Thursday, May 26, 2016

Tale of Another Forgiven Prince Part 4 - Snowflake Makes Bail and Calls the Mayor

So far we have read the allegations that the son of one of Pensacola's most prominent families and brother-in law to the Mayor acted inappropriately towards a Police officer doing her job.  We have read the Officers account as to what happened and the charges she made against him.  Those charges were reviewed by an Escambia County judge and a warrant issued for his arrest.

We have witnessed his arrest.  We have witnessed his attitude and words towards those officers which IN MY OPINION lends even more credibility to the allegations contained in the offense report.

So now we must finish the story and hear from the Special Snowflake in his own words.  Upon reading his side of the story, you will clearly see the issues that make this incident and arrest relevant to the City, the Mayor and how things are done in Pensacola under the Mayor.

First, after being arrested (See the body cam video of the arrest here - Link to video) the Special Snowflake is transported to Escambia County Jail, processed and released on bail.  Why is this important?  You will see tomorrow.

After being released, the PUBLIC aspects in the case subside.  Its now time for the court system and the behind the scenes activities to occur within the States Attorney Office.  The Special Snowflake retains the services of local attorney Eric Stevenson and on May 10, 2016 any and all charges against the Special Snowflake are dropped. On the SAO's notice of Nolle Prosequi NO REASON IS GIVEN FOR THE CHARGES BEING DROPPED.

A Prince of Pensacola allegedly misbehaves, he is arrested before anyone in the system knows who he is, and subsequently, once his "true" identity is ascertained the charges are dropped.

End of Story?

Nope!  It's just getting started.

In researching the story, I contacted the Special Snowflake to get his side of the issue.  I posed specific questions to him and promised him that I would print his responses verbatim without edit. He replied.

Below are the questions and the answers unedited:

  1.  Did you in fact act as indicated and make these statements to the officer? 


  2.  If not, do you contend the officer falsely accused you?  

I choose to give the officer the benefit of the doubt and assume she was simply mistaken about what occurred.

  3.  If so, as a member of the Bar and an officer of the Court do you believe your actions were appropriate?  

Yes. (Note, I believe your question would be clearer if the phrase "If so" were omitted. My answer would not change)

  4.  Why did you believe that you did not have to stop on the officer's lawful order?  

I did stop--as the video clearly demonstrates.  Of note is the fact that I have been a competitive runner for many years and understand the importance of runners safety. I would never intentionally disregard the safety of fellow runners.

  5.  Did you or Mrs. Redacted make any attempt to contact the Mayor regarding the matter?  

Yes. Following my arrest I requested that no member of my family take any action to interfere or impede with the actions of the PPD or the charging decision to be made by the State's Attorney Office. I believe all concerned honored my request. I was represented by an attorney in the matter and any further inquiries about the specifics of the process may be directed to that attorney Eric Stevenson.

  6.  Why were the charges dropped? 

The States Attorneys office did not provide a written explanation for the decision. What I know is that the allegations were processed by the PPD and I was arrested. I was not given an opportunity to turn myself in; rather the PPD chose to arrest me at my place of business in front of colleagues, clients, and friends. I believe this to be an unusual practice for misdemeanor traffic infractions. The matter was then transferred to the State Attorneys Office for a charging decision. The State Attorney reviewed the evidence  and materials filed by the PPD--including the video evidence of the incident--and made a decision to dismiss the case. I respect the decision and believe it was correct.

  7.  Do you intend to make any sort of apology to the officer for your actions?  

No, because I have nothing for which to apologize. I am grateful and appreciative of the work that the PPD and State Attorney do every day to protect our community.

Those were the questions and answers.  What they lead to are LOTS MORE QUESTIONS but few answers.


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Anonymous said...

The State Attorney never provides written reasons (or likely verbal either) for why they nolle pross cases.

Plenty of what you write about should be written but I think this is kind of a silly rabbit hole this week.

Anonymous said...

Wrong...they almost akways do

Anonymous said...

"A silly rabbit hole"? Would anyone else be given the same treatment?

Anonymous said...

Yes... nolle pross for traffic infractions and/or misdemeanors happen all the time.

Anonymous said...

Really? So if a gangsta had refused to stop as directed, driven through a crowd of runners, and all the while yelled obscenities at a police officer, would he have been quietly released with all charges dropped?

Anonymous said...

If you're asking if the accused being clean cut and white (rather than a "gangsta") had something to do with the nolle pross, I'd probably agree with you. I just think it is fairly unlikely that the nolle pross has anything to do with the mayor... there's no indication that the mayor's office has a particularly chummy relationship with the state attorney. The more likely issue is that the state attorney didn't think they could get a conviction. Since they're almost solely evaluated on their conviction rate, they nolle pross crappy cases.

Beyond that, Eric Stevenson is damned good at his job and had probably poked 100 holes in the case already.

George Hawthorne said...

Anonymous 1:04

A "gangsta" (I assume you are being PC and rightfully mean a Black person) or even just some random Black person?

Of course not, they would have been chased, probably shot and/or charged with a felony and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to show the scene videos ? Curious that you haven't shown them. Let us make up our own minds about what they establish or don't establish. What did you say happened to the audio from the scene videos ?

Maren DeWeese said...

Anonymous 2:33,

Actually the files are too large. If you would like to see them I will make you a copy for free. They are 50 cents at PPD.

I honestly could not tell anything from them. There was no audio to the dash cams.

They neither confirm nor refute either sides account.