Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Sisson Approved Demotion for Firefighter For Failing to Notify of License Suspension

In 2014, Ed Sisson, HIJKLMNOP, approved the demotion and pay reduction of a Firefighter for:

"failure to notify the appointing authority immediately after the suspension or revocation of a valid driver license if required by the employee in the performance of duties"

The letter to the employee from Chief Schmitt stated:

"Your failure to immediately report the driver's license suspension to your employer is a violation of the City of Pensacola Personnel Administration Policy"

Once again, Ed Sisson's signature is on the approval form for demotion and pay reduction.

What will Sisson do with his direct report Amy Workman?


Anonymous said...

For all of you who are hollering to recall Ashton Hayward, and thus rid ourselves of his goon squad, here are some of my observations as a non-expert.

1. The Florida statutes for recalling elected public officials were written by (guess who?) Florida elected public officials. To put it bluntly, they did everything they could to make the process as hard and as expensive as possible.

2. It would have been convenient if signatures for a recall petition could have been gathered over the internet, a common method these days. Instead, each signature has to be accompanied by a witness. All signatures will be verified by election officials anyway, so the witness requirement is totally unnecessary. It just adds to the burden. The bottom line is that two people are required just to obtain one signature.

3. Signatures have to be gathered over a 30-day period. Try doing that in your spare time! Remember, you need two signatures to obtain one legitimate signature.

4. The wording of the recall petition has to conform to a very rigid format. You will need to hire a lawyer specializing in this field or else the subject of the recall (Ashton Hayward) will use YOUR tax money to hire HIS lawyers to fight the wording of the petition in court. He will do that anyway, and he can probably have a court delay the recall effort for years or at least until his term expires.

If you wish to attempt a recall of Ashton Hayward, I will assist you in any way that I can.

Anonymous said...

Im my eyes a recall has to be run like a political campaign. It would take organization and a systematic approach to get it done. You can get two signatures with two people unless there is some rule against two individuals witnessing for one another. More and more people are for it...Let's do it!

Anonymous said...

Oofah, that one surely stings a little...

Anonymous said...

Hosea Goodwyn should have got the job, but there was one major problem keeping Sisson from promoting him. His name ought to be a clue as to why! Sisson hired Workman to be Goodwyn's supervisor instead. What a catastrophe!!!