Friday, May 6, 2016

Impact of Station 3 Closure (All on Hayward)

A few thoughts and perspectives on the closure and evacuation of Station 3 due to mold.
  • Station 3 was built in 1969.  Ashton Hayward was born in 1970.  So for the first time in his lifetime Station 3 is not online serving District 3 and District 4 due to his inaction.  What an accomplishment!
  • The neighborhood he grew up in no longer has the fire service they pay for due to his inaction. They must be so proud!  Go share with your old neighbors your accomplishments. Maybe you should bring them a pizza.
  • The new Summer Vista Assisted Living Facility owned by Councilmen Spencer and Johnson no longer has the service it had should a resident need emergency help due to Ashton Hayward's inaction.
  • Haven of Our Lady of Peace no longer has the service it had should a resident need emergency help due to Ashton Hayward's inaction.
  • This weekend when hundreds of kids are playing soccer, baseball, volleyball and other sports at the Vickory Center, help is not just down the street should an injury happen due to Ashton Hayward's inaction.
  • With Olson's proposed automatic assistance agreement for fire services to be considered next week, residents of Escambia County outside the City limits of Pensacola will have better City of Pensacola fire response than residents of District 3 and District 4...FOR FREE while the taxpayers with the highest property taxes in the City sit and pray nothing bad happens.  Great job Mayor Hayward!
  • Passengers at Pensacola International Airport better pray that any mishaps that could occur happen to the north end of the airport because anything that occurs outside the southern gates of the airport have no immediate fire coverage due to Ashton Hayward's inaction.
  • If someone gets hurt at Roger Scott Tennis Center this weekend, just tell them to relax and think happy thoughts.  Due to Ashton Hayward's inaction, they will just hurt for 4 to 5 minutes longer. 
Will any or all of the above happen, I pray not.  But due to Ashton Hayward's inaction if any do, the blame for it rests with the "Strong Mayor", the City's CEO, the man who used OUR tax money for political favors rather than doing the first priority of any elected official, public safety!

Pensacola, when is enough enough!
  • Criminal investigations
  • Political favors
  • Contracts for his buddies
  • Neglect of essential city services
  • Retaliation against employees
  • Continual waste of City funds in needless useless lawsuits
  • The continual waste of City resources on expenses just to publicize him

This is the City's LIE!  How can response times be unaffected to District 3 and District 4

Pensacola Fire Department is temporarily closed for cleaning. Response times unaffected.
Fire Station 3 temporarily closed


Anonymous said...

Quote: "Ashton Hayward.....the man who used OUR tax money for political favors."

Sorry folks, but that is the possible consequence of a "strong mayor" form of government. If you want a politician to run your city you will have to accept political favors being dispensed. That's the way that system works. Those that pushed for that form of government (which included Maren DeWeese) were either too young to remember the corrupt mayor form of government or were amongst those who expected to be on the receiving end of the favors.

Either system can work depending on the intellect and character of the people in power. Unfortunately, what we are seeing here in Pensacola is excessive and blatant corruption combined with incompetence beyond all belief.

George Hawthorne said...

Here is another way to look at it.

The City just let a contract for $27K to fix the mold problem.

This could have been done years ago for $27K. However, the Mayor has wasted MILLIONS in legal fees for bogus litigation for his incompetence and poor governance.

He wasted $25K a few years ago trying to get Government Street open for "planning meetings."

Anonymous said...

This is just amazing! So here we are still in the midst of this mysterious Fire Chiefs' "investigation" and before that can even be resolved, we have another fire department disaster. You would think that the mayor would be appreciative of the most highly regarded department in the city but he could care less. He's such a PUNK and as soon as his reign of terror is over, he'll go back to being the NOBODY he was before.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, George Hawthorne is incorrect. The cost to fix the "mold problem" is much greater than $27,000. The $27,000 is simply what it cost to hire a specialty contractor and that cost should have been the end of the story. In Pensacola, however, the mayor has many open mouths to feed. Before hiring someone to do the actual work a "study" had to be commissioned and that boondoggle contract was awarded to Bullock and Tice. B&T is an architectural firm that knows practically nothing about mold remediation. B&T is, however, on the revolving list of GOB's that has contributed money to Ashton Hayward. B&T subbed the "study" out to an environmental specialist and pocketed the pass-through fees. Chances are good that the environmental specialist and the environmental contractor are one and the same. The pass-through fees could have been avoided but no one in Pensacola is watching, and that includes our sit-on-their-thumbs city council.

