Thursday, May 5, 2016

Exclusive: Fire Station 3 Evacuated Due to Suspected Mold Related Illness

Ashton Hayward's luck apparently ran out this afternoon. 

Since being elected in 2010 Hayward has known that Fire Station 3 had serious mold issues and needed replacing.  Hayward's priority however was the Woodland Heights and May Community Centers, campaign promises he made to get support in the African American communities.

Hayward repeatedly promised both the Firefighters and me he would move forward with the replacement of Station 3.

Several months ago he announced Station 3 was "finally a priority to him" and that he would move forward with stealing the LOST funds from the next Mayor's administration to build a new station.

Last week, I noted the depth of the problem at Station 3 and the mold abatement that was due to begin in coming weeks.

Sadly, the planned mold abatement didn't get done timely enough.

This afternoon Station 3's crew was told to close the station and reposition Engine 3 to Station 6 at the North end of the Airport immediately due to a health related issue that developed in a firefighter that was believed to be due to the environment at Station 3.

So Mr. Mayor add one more employment related potential lawsuit to the pile.  This one is squarely on your shoulders and I will gladly testify to your knowledge and disregard for the conditions at the Station.

Tonight, if you live in District 3 or 4 served by Station 3, help is several minutes more away should someone need firefighter assistance.  Last night the acting Fire Chief David Allen was quoted by Channel 3 as saying:

"Fires grow exponentially every minute so they don't just double every minute but after the second minute they quadruple," Acting Pensacola Fire Chief David Allen said. "They grow rapidly and time is of the essence."

I pray that the additional minutes Engine 3 will require to get to District 3 and 4 don't prove that Hayward's failure to act years ago ends with tragic consequences.

This is a clear failure of Hayward to act on a known problem until it is too late.

One more clear reason for recall.


Anonymous said...

Every firemen at that station should sue The City for being subjected to dangerous working conditions. OSHA, anyone?

Anonymous said...

Wreck less endangerment of the ore fighters and of the public? Hey Cordova Park, there's no fire truck right around the corner anymore. How's that strong mayor and his mini me Johnson working out for you now?

Anonymous said...

How's that Automatic Aid sounding now with reduced and displaced resources? How's Automatic Aid going to work while cross-staffing the fire boat? How about that rapid response to Pensacola's Intergalactic Spaceport now that Station 3 (Yeah, you know the one Greg Donovan touted as being on "airport property") is no longer on "airport property"?

Anonymous said...

I submitted this letter to the editor at the PNJ:

Pensacola’s Mayor Ashton Hayward was not “called” into public service to better the community, it was to better himself. This mayor didn’t earn the trust of the voters. What has he built? What has he created? He is no executive. He can’t get along with people, he can’t manage a budget, he can’t work with other public officials and he can’t communicate. This mayor only cares about his image, what he can personally obtain from it, and what benefits him. He uses anyone, people in power or people with wealth, to get ahead. The little guy, the citizen, or the businessman (Fish House, Airport Concessions, Melanie Nichols, firefighters) don’t matter, you see that’s a hindrance and inconvenience to him. When an individual applies for a position (that’s if it is advertised appropriately) at the City, they must adhere to a certain standard. They are applying to serve the citizenry. The City should provide quality services afforded to its citizens. However what we have seen is a culture of incompetence and negligence, a culture that doesn’t adhere to the principles of good governance. I am ashamed to be a Pensacolian.

Anonymous said...

How many years has mold been growing and the mayor AND city council knew it?

Lawsuit City.

Backwards small minded petty controlling bullying administration AND

The LARRY comes out of the bar to demand double pay and less time to have to listen to those annoying citizens.

And so it goes in the cradle of corruption ......

Anonymous said...

The disdain for the fire department as a whole and the open racial discrimination against black firefighters is nothing new. These issues have quietly been a part of the fire department's history for decades now. The city administration has always viewed the fire department as a necessary evil and nothing more than a method to justify tax revenue such as LOST, only to have those funds stripped. There is a longstanding, documented history of these facts. These facts include everything from nooses found in fire stations to the common use of racial epithets from top officials who were secretly protected by city administration. By the way, the form of government had nothing to do with corruption from the likes of Al Coby, Rusty Wells, Dick Barker, etc. They were a mere foreshadowing of what you now see in 2016. The truth of the matter is that Ashton Hayward had a golden opportunity to change the course of corruption that has been plaguing the fire department over the years. But instead he chose to "double-down", ramp things up, and take them to another level. I can speak on these things because I've lived through them personally. So, if you think that what's happened to the Chiefs and what now appears to be a health issue for a firefighter because of the mayor's neglect, you haven't seen anything yet. What you are seeing now is just the tip of the iceberg and Ashton Hayward is fully culpable now for everything below the surface.

Anonymous said...

Well said..��

Anonymous said...

By the way, a lot of tax dollars over the years have been spent (wasted) defending the indefensible acts of racial discrimination. The benefactors and defenders are familiar names such as Rob Larkin of Allen, Norton, and Blue, Rusty Wells and quite a few others. It's time for true "transparency" which means unveiling the Genesis of it all and how it all relates to what is happening before us. The "investigation" MIGHT BE protected under public records law for now, but what is not protected is everything else that's occurred to bring us where we are currently.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous ^^^ Please do not let this just go away without bringing the truth out. We the citizens need to know who we are entrusting with our city. I don't know about the other residents but I certainly don't want my tax dollars supporting racism or defending racists! It is doubtful that many people are aware of the past or even the present for that matter, but the truth needs to come out no matter how damning it might be. If the city has engaged in race discrimination in the past and the mayor is continuing this pattern with the current administration, we all need to fight against that. There is no room for that disgusting behavior in our society.