Tuesday, May 31, 2016

NewsRadio AM 1620's Andrew McKay (actually Tallman) on How Homophobia is Genetic

NewsRadio AM1620's morning radio host Andrew McKay (real name Andrew Tallman), you know, the one that interviews the Mayor each week in an exclusive interview wrote the following concerning homophobia.

"I believe that any sexual activity other than that between a man and his wife is illicit. This includes adultery, premarital sex and, of course, homosexuality.

But I’ve also been doing what my parents always taught me to do: listen to those who disagree with me. And I think I’ve discovered something rather shocking: opposition to homosexuality must itself be genetic.

For as long as I can remember, homosexuals have been explaining why gay people have no choice about their orientation. And it finally dawned on me that their arguments explain why being anti-gay is also not a choice but an innate predisposition beyond our power to restrain. This led me to embrace my convictions and stop trying in vain to repress who I am.

Since millions suffer from this same condition, I’m hopeful that my epiphany will help others accept themselves and their convictions, too."'

"I now know that my passionate anti-gayness must also be impossible to control."

"But then I realized that I have been ridiculed, called intolerant and fired from an academic post for my beliefs on this subject. "


Fired for his intolerance. 

Hired by Newsradio AM 1620.  http://newsradio1620.com/andrew-mckay-2/

Thought of the Day
The worst threats to what is good in life do not come from obvious fakes which are easily spotted. The real danger is from the high quality counterfeits which imitate the authentic so well that they fool many people. 

Andrew Tallman AKA Andrew McKay


Anonymous said...

Don't judge others for having sin different than yours.

Anonymous said...

Ashton Hayward citizens employees for not supporting gay marriage or evolution. He is a fake and counterfeit. Why is Ashton Hayward registered as a republican?

Anonymous said...

The most homophobic people typically have homosexual feelings that they are trying very hard to repress... that photo speaks louder than words too.

Anonymous said...

"Man and HIS wife". Does she know that she is his property?

Anonymous said...

That's been my experience with men who are incredibly homophobic and religious zealots like Andrew. They are fighting hard to repress their homosexual feelings for other men. He's obviously got a serious man crush on Hayward. He never challenges him with the hard questions and lets Hayward just skate without ever answering his questions.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if he believes racial discrimination is genetic. By his own logic, there's a good chance the answer is yes!

Anonymous said...

Nail meet hammer! LOL