Monday, May 9, 2016

Fire Chief Watch Day 8 - Another Bad Weekend For Hayward

As we all await the Strong Mayor to render a "timely" decision on the Fire Chief investigation, Hayward continues to reveal the depths of his incompetence and failure.

PNJ reporter Will Isern confirmed what I reported last week, that an illness that could be traced to the mold in Station 3 led to its evacuation.

Station 3 Article

In the Upside of Florida, we have to evacuate the heroes FROM dangerous situations who we count on to evacuate us from dangerous situations.

Mr. Mayor, when your disregard for the safety of your employees leads to health issues and closing facilities, YOU ARE A FAILURE!

District 3 and District 4 are still at risk each and every day with extended response times.


Did anyone notice Will Isern's confirmation of the puppet masters who rule over ALL matters in the City?

Note these quotes:

"Personal injury attorney and longtime Hayward ally Bob Kerrigan also was closely involved and frequently consulted in the months before and years after the letter was sent, financial records show."

Anyone shocked???

"Bob Kerrigan’s name is mentioned more than 100 times, particularly in the early days. In one instance, Daniel billed the city $324.50 for a phone conference with Kerrigan and to, “review Kerrigan draft press release.”

Kerrigan drafts press releases for the City?

"Famed trial attorney Fred Levin also makes an appearance in the invoices in a 2013 phone call with Daniel. Daniel said he could not recall the context of that conversation but remembered that it was Levin who called him."

Fred too!  Fred leaves no paper trail though!  But you can bet the billing records will tell the tail so the attorney can bill us for it!

We, the Citizens, paid for Bob and Fred to go after Collier and Ray.  Now, we, the Citizens get to pay for Collier and Ray's legal fees.  Bob and Fred ain't nowhere to be found when the bill comes due!

PNJ Story on the Fish House


Anonymous said...

Exactly! Bob Kerrigan is drafting press releases for the City of Pensacola. Bob Kerrigan and Fred Levin financed Ashton's campaign and have been running the City ever since. Those idiots should be paying the legal fees. Bob Kerrigan advised the Mayor to go after the Fish House as retaliation for the bad press Ashton received when he went against the Councils decision to award the airport Concessions contract to the Fish House/Bagel Heads contract. The citizens wanted local businesses in our airport that represented out unique City. The fix was in against local small business. Now, instead of Fish House and Bagel Heads products, we have over priced, closed on Sundays, chain food with no money staying in the City.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think it is "Fire Chief Watch Day 10", but who's counting? My understanding is VanSickle's "investigation" report has, over the past 10 days, been translated into 55 different languages but it still says the same thing! The report has found no reason to dismiss the chiefs. But that won't stop Hayward from doing so. He will continue this suspension until his last day in office (which may come sooner than he thinks). Seriously! He is not going to let the chiefs resume their duties.

Anonymous said...

The sick firefighter better watch his or her back! Harassment and retaliation is how this administration seems to respond to personnel issues.

Anonymous said...

The Chiefs are undoubtedly anxious to know the what and the when this all going to come to an end. What a crappy situation to know that your career is in the hands of a bunch of corrupt, unethical, incompetent, people who ALWAYS manage to make the wrong decision. These morons continue to just toy with these two men's lives, and for what? Seems like we may never know. For those wondering why not just do the easy thing and fire Olson and Sisson? Consider this, it's kind of hard to fire someone when they've been following your instructions right down to the letter.