Thursday, May 5, 2016

UPDATE: Has a Secret Decision Already Been Made?? Olson Says So!


The City Directory also now lists David Allen as Interim Chief not Acting Chief.

Allen, David Interim Fire Chief Email David Allen 850-436-5200

See Link to Interim Chief Listing

In reviewing the agenda for next weeks City Council meeting, I noticed included in the automatic aid agreement summary prepared by Eric Olson, signed by Eric Olson and presented by Eric Olson that David Allen who was the Acting Fire Chief is listed now as INTERIM CHIEF!

Is the Mayor's delay in order to review the report just another farce?

Add David Allen to the deposition list!

What has he been told and when was he told it?

Or is this just another insensitive Olson coincidence not related in space and time like the employee manual changes?


Anonymous said...

does council have to approve this?

Anonymous said...

I know several firefighters who have said that they have been encouraged by Olson and Sisson to move the department forward. Numerous changes have been made that would indicate that there have never been intentions to bring the Chiefs back.

Anonymous said...

"...both the City and the County fire services are amply equipped and professionally staffed." THIS IS A LIE!!!

"Under this proposed agreement, each jurisdiction's quid pro quo is evenly balanced, with enhanced service to the public as our mutual beneficiary." THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE LIE!!!

Olson is a horrible liar and doesn't know what he's doing!

Anonymous said...

Olson still there?????
Enough said.

The mayor supports his techniques!

Anonymous said...

For people that think Olson has the power to do anything are closing their eyes to the political puppet strings controlling him and anyone in public office in this city and county.