Monday, May 23, 2016

Only in Pensacola...Tale of Another Forgiven Prince Part 1

Urban Dictionary

The Special Snowflake (Also referred to as one with the "Special Snowflake Syndrome" or "SSS") is a person who believes they are different and unique from everyone else because of something they are or do. Special Snowflakes almost always have a superiority complex.

Pensacola is full of Special Snowflakes.  People who have always gotten their way due to:

  • who their parents are,
  • who their parents know, 
  • where they work, 
  • who they know or grew up with,
  • who their friends are now or
  • who they married

When things are good for the Special Snowflakes, everything goes well in Pensacola. They obtain great educations and lucrative jobs.  They belong to the right clubs or social organizations. They are generous with their time and/or money.

But when Special Snowflakes cross the line they don't face the same consequences that most Citizens would face.  They need the bad times to go away!

We have seen it before!  Remember that in college our very own Strong Mayor / King allegedly committed three felonies in attempting to obtain a fake drivers license.
  1. Drivers License Fraud
  2. Obstruction by Disguise
  3. Perjury
The serious charges were subsequently dropped and the event eventually even being expunged from his record as he came into political prominence.  You see, Ashton J. Hayward III is a Special Snowflake.

Over this week I will detail the trials and tribulations of another Prince of Pensacola, the son of a developer, a successful attorney and brother-in-law to the Mayor.

This successful attorney allegedly did not believe the laws and rules that apply to the everyday citizen apply to him.

The sad thing is....he is right.  They don't apply to him.  He truly is another "Special Snowflake".

It is the story of a man allegedly behaving badly...very badly.  To a police officer.  To a woman.

It is the story of that man's apparent impatience, allegedly leading to his breaking the law.

It is a story of local law enforcement, not knowing who the Special Snowflake was, attempting to hold a anonymous alleged violator accountable for his actions.

It is the story of the prominent attorney being afforded the most gracious arrest for his alleged transgressions and yet treating the event with disdain, disbelief and ridicule.

It is the story of how the entire series of events is swept away by the "powers that be" and a really good attorney.

And finally, you will see in the Special Snowflakes own words, unaltered and printed verbatim, what he says happened.

You can then draw your own conclusions as to what happened.

Do these types of events happen often?  You have no idea.  No it doesn't happen for everyone.

Just the Special Snowflakes.


CJ Lewis said...

For reasons not described in the court record (and I probably have the only copy other than any kept by Hayward), we do know Hayward's relationship to "Christopher M. Barone" (FSU grad, 1989) and why Hayward would want to steal his identify. Barone is a realtor living in Pittsburg, Kansas. He has a Facebook page for any who want to see what he looks like. I wrote about the Hayward-Barone thing in a blog post called "Finding Ashton Hayward" still posted to the Internet. I have often wondered if it was Barone who later helped Hayward get his first full-time job with ATT after Hayward cobbled together enough credits over six years to earn a B.S. degree in Political Science. Perhaps Hayward and Barone had a special relationship at FSU. Someone should track down Barone and find out the rest of the story to include how Hayward got the documents he used to try to get a "second" driver's license in Barone's name.

Anonymous said...

Per the "Godfather", even the Mafia didn't mess with family members if they were "civilians". Unless your next ""Special Snowflake" is a politician or a well known public figure, you should leave him alone. I am beginning to wonder about your motives.

Anonymous said...

Nice picture! What a total hypocrite. This is the so-called leader who just fired two career employees, for what again? Oh, that's right the coward doesn't even have the guts to say why. He's a lifetime loser and hopefully he'll get to pose for another mug shot in the near future.

Anonymous said...

4:10 PM I'm not sure what you know but believe me there may be something happening to that effect sooner than you think. I really just believe the guy has been entitled all his life and has no idea about the real world. He wasn't brought up right and that's on his parents and Kerrigan.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to it.

bob kerrigan said...

