Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tale of Another Forgiven Prince Part 2..."He Didn't F-BOMBing Care"

It's 6:30 on a Wednesday evening.  Special Snowflake is ready to leave his glass tower corner office overlooking the Bay for the day.  Along the way, he is stopped.  What now?

The World of Beer running club is conducting their weekly 5k and 10k run. They don't run right at 5pm.  They wait until 6pm.


Shouldn't be a problem for the son of a Fiesta President.  Community events have an important place in Pensacola.

Shouldn't be a problem for the Mayor's brother-in-law.  Hayward is all about downtown.  Heck, Hayward built downtown.  Just ask him!

Where we Live, Work, and Play right?  These folks are doing the PLAY part!

Just a short delay. No problem right?

Not so allegedly for Special Snowflake.  According to the arrest warrant at the link below the officer states:

"I stopped a Blue Toyota SUV, FL REDACTED that was travelling east on Main Street.  The vehicle initially stopped and the driver and suspect, later identified as REDACTED, rolled the window completely down and began to yell at me. REDACTED was screaming out the window that this was F-BOMBing ridiculous and that he did not need to stop. REDACTED stated that the group of runners run each Wednesday and interfere with his drive home. I advised REDACTED that it would just be a minute and I would work him through the group of runners. REDACTED advised that he did not F-BOMBING care nor did he have to stop for them. While I was still standing in the middle of the intersection with both East and West traffic stopped on Main Street, REDACTED then accelerated through the intersection around me and the runners and yelled out the window "go F-BOMB yourself".  I yelled "stop" several times but REDACTED continued to drive off at a high rate of speed East on Main Street. It should be noted that runners were forced to stop in order to avoid being struck by REDACTED's vehicle"

Link to PPD Offense Report

Brother-in-Law of the Mayor, Officer of the Court, Partner in a prestigious law firm allegedly yells what to a Pensacola Police Officer?

"Go F-BOMB yourself"

Read that again!

That appears to be what the Special Snowflakes think of anyone that gets in their way.

You see and let me quote..."REDACTED stated that the group of runners run each Wednesday and interfere with his drive home."

His drive! His road? His City?

Everyone else can "Go F-BOMB yourself" evidently! Special Snowflake wants to go home!


Maybe he should take it up with his Brother-in-Law, the Mayor of Pensacola.  I have heard of similar verbal tirades by the Mayor.  I am told the Mayor threatened the job of an officer controlling traffic for the Great Pumpkin Run.

Read this entire report a few times!

  • The officer was not looking for an altercation. She is directing traffic.
  • The officer did not know who the Special Snowflake was when he stopped.
  • The officer did not know who the Special Snowflake was when he allegedly sped off.
  • She saw an action that she felt was a violation of the law, regardless of WHO the driver was.
  • She radioed for assistance from other officers.
  • She took the time to do the research to determine from the tag number who the driver was.
She was just doing her job!


I reviewed the dash cams both front facing and rear facing.  No audio was recorded.  The dash cams neither confirm or refute either the officer's statement in the offense report or the denial of the accused.

As you will read in its entirety later this week, the accused denies he did anything at all and the officer is "misstating" the incident.


Anonymous said...

Well, I can't speak for the Bayou Hills Run, but someone in East Hill tried something similar about three years ago during the Great Pumpkin Run. The intersection volunteer sent someone for the nearby police officer. Eventually, the guy went and got the Mayor who then tried to cross the intersection but the officer refused. The officer told the run directors that they would handle the issue. This is first hand knowledge.

George Hawthorne said...

Maren - Help us all to truly understand the cronyism and nepotism works in Pensacola by writing a "post" that outlines and connects the familial and inter-marriage "ties" of individuals with names and positions and relationships.

I know that most people don't understand how this "works" in Pensacola and keeps the "special snowflakes" in positions of power and employment - regardless of competency or capabilities.

I bet if you were to identify these "connections" many actions, behaviors and issues will become apparent as to why they occur and are accepted.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, I suspect that the assumptions made in this article are not correct. Special Snowflakes don't work until 6:30. A more likely scenario is that Special Snowflake left the glass tower at 3:30 (as only Special Snowflakes can do!) and stopped off at the Azalea Lounge for Happy Hour. It's too bad that the officer didn't administer a breathalyzer test.

Anonymous said...

Well I have to say those running clubs are so annoying. I get it!

Anonymous said...

Oh good grief anonymous 1:01 p.m. We invited folks to live, work, and play Downtown, and we FINALLY have people living, working, and playing Downtown thanks to all the private investors and property owners(hint, hint, it wasn't the Mayor) who made it happen, who shop in the stores, who dine in the restaurants, who live within the area. Now you, and this other snowflake, are going to be a whiney babies and complain about having to stop and let some folks run by? Get over yourselves. Go to a big city like New York and time how long you have to wait for a hundred people to cross the street on a normal day. You couldn't handle a real wait. As someone who is part of the progress and investment, it's a blessing to see all this activity Downtown.

Anonymous said...

I'm not being a "whiney baby"... Having lived downtown for years it just got annoying after a while. I'm very happy downtown is doing so great. So I moved... no whining

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1109 is absolutely correct about the resident in the East Hill area pulling the same stunt. It was the mayor who demanded the uniformed police officer stop the runners so he could get thru. The mayor went so far as to identify himself as "The Mayor" to which the officer said "I know who you are and I will get you on your way when it's safe". After the mayor went on his way it was less than 2 minutes when dispatch asked which officer was involved on the radio. I do know of what I speak.

Anonymous said...

Maren- Thank you for continuing the dialogue about our immature mayor and his ill-advised actions. When he and council person Johnson drove through downtown in a celebratory after event drive, he hung out the car window proclaiming this was his city and he ruled, according to reliable reports at the time. Five years later, it appears that his attitude is unaffected by reality. Time for a reality check from the Big boys. Plenty of evidence being shared...time for all whistleblowers to speak or be included in collusion��☀️����������⚖⌛️

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget the freak out & attack on police as they tried to re-open the streets after Gallery Night a few years back.