Monday, May 2, 2016

ECUA Smackdown...Now It Should Apply to the City!!

Sound familiar anyone???

"Furthermore, the court finds that it is unreasonable to require an individual making a public records request regarding an issue which is current and controversial to pay such an unreasonably high amount to merely review the public records. While the court does not reach the issue of whether or not the agency intended to discourage public record review by failing to make the records easily and reasonably accessible, certainly they cannot essentially withhold public records from the public by making it financially difficult if not impossible to have access."

Alistair McKenzie drops the mic and walks off!



Anonymous said...

It's time to dissolve ECUA. There is absolutely no need for a five member board making $36,000 a year each for one meeting a month that lasts on average, 32 minutes. They don't ask any questions, they don't know anything and can't answer the most basic of questions when asked. All they do is rubber-stamp staff and you see from this case how staff doesn't even understand the basics of PUBLIC RECORDS. They are highly paid bullies. Go to to see pictures of their latest fiasco trying to put industrial sewage storage tanks in neighborhoods. Why are they spending $9 million dollars on storage tanks "that they say they will never use" {if you can believe that line----no one believes anything they say}meanwhile, there is no money to find out how many other buildings are sending sewage directly to the Bay of Pensacola. Neither ECUA nor the City of Pensacola was shocked about the Library not being connected to the sewer system. They each knew it. What else do they know that they aren't telling the public? The Escambia County Commissioners need to dissolve ECUA immediately.

Liz Watkins said...

I refused to pay $76 for a simple records request to the city 3 yrs ago. There fore I can not make any records request!

Anonymous said...

"Dissolve ECUA"...and then what?

Who will provide safe, cleaning potable water for hundreds of thousands of people?

Anonymous said...

ECUA staff become County employees, change shirts, and work continues minus 5 overpaid, do nothing Board Members. The authority to operate a Municipal water and sewer operation is power given by the County's government. The Escambia County Commissioners can let the State know they are taking back ECUA and dissolving their organization.

Anonymous said...

Is anonymous 11:53 a.m. under the false impression that the water provided by ECUA is safe and clean???? Hardly. It's the nastiest water that I've ever experienced. Even after double filtration, it still leaves sandy grit residue and leaves containers with a film. It frequently smells so strongly of chlorine that my dog won't even drink it. We have to buy huge containers of water which we use for drinking, and cooking. With ECUA not wanting to release public records, sewage flowing from the library into the bay for six decades that ECUA knew about etc., I fear that Pensacola is heading for another Flint, Michigan incident. I hope that they are investigated immediately and dissolved into a true government agency with better oversight before more harm is done to the citizens.

Anonymous said...

The City owns the gas utility. Maybe the City of Pensacola can roll that into the current gas company for management.