Monday, May 9, 2016

Looks Like Hayward to Double Down on his Bad Hand at Bob's Direction

Bob Kerrigan wrote a rambling piece for his personal news outlet... The Pulse.  Buried in it was the following:

"If the City wins an appeal of this judge’s decision, the News Journal will not write a fair account of it, just like they will not now fairly report about the airport concession success. If the City prevails on appeal, the taxpayers will recover substantial sums and Merrill will, for the first time, have to pay a fair rent."

Looks like Hayward is going to take his loser to the First District Court of Appeals.

More fees.
More fees that Kerrigan, who is pushing the case, won't pay if the City loses.

BTW: The "principled" Pulse doesn't disclose the fact that Kerrigan propped them up financially since their inception.

And Bob talks about conflicts of interest.  Hmmm!


George Hawthorne said...

Mr. Kerrigan has no credibility, he has led the Mayor astray with very poor advise - that has costs the taxpayers millions of dollars in wasted legal fees. Kerrigan's "legal advice" has led to city-losing litigation (like the Fish House) and legal expenses that could have been avoided.

The City should sue HIM for malpractice, in my opinion.

His “advice” and commentary regarding the fire chiefs (and other subsequent public rants) clearly display his “discriminatory beliefs and racial biases.” Also, I predict that "fiasco" will end up costing the City Millions more and Mr. Kerrigan will again provide a rambling defense of the indefensible.

The perception is he is getting legal fees via “co-counsel” agreements and direct engagements and such "ill-advised" have resulted in major legal losses and major legal fees for him and his friends, in my opinion.

The public records showing direct billings from Beggs & Lane show Kerrigan is deeply involved in the City’s business and providing the Mayor with advice and direction that appears to be financially self-serving and in-conflict with the best interests of the citizens of Pensacola. If he is not getting paid why is Kerrigan involved?

If he thinks the City should appeal – THEN HE AND THE MAYOR SHOULD PAY THE COSTS when the City loses.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone out there believe that a tenant can write themselves a 30-year lease over the objections of the landlord? If you do, then you believe that Collier Merrill can dictate to the city the amount of rent that he will pay for not 1, not 10, but for the next 30 years. By the way, the amount he is paying is obscenely low.

Does anyone out there believe that the News Journal does not slant its articles in favor of those that advertise in the News Journal?

If the city's legal team believes that they have a chance to overturn the local judge then, yes, they should double-down and take this to a higher court. Judges are overturned all the time, and common sense says that the taxpayers should not be strong-armed by the GOB's who have made out like bandits with city leases.

Anonymous said...

And according to your public records requested, there are NO agreements between the City and Bob Kerrigan. Yet he is running the show and WE must pay for it. Every single City Council member who fails to address these millions in outside Attorney's fees will also be recalled.

Anonymous said...

The Pulse has no principles or ethics. They've been whores to Ashton from the get go and are continuing to be financed through him via Bob Kerrigan and Larry Johnson.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes Kerrigan is lucid and sometimes he babbles nonsense.
Kerrigan shows signs of dementia and should not be practicing law.

Anonymous said...

Imo the fish house deal was structured to avoid having to pay the city a %. Stevie wonder could see that. If it wasn't a big deal why did Ray russy include the % disclosure to the sudleasee??

Anonymous said...

"Give a small boy a hammer, and he will find that everything he encounters needs pounding." - Abraham Kaplan

Anonymous said...

But wait, I thought Kerrigan said he had no involvement with the administration of the city. It seems like everything the man says is a lie.

Anonymous said...

The levy is finally breaking! The Florida Bar Association should be contacted immediately regarding clear ethics violations and corruption. If Kerrigan's partners were smart they would be finding a way to separate themselves from him if they haven't already done so. Wake up Pensacola! Our city is being run into the ground by a mad man and his name isn't Ashton Hayward, it's Bob Kerrigan the real "strong mayor". I predict that one day it will come out that Kerrigan has swindled the city for millions.

Anonymous said...

Ashton Hayward doesn't eat, drink, pee or crap without asking Bob Kerrigan. If you could see his personal cell phone records and his yahoo account, it would prove this statement.

Hayward needs to go! Absolutely incompetent at being a public official. Sure he can take a good photo, one day though the looks fade and the hair thins (already in the process there Ashy, right in the front where you spike it up a little) Any who! His tyrannical outbursts do not help situation either. Plays golf and goes to his little lunches, then when he returns to the office, he goes into tangents. If he actually took the time to learn government, policy, work with fellow officials and led then he would not have to spend endless hours of reaction and cleanup. Total loser and lightweight. He is done in NWFL, DONE. He believes his own BS if he thinks he can raise a dime or vote anymore. Retire, resign, retard.

Anonymous said...

Have you thought to look at the campaign contributions from Beggs and Lane lawyers (and their spouses, etc.) to Hayward's campaign coffers? As they bill hundreds of thousands of dollars to the city, I wonder how much city money is then funneled right back into Hayward's campaign account.

Anonymous said...

The fact is, Ray Russenburger and the Merrills used a weak and poorly written lease contract to not pay the due amount through a series of subleases to the same people. The City simply tried to fix that.

Keep in mind, this is a lease Hayward inherited. It was pointed out many times, by others, such as Pam Childers that this lease was a problem and that in the "spirit" of the contract the City was not being paid the correct amount. Hayward acted on that, tried to fix it and now being vilified for it.

Here is what kills me... everyone here is so head strong at disliking Hayward and I am not saying he is the best thing for Pensacola. But, in THIS CASE, he truly did try to fix a problem that even pre-dated Maren's time on the Council. I would venture to guess, when Maren was on the Council she was WELL AWARE that this lease was not properly executed and was being manipulated through their subleases.

For me personally, to think a lease to Merrill Land to Merrill's restaurant is not the same person is laughable.... but apparently the judge did not see it that way.

Anonymous said...

If Kerrigan is as involved as it appears with city matters, it explains why he was at Beggs & Lane during the investigation of the fire chiefs. If true, Chies Schmidt and Glover should file civil lawsuits against Kerrigan. It would be interesting to find what a subpoena of Hayward's yahoo account and phone records would reveal.