Thursday, May 19, 2016

BUSTED...Did Kerrigan Find Another Box of Mayor's Letterhead

Last night "the Mayor" (wink wink) issued an open letter to the Citizens.

Link to "the Mayor's" Letter

In the letter, the writer uses big words.  Words the Mayor doesn't have in his toolchest.  Those of you that know him are nodding right now!

  • Discord?
  • Rancor?
  • Illicit?
  • Infrastucture?
  • Divisiveness?

I was reading it and the tone sounded familiar.  Then at the end "the Mayor" ended like this:

"Dissent is good and vigorous disagreement is healthy to assure that the best decisions are made; created discord and divisiveness, however, are not, and the citizens do not like it and do not want it to continue."

Where did I read a remarkably similar piece. Oh...BOB KERRIGAN'S BLOG!

"Dissent is good. The right to expose corruption wherever it occurs is unique in this country. In virtually every other country in the world, you can be arrested for exposing corruption. Politicians need to be challenged every time they make a decision on anything that impacts the lives of their constituents. That is good for everyone. Sometimes those that criticize are wrong, but that is equally ok. The right to expose corruption carries with it the possibility that innocent mistakes will occur, but the greater good is accomplished by the exposure of corruption."

Link to Kerrigan's blog

Come on Bob!  Ashton thinks rancor is either what a beauty pageant judge does or the large reptilian kept as a pet by Jabba the Hutt in a pit below his palace court, to which he fed any who displeased him.


Anonymous said...

Now that's funny. Empty suit strikes again. But man did he look great at the LEAP Ribbon Cutting or what? Loved the tie hanky combo.

Anonymous said...

This should be easy enough to track. Someone wrote the letter, and it’s no secret that the mayor doesn’t write his own stuff. Now that Derek’s gone (assuming no more secret contracts), the most likely author is PIO Vernon Stewart. There should be emails documenting drafts and approvals. But then, since the letter PDF is a scan of a physical document, that probably means it only existed in hard copy form for the precise purpose of evading digital records, which supports your hypothesis.

I’m curious how they would respond if you just ask who wrote it.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Kerrigan's gonna stay in his boy's corner when the Feds come knockin. I hope that when the Chiefs file their pic lawsuits, Kerrigan, Van Sickle, Wells, Larkin, and Bowling somehow get caught up in this scandal and lose their law licenses.

Anonymous said...

Only 1 of 2 people could have written it: Bob Kerrigan or Eric Olson. Ashy wouldn't have entrusted anyone else to write such a letter. And what a blatant disregard to private investment.

Two things ticked me off about the letter.
1) Hayward takes credit for the growing "downtown" The Studers have invested $100 million into Pensacola, Ashton Hayward hasn't done anything to contribute to that. In fact, he is the reason more has not been done to this area. Does he really think people like him that much? State agencies are Leary of him due to the constant scandals and FBI PROBE (By the way, still isn't over)

2) Hayward always talks about "downtown" the City is more than just downtown! What about the rest of the city? Why does Hayward only care about downtown? It is a twisted fascination, this is not Manhattan where Hayward sold cell phones, its Pensacola (The City will always be the City of 5 flags) and when this little mayor leaves office it will return the flag I am sure.

Anonymous said...

Awwww...Lil Ashton had to go cry to his daddy Kerrigan. "They're being mean to me." �� Be careful citizens Hayward might decide to fire you next, of course with some help from his daddy. Kerrigan must have some real damaging info on Hayward. Hmmm...
Maybe it has something to do with an expensive illegal habit Hayward has.

Anonymous said...

Poor baby.His heart is breaking that his Gen X pals at The Pulse are jumping off the Wayward-Hayward Train and aren't supporting his plan to destroy the historic home of Pensacola AND Florida's wealthiest and most prominent black man. That home is in a protected historic district and should be a part of a Heritage Tour, not in a landfill. Thousands of dollars