I didn't raise the Mayor I just admire him taking on all the local fat cats of which you take every possible means to protect. Where is your "concern" for the young African American employee that was run over by your chiefs? Parading around as a caring liberal, Rush Limbaugh is right, it is all liberal talk, no walk, you do nothing to help anyone but yourself. I have a suggestion: Volunteer at a non profit that is helping people and urge these anonymous friends to do something good for someone, anyone but themselves. Admit it: you are so fixated on the Mayor it suggests a troubling mental obsession. You and your fellow "investigators" are now combing through his elementary school records. Did he really kick little jimmy in the 2nd grade? Only you can help reveal the ugly truth. It is very likely a Cover-up involving the highest ranking school officials. It's probably all hidden in his 2nd grade file , keep digging lady Sherlock.

dahlingECG said...

This might have been more relevant if posted during his last election...

Anonymous said...

Snowflake Daddy Speaks again, Who cares about your opinion Mr. Kerrigan? No One!! So move the heck on.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Kerrigan, those that live in glass houses should not throw stones. Remember the apartment you paid for at governs gate for that young girl you employed? Well she is back in town

Anonymous said...

How Kerrigan still holds a Florida bar license is beyond belief.

Anonymous said...

Bwahaha at Kerrigan "caring" about an African-American. Oh, I get it, it's the game that those of his ilk used on the plantation which was to try to play one against another. We all know you only care about a certain "type" of black man. That would be in your vernacular "a good boy". Stop pretending to be something you are not. We already know who you are! Of course you admire Hayward, you both share the same disregard for ethics, morals, and the law which is pathetic for someone who actually has a law license.

Anonymous said...

Agreed dahlingECG, but I truly believe that there are enough people out there who are ready to recall Hayward. If he's not stopped the attorneys around town will have all of the city's money.

Anonymous said...

Keep exposing them! See.. If you live a good ,morale and respectable life people could dig forever (or a least 100 days and find nothing)but some disgruntled employees with complaints or dislikes about their leadership. Go to anyjobUSA and talk to any employee and see what type of response you get. It is unfortunate that poor African American firefighter (referenced in previous comment) was not intelligent enough to know when someone is using you for their own agenda and could care less about you.

Anonymous said...

For all the talk of "fat cats", has there ever been a more prolific practitioner of good ol' boy crony politics in Pensacola history than Ashton Hayward? W.D. Childers had to bribe Willie Junior to vote for his land deal. Hayward doesn't need any other votes. He just gives his friends contracts like candy, and then hides behind the charter as authority. How many millions of city dollars in "no bid" contracts have gone to Pate, Rawson, Cosson, and others who are friends or supporters of the mayor? How can anyone who claims to be a taxpayer watchdog defend such a person?

Anonymous said...

Not to mention the incessant relationship Hayward has with Beggs & Lane (major campaign contributors) and other attorneys all over town. Obviously, there would not be such a great need for attorneys if there was no constant illegal and unethical activity. Kerrigan's just mad that people are finally waking up to the corruption.

Maren DeWeese said...


Just had coffee with Little Jimmy. He isn't happy. Appears Little Ashton used all the class party money to hire Little Nixy to get him out of a playground beef. Little Jimmy objected and Little Ashton kicked him and made Little Dicky write a letter that if anyone says anything about Little Ashton, he had to go to timeout!

I think Little Jimmy is going to talk to Little Johnny about this!


Anonymous said...

I'm amazed at how Bob Kerrigan's ethical threshold adjusts based on who's being judged. It's as though he lacks the ability to apply an objective standard to Hayward. Of topic but, what I find absolutely hysterical is how Kerrigan fancies himself as a wordsmith while Hayward has the vocabulary acumen of a 4th grader.

Anonymous said...

What a deranged lunatic you are Bob Kerrigan. You unwittingly show the world who you are by bringing up the "young African American" as if you actually care. "Hey, look everybody I defended a black boy." You seem to know quite a bit about this situation. Would you care to share?