Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tale of Another Forgiven Prince Part 3...I Don't Give A SH@T Where you Do It!

Yesterday, I shared the Offense Report for the Special Snowflake.  How, as he allegedly violated an officers direct order and accelerated past the  Pensacola Police Department officer, he yelled to the Officer "Go F-BOMB yourself".

Today, that offense report has been completed and an Escambia County Judge has found probable cause to believe that a crime has occurred.  A warrant has been issued for the alleged perpetrator's arrest.

Two Pensacola Police Department officers are sent to arrest the Special Snowflake (SS).  Below is a body cam video of the arrest.

Link to PPD Body Cam of Arrest

Several key moments in the video:
  • 0:20 mark - When told about the location of the incident, SS knows what they are talking about.
  • 0:32 mark - When told of the charges - SS immediately states "they waived us through"
  • 0:38 mark - Officer states "we didn't want to do this upstairs"  
  • 0:54 mark - SS responds to charges " I don"t think so" as if he has a choice
  • 1:03 mark - When told he had to go to jail - SS states "Are you kidding me?"
  • 1:20 mark - When told by the officer they can arrest him there or move over by the car and that they are attempting to do this out of courtesy to SS - 
SS Responds to the Officers at the 1:34 mark - I DON"T GIVE A SH@T WHERE YOU DO IT!

Brother-in-Law of the Mayor, Officer of the Court, Partner in a prestigious law firm responds to Pensacola Police Officers doing their job: I DON"T GIVE A SH@T WHERE YOU DO IT!
  • 2:00 mark - SS states to a colleague in the parking lot that: " I'm being arrested for failure to obey an officer and reckless driving in a Wednesday night beer run."  Since the officers haven't given him a date of the offense and he knows EXACTLY it was a Wednesday night beer run, I tend to think SS knows exactly what is alleged at this moment.
  • 2:15 mark - SS states he was driving home.  Sounds like he remembers the incident well.
  • 2:18 mark - SS states to the officer "I can talk to whoever I want to"
  • 2:20 mark - The officers state they "are being as courteous to you as we can right now".
  • 2:57 mark - SS states as the officers try to pat him down "This is ridiculous man. These are all my clients right here in this building"
  • 3:07 mark - After being told the search is policy Special Snowflake states clearly "I CAN'T F-BOMBING BELIEVE THIS."  Sound familiar??
  • 3:19 mark - SS "I can not freaking believe this."
  • 3:40 mark - SS "I can't believe you are doing this in front of a major FREAKING client. I'm a FREAKING lawyer that represents everyone in this FREAKING bank building."
  • 3:58 mark - SS "Everybody's looking at me."
Watch the video a few times.

Look at what the officer wrote in the Offense Report.

Listen to the words from the Special Snowflake's own mouth as Pensacola Police Officers are attempting to do their job.

Draw your own conclusions.


As you will read in its entirety later this week, the accused denies he did anything at all and the officer is "misstating" the incident.


Anonymous said...

What a Dick!!!

Anonymous said...

Great closing argument!


Anonymous said...

That's Some Funny S**t Right there..��

Anonymous said...

If you don't want your clients to see you get busted I suggest you stop being such a DICKHEAD!!!

Anonymous said...

Of course the charges were nolle prossed so the state ultimately decided they had no evidence to convict and abandoned the case.

Anonymous said...

I bet his co-workers were laughing. You know this guy must be a jerk to everyone from the arrogant way he behaves.

Anonymous said...

You can't do this, "I'm a fricking lawyer!"

Actually, all the fricking lawyers should be arrested.

Liz Watkins said...

I see a lawsuit against PPD. Do they give this courtesy to everyone they serve a warrant to?