Anonymous said...

How much does the budget pay for a personal photographer for the mayor?

Anonymous said...

Charles Bare, Sherri Myers, Start this RECALL or you two are no better than Ashton Hayward himself!!!

100.361 Municipal recall.—
(1) APPLICATION; DEFINITION.—Any member of the governing body of a municipality or charter county, hereinafter referred to in this section as “municipality,” may be removed from office by the electors of the municipality. When the official represents a district and is elected only by electors residing in that district, only electors from that district are eligible to sign the petition to recall that official and are entitled to vote in the recall election. When the official represents a district and is elected at-large by the electors of the municipality, all electors of the municipality are eligible to sign the petition to recall that official and are entitled to vote in the recall election. Where used in this section, the term “district” shall be construed to mean the area or region of a municipality from which a member of the governing body is elected by the electors from such area or region. Members may be removed from office pursuant to the procedures provided in this section. This method of removing members of the governing body of a municipality is in addition to any other method provided by state law.
(a) Petition content.—A petition shall contain the name of the person sought to be recalled and a statement of grounds for recall. The statement of grounds may not exceed 200 words, and the stated grounds are limited solely to those specified in paragraph (d). If more than one member of the governing body is sought to be recalled, whether such member is elected by the electors of a district or by the electors of the municipality at-large, a separate recall petition shall be prepared for each member sought to be recalled. Upon request, the content of a petition should be, but is not required to be, provided by the proponent in alternative formats.

(Grounds for recall.—The grounds for removal of elected municipal officials shall, for the purposes of this act, be limited to the following and must be contained in the petition:
1. Malfeasance;
2. Misfeasance;
3. Neglect of duty;
4. Drunkenness;
5. Incompetence;
6. Permanent inability to perform official duties; and
7. Conviction of a felony involving moral turpitude.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...So, the city's official statement is really, "Pensacola Fire Department is temporarily closed for 'cleaning'. Response times unaffected"?

My official response is LIES, LIES, and more LIES!!! These are deceptive and irresponsible statements that no ethical leader would make!

First and foremost, the statement that, "Pensacola Fire Department is temporarily closed for 'cleaning'" is like saying that you are on your way to the hospital to get treatment for a surface cut when you're actually going to be treated for a life-threatening gunshot wound. Closed for cleaning??? What is it? Do the floors need to be mopped? Did someone not clean the bathroom properly? Or maybe someone spilled something in the truck stall? Closed for CLEANING? I thought the firefighters cleaned the station every day. Since when does a fire station need to be closed so it can be cleaned up? Do all the other stations have to be closed for spring cleaning? Cleaning is not equivalent to mold remediation! The city can't even be transparent when everybody knows what's going on! Smh

Secondly, the statement response times unaffected is another HUMUNGOUS LIE! Who is the idiot that's trying to say homes in the Cordova Park area will have the same response times that they had when the truck that was right around the corner just last week is now responding from 9th Ave & McCallister? If this was true, there actually would be no need to temporarily close the station for it to be "cleaned". Instead, the station could be permanently closed and there would be no need for a new one! If response times are truly unaffected, please explain why firefighters were housed in a mold infested facility when they could have been housed at Station 6 all along? Why have tax dollars been wasted since the station was built in 1969 to open it and keep it open when the response times are the same without it? Transparency for this administration means being able to see through all of its lies. Smh some more...

So, until tomorrow when the next lies come out...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:32 PM, that post was on the money! This administration is advised and run by a bunch of crooked attorneys who think everyone else is dumb. I have to admit though, getting on the city's payroll as a law firm seems to be a can't lose proposition. I can't think of another hustle where you actually win (get paid) whether you win or lose! Hayward has been basically giving the city's money away since he got elected. Of course areas where he should have spent money like the fire station have been neglected.

Anonymous said...

The only reason Hayward eventually voted for building a new station is because he has to. On top of that he made it a package deal with building the new Bayview Community Center right next to his house. Nothing like supporting something that will benefit you personally by increasing your property value on the taxpayers dime.