Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Fire Chief Watch Day 3...Interview to Nowhere, PNJ Smackdown

This morning Mayor Hayward did his weekly interview with Andrew McKay on AM 1620.  What we learned:

  • The Mayor received the report on Friday.  He did not look at it till Monday.  This shows his level of anxiousness he expressed last week on the radio.  Don't look to Hayward for any overtime or weekend work people.  He doesn't care enough!
  • He restated again that he has distanced himself from the investigation and process.  Once again, as Rick Outzen asked, who was in charge? (NOT Hayward, Olson, Sisson or Wilkins)
  • He would not commit to a timeline to McKay.  He stated the investigation is still ongoing.
  • McKay attempted to push a little....but that went away when it got to happy news time.

Andrew, why doesn't AM 1620 put Mayor Hayward on Administrative Leave from the free PR and happy time interviews until he does his job?

Just a thought.  If he knows you will turn off the "Downtown" until he does his job he may do it.  He loves the free press.  You can actually hear him giggling each week!


The PNJ Editorial Board lit the Mayor up today.  Hey Mayor, six years into your empire and all the local daily has for your kingdom is "NO TRANSPARENCY, NO TRUST".  Put that one on your Facebook page banner.

How does this one taste Mr. Mayor:

"But here’s the problem with that assurance. At this point, we believe that many city residents have very little trust for Mayor Hayward or the top officials in his administration."


"The mayor’s early assurance that the investigation would be finished promptly within a couple weeks has proved false."

Newspaper for LIE!

"The announcement that the investigation was complete arrived last Friday — dubiously, just minutes before 5 p.m. at the end of the work week. That’s an untrustworthy way to deliver important public news and a poor attempt to avoid citizen scrutiny."

Dang are untrustworthy!  And that last sentence is translated from Newspaper as "you are a coward"

"Hayward has often reminded residents that he is indeed, the “strong mayor.” Shedding light on the last three months of this darkness is an opportunity for him to act like it."

Newspaper translation...Put up or Shut up!

Here is a free take away from the smackdowns of Wednesday, Mr. Mayor.  

Your boys Sisson and Olson created this entire debacle to retaliate, just like the drug test, just like Olson did against Melanie Nichols.  You know it.  We know it.  It's a pattern.  Olson stated it in the press.  The jury will love it!

The ridiculous charges will come out!  Read them again!  Rental car upgrades!  Retaliation! Mean hidden insinuations in a departmental speech! Retaliation! does this all end happily for the Citizens, the Chiefs and the Mayor?  
  • Chief's reinstated.
  • You find that the charges are "silly" as you like to say
  • Glover gets the pay differential this started about
  • City acknowledges Olson and Sisson retaliated
  • Olson and Sisson pack a box
  • You announce the return of the Board Olson and Sisson unilaterally dissolved after promising the State of Florida.
  • You announce a new "Employee Ombudsman" that is independent and confidential who reports directly to you for employees to go to.
  • You announce that HR is not a role that should wield power but a service role that will not longer be a "Chief" role
  • You announce that no longer will you allow others to manage on your behalf but YOU will take a more active role in management.
If you take the bunker mentality, allow the retaliation and deny the past and how your boys Olson and Sisson acted:
  • Lawsuits
  • Depositions
  • Subpoenas and


Anonymous said...

“I understand that fully digesting a 150, 200-page report… there is some time involved.”

I would be shocked if it's anywhere close to that.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet a dollar to a donut that Olson and Sisson who are now the obvious scapegoats will be gone before the next council meeting. Remember, this mayor and his administration has never been about substance. It's always been strictly about image or has everyone forgotten about the million$ squandered to the Zimmerman Company for "branding"?

Anonymous said...

How much did it cost the tax payers for a private law firm to conduct this investigation?

bheartlib said...

Maren...your comments were much more like I would have wanted the PNJ to write in their editorial. The PNJ wussed actually made me cringe! Your list of things that should happen was spot on!! I would only add that Hayword needs to go on TV, WEAR, with a well publicized time slot ( like 6pm ) and apologize to to Glover and Schmitt and the rest of the citizens who pay his salary and allow for questions from anyone who wants to ask anything. I kind of see it as a public shaming. He deserves everything he will get. He needs to admit he is a racist, and everyone he hires are also racists. They disgust me, and they need to go.

Anonymous said...

Agreed it's crazy anyone supports this mayor...are people that drunk from bars on Palafox to not see this craziness??

Anonymous said...

City Employees(not you on the 7th floor), prepare to receive your pink slips and boxes in the coming year. While you're the backbone of the city, the ones who actually do the hard work and receive the less pay, your Mayor has decided to shit away your money, retirement, Nationwide, T Rowe, health insurance, childrens college fund, kids braces, fixing sidewalks and pot holes, stormwater drainage, Gallery Night, General, police and fire pensions, that stapler you needed, and the raise you haven't had in 10 years, all on lawsuits and lawyers fees. Once the Chiefs win, The City of Pensacola will be bankrupt.

Start working on your résumés for The County.

Liz Watkins said...

Absolutely not, Zimmerman was just the start.

Liz Watkins said...

Why is Hayward still in office?

I thought his Federal Prison term would have started by now and/or someone in the city would has the guts to start a recall.

George Hawthorne said...

Liz Watkins,

I can't believe that NO ONE has stepped-up and fought for THEIR city taxes. The citizens of Pensacola are the ones PAYING for this madness and no one has the guts to fight for their money?

Typically, my experience in Pensacola has been "people get mad in the 'parking lot' after the council meeting instead of standing up IN the meeting."

Unfortunately, most citizens are too afraid to voice their opinion or stand up for "their rights" and this is unique to Pensacola ... just suit and take it! The Mayor could only pull this off in Pensacola

Anonymous said...

Yep... city to county, county to city.
. No leadership just bullies

Anonymous said...

You get thrown out of council meetings for confronting the council or the council people get up and hide in the back claiming "disrespect" when confronted.

Not Derek said...

Zimmerman fiasco? I believe George Hawthorne was on the RFP committee that voted for that move. He and the Mayor's former "press secretary" were on the voting group I believe. Oh how the times have changed.

George Hawthorne said...

Not Derek (So you say)

I NEVER voted for Zimmerman for ANYTHING. That ridiculous contract made by the Mayor and his crew without any oversight or public input. Get your facts straight.

Anonymous said...

Not Derek, then why use that two faced, bought off, Troll's name??

Most wouldnt, Derek.