters advancing one hoseline to the interior for a fast, aggressive attack, provide support activities (e.g., ventilation), complete a primary search, advance a second hoseline to the interior to back up the first hoseline, pump water, and quickly evaluate success. The SOPs should be followed to avoid simultaneous offensive and defensive attacks in the same area.

Ensure that crews stay together at all times.

The department's SOPs state that crews should stay together at all times. The company officer is responsible for keeping his/her crew intact at all times and should provide the crew with the direction ordered by the IC.

The entire report is at the link below:

Read that last recommendation again.

The department's SOPs state that crews should stay together at all times. The company officer is responsible for keeping his/her crew intact at all times and should provide the crew with the direction ordered by the IC.

Draw your own conclusions.

David Allen is not the right person for this job!  The Department needs someone WITHOUT the history and baggage associated with decades inside the Department.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Proposed Chief David Allen has Been Begging for Chief Job for Years

When you have done as many records requests as I have, you start to assemble a significant library of information.

In the old treasure chest, I found the email at the link below from Fire Marshal David Allen begging to be made Fire Chief, AGAIN!

Not advertise the job!
Not accept his application!
Give it to him!

From: David Allen
Sent: Thursday, December 29, 2011 8:50 AM
To: Bill Reynolds
Cc: John Asmar
Subject: Fire Chief

Dear Sirs,
As I stated in September, I would appreciate your consideration for the position of Fire Chief. While I am aware of the politics involved with such an appointment, I feel that I have the unique combination of education, experience and the ability to implement ideas that will move the department forward.

I am requesting the opportunity to share my vision of how to not only improve the fire department, but also incorporated those improvements into the Mayor's vision for the city.

David E. Allen

The response from Bill Reynolds:

John and I appreciate your continued interest in the position. The Mayor has yet to make a decision in regards to the leadership of the Department. We have several issues that must be dealt with prior to that decision including a look at reorganizing the organizational structure. Our continued thanks for your service to the City.
My best,


To be made Chief over Interim Chief Schmitt?
To be made Chief over Deputy Chief Glover?

Did you tell them you were lobbying for the job Chief Allen?
How many times have you sucked up and promised to implement the "Mayor's Vision"?

Who brought up the Child Seat Fund to VanSickle?
Who had the most to gain from the recent fire investigation?
Who appears to have gained the most from the investigation?
Thirty pieces of silver for Chief Allen?

Next week I will be covering the past of the Mayor's proposed fire chief who is commonly referred to by the older firefighters in the department as:

"the man who left Maurice Bartholomew in the fire"

David Allen is not the right person for this job!  The Department needs someone without the history and baggage associated with decades inside the Department.