Friday, May 13, 2016


  • Approximately 25 to 30 supporters of the Chiefs were in attendance.
  • All wore red ribbons in support of the Chiefs.
  • The Mayor was absent...shocker!
  • Olson was cowering in his office until Boyd Forum was over. Coward!
  • Powerful speakers shared their disdain for Hayward, Olson and Sisson.
  • It's a recurring common theme in the City.
  • Chief Allen's past issues were discussed by one speaker.  More to come on that.
  • Council looked paralyzed up there wanting to do something but not able to find a course.
  • Council added an agenda item to discuss the Chief issue which delayed any discussion for 3 plus hours.
  • Wingate left early.
  • When the discussion regarding the Chiefs came up, Larry B. Johnson left. 
  • Council appeared to "want more time to read the report" ie...maybe the issue will go away by June.  They want double the salary because why?
  • Charles Bare dropped the biggest bomb of the night when he disclosed:
"I did a records request of all of the invoices from the three law firms, probably the big three who we do business with, I started looking at the Beggs & Lane invoices and the number of contacts that Ed Sisson has had with Russ VanSickle and the Mayor has had over a period of months leading up to this investigation and what comes to my mind in not investigation but impeachment."

WHAT?  The Mayor said VanSickle was INDEPENDENT.  If he routinely has been consulted by Sisson and Hayward on employment matters, how is he independent.

Listen to the Olson interview know the EEOC interview, Olson states they contacted Allen Norton and Blue who suggested an independent investigation.

So Hayward, Olson and Sisson call Beggs & Lane and VanSickle who they use all the time to do the "independent investigation".


Anonymous said...

Once a month council meetings and they can't stay for the entire meeting?
They want a raise?
Pay them hourly.

Liz Watkins said...

I was at the council mtg until agenda item 2. I watched the rest on my computer.

I witnessed a bewildered council. They all seemed distraught (even Johnson) that once again Hayward and his incompetent friend, Olson actually started another mess for the taxpayers to swallow.

If a recall isn't started, the voters who re elected King Hayward deserve exactly what they are getting, which is Millions of dollars in lawyers fees and lawsuits.

Anonymous said...

Said it once and will say it again, it's time for the FEDS to get involved!!!!

Anonymous said...

Some questions to ponder about last night’s City Council meeting –

Regarding legal fees paid to Beggs and Lane, why was Sherri Meyers wondering “what the fire chiefs' investigation had cost the city.” Gee, Sherri, you are on the city council, why haven’t you found out by now? Are you waiting for Maren or Rick to find out for you?

Why did Councilman Wingate, an African American, leave the meeting early when this issue clearly involves the lost rights of an African American?

We know why Councilman Johnson left early. He is not being paid enough money.

But we don’t know why our mayor, who is being paid $100,000 per year + bennies, won’t read a simple report over the weekend. Perhaps “bar time” with Councilman Johnson?

And the most baffling question of all, why are we, the citizens of Pensacola, putting up with all of this CRAP? This is out city. What the mayor and his goons have done reflects on all of us. Our do-nothing city council is indicative of the complacent attitude we have taken toward our local governance.

Anonymous said...

I've been watching all of this unfold with utter amazement and incredulity. I held out hope that, despite the Mayor's seeming lack of ability, the puppet masters would at least keep things in line. It's no secret among most of us who pay attention that he's just a figurehead with little actual understanding of the people he theoretically represents, but this goes beyond silly bike racks and lame tv shows.

If the council does decide to investigate this issue, what can they do with that? Will the State Attorney be compelled to investigate? The Federal Authorities? Or is it enough to just expose the corruption?

Also, once you know who is heading up the recall petition, please keep us posted and let us know who to contact. I know that anyone who even moderately disagrees with the Mayor has been labelled a "troublemaker" and many have suffered behind the scenes retaliation. I also know that you have been called much worse and suffered much more, but your efforts are greatly appreciated and it's just time. Enough is enough. Thank you, Maren.

Anonymous said...

The council members should have read the report prior to the meeting.
The Council is equally to blame for this mess due to their lack of action.

Pay them hourly and be required to clock in and out. The more they work, the more they make.

There is their pay raise!

CJ Lewis said...

During 2013-2014, Beggs & Lane, RLLP and seven of its 24 attorneys (all white, 21 men) contributed to Hayward's reelection campaign. Beggs & Lane was in for the big money - $1000. Van Sickle did not donate to Hayward's campaign but graduated from FSU in 1989 and then from FSU's law school in 1992. Hayward attended FSU from 1987 to (I think) 1993. As I recall, his mis-education interrupted by a triple-felony arrest and plea deal, it took Hayward six years cobble together enough credits to earn a B.S. degree in Political Science with am emphasis on the "B.S." part. He then followed his girlfriend An to New York City where they both modeled. Somehow, Hayward may have been allowed to graduate without taking a single class in American Government though he presumably got an A+ in "Imperial Government 101." In addition to the fact that Hayward and Beggs & Lane enjoy a very cozy relationship, to the detriment of city taxpayers and with City Attorney Lysia Bowling taking a passive interest in the legal affairs of the city, perhaps VanSickle and Hayward were pals and maybe even in the same fraternity. A much bigger question that no one wants to talk about is why the City of Pensacola is so dependent upon outside attorneys. Shouldn't the Office of the City Attorney be run like a small in-house law firm with enough legal experts to handle the day-to-day operations of the city government. At a minimum, you would think there is enough work for at least one Board-Certified Labor & Employment Lawyer with outside legal counsel only needed in the most extraordinary circumstances.

bheartlib said...

We cannot let this stay silent until the next City Council meeting. Don't drop it...send a Letter to the Editor to the PNJ. If enough of us do that, maybe they will start paying attention. We have to clean our government before they bankrupt our city!!

Anonymous said...

After the EEOC complaint was filed, Olson and Sisson created a situation where they could fire the Chiefs and make it look legit.

Sisson changed the hiring procedure for the PFD, giving them no training, or written instructions.

Sisson also changed the discipline appeal policy, which was made public.

Everything was a set up in order to terminate the Chiefs so they would have a defense in court.

Hayward, Olson and Sisson are an evil group that feel they can't be stopped by our pathetic City Council and sadly, they are RIGHT.

The Council could have read the report for themselves and should have come prepared.

The Council is just as much at fault as Sisson, Hayward and Olson.

The City of Pensacola is going to go bankrupt and become Detroit.

Anonymous said...

The City of Pensacola was Detroit before Detroit became Detroit.

Anonymous said...

I must admit, I have never heard of, been involved in or led a company or organization that has gone about alleged errors in performance in such a draconian way. For the HR director to suggest and for Hayward to agree that the first response is to hire an attorney to conduct an obvious hit job on two long time employees is the text book opposite of proper corporate culture, values, etc. What kind of message does this send to others at city hall? If you mess up and you're not "liked" we won't try and help you, or train you. No. We'll hire an attorney friendly to the administration to public ruin you and fire you. Now THAT'S the way to boost morale.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Olson told us to let everyone know that we (city employees) have the highest morale ever. He said that we need to show it like our jobs are at stake.

Anonymous said...

Or attract new business to the area. The media is running the story all over this country.

Anonymous said...

I am freakin furious and really don't know what to do right now. My heart goes out to the Chiefs and their families. This is by far the most open retaliation that I've ever seen. This is the GOB mafia at its finest. Cowards who hide behind old money. But there's one thing I know for certain, NONE OF YOU WILL BE ABLE TO BUY YOUR WAY OUT OF HELL!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 2:03 p.m. I am so sorry. I can only imagine how awful it is for city employees who feel stuck & don't have other employment options.

Anonymous said...

It would seem obvious to the casual observer that the Beggs Law Firm is indeed independent. They are not however unbiased which has an important bearing in this matter. An arbitrator agreed upon by both interested parties could have avoided all the wrongdoing perceived or real and given us a ruling that may not have been what either party wanted but would have agreed was fair and transparent.

It is important to have not only a cause to stand behind but also a well defined position and and solutions to rectify issues that may come up on similar topics.

Anonymous said...

This is an enormous tragedy and obvious case of injustice. This is a major black eye that has set Pensacola back 50 years. Hayward should be ashamed but those who voted for him should be more ashamed.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 7:56 AM, I'm not sure what your definition of independent is but a law firm hired by and used by the city to defend their positions on a regular basis is in no way independent. Beggs & Lane was also a major campaign contributor to Hayward. This was orchestrated from the beginning.

Anonymous said...

For all of you calling for a recall - just do it.

Anonymous said...