Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Did HR Manager Amy Workman Follow The HR Manual on Drivers License Suspension?

In reviewing the Chief's investigation materials, one "newer" name keeps coming up, Recruiting and Training Manager Amy Workman.

Who is Amy Workman?  Remember Ed Sisson's use of City resources to share a picture of him and Jose? Who was he emailing the picture to?

Amy Workman!

Link to Email Showing What Sisson Really Does All Day

Workman joined the City in November 2014 from Baptist.  She, like Sisson, carries an Alphabet Soup of organizations after her name.

For a Training Manager, it appears she sure doesn't like to take training... just give training.  You see, in the same time frame she was working with Sisson to criticize the Chief's hiring processes, she let her drivers license get suspended for failure to take a traffic school associated with a traffic ticket following an accident.

Yes that's right, the Training Manager, failed to take training and was potentially driving around for 2 weeks with a suspended license.

2015 TR 030028 IUTC

  • Is that the example the Training manager should set for employees?
  • Did she notify her supervisor Ed Sisson of her accident?
  • Did she notify her supervisor Ed Sisson of the suspended license?
  • Did she operate a City vehicle while the license was suspended?
  • Is discipline necessary?
The Employee Manual clearly states:

"Employees operating City‐owned vehicles must maintain and carry at all times a valid driver’s license for the class of vehicle being operated. Employees have the responsibility to report immediately to their supervisor any conviction for a violation resulting in points charged against their driver’s license, any license restriction (to include denial, expiration, suspension, or revocation) or any motor vehicle‐related accident. This reporting obligation applies whether the employee is operating a City Owned or their personal vehicle."

Folks, we have a potential HR violation by a HR Manager.
This potential violation is a documented requirement in the HR Employee Manual.

I sent Ed Sisson an email asking the above questions and requesting he look into the actions of Amy Workman related to this matter.

Additionally, I did a public records request of raises given since January 1, 2016.  Guess who's name popped up with a 10% raise?

August 2015 Employee of the Month Amy Workman!

Did she get the raise for assisting Sisson in alleging the charges?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

They didn't have time for any of that mundane HR crap. They were too busy trying to find something on the Chiefs.

Anonymous said...

GOOD JOB, Maren!

Maren DeWeese said...


If you resubmit your comment without the F-Bomb I will put it up. FYI I receive tips from current and former City employees every day. Mail, emails, phone calls. They tell me where and when to look. When you are walking down the hall...yeah, him. When you are in the parking lot...yeah, her! They are all sick and tired of the Mayor's special snowflakes. Heck I even got a tip from the former City Administrator for my birthday.

You are mistaken about City employees, I love them! They know it! They TRUST me. It's the Special Snowflakes that need to be exposed.

I am not perfect. I am glad I walked away. Once the entire function of the City became to aggrandize the Mayor, doing the peoples work got lost. Then it was time for me to go!

The Mayor can't buy a win right now. Heck Elizabeth Schrey just punked him! When there is no substance behind the puppet show, sooner or later the puppet becomes just that...a toy!


Anonymous said...

No wait, is someone displeased because they got their feelings hurt? Maren, the special few who are willing to screw over most employees on behalf of Hayward, don't like it when they get a taste of their own poison. Maybe it's those same persuasive techniques Olson used to pad his joke of a resume. Anxious to see how effective those skills are when it comes time to confirm the new Chief after 5 years with an interim.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry f-bomber...but Maren is right! She is exposing the special snowflakes such as, Rebecca Mclellan, etc...! Workman is treated differently than other HR employees! She comes and goes as she pleases, without taking paid time off! She even mentors for local charities on the CITY'S DIME. She has gotten thousands of dollars in raises, with nothing to show for it. This is corruption, this needs to be exposed, it is our money!

Anonymous said...

Tracy Walsh should be checked too. She & her husband are very special snowflakes. Ask how her husband got the sweet deal with the city -- with no RFP issued, no competitive process, no vetting of the financial products he sells to city employees.

Anonymous said...

After they almost didn't let me upstairs to submit the appeal today, they'll be lucky if the appeal is the only thing they get served with.

Punked the mayor.....I'm going to be laughing for days now.

You do amazing work,
Elizabeth Schrey

Anonymous said...

Word on the street is an "inside" source at city hall is ready to talk about Sosson's role in the plot to "take that black big mouth [n word] down." When the opportunity presents itself without reprisal city employees will talk.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...didn't I read something about one of the Chiefs being called out by Sisson for allegedly speeding in his neighborhood? No ticket, no suspension, just a random neighbor who just happened to know to call Sisson directly. These are the kinds of nuggets that may not seem like much on the surface but the totality of the issues combined make a compelling argument in a lawsuit.

Maren DeWeese said...

Anonymous at 5:18am,

Please have that employee or any employee contact me. I will keep it confidential and put them in touch with the right authorities.


Anonymous said...

Exhibit XIV shows a note placed in Glover's file for "a concern to adhere to the 25 mph speed limit in a city vehicle" Suspiciously there is no record of written or verbal counseling. I wonder if Glover even knew it was in there. The bigger question is what if anything was done about the suspended license? Doubt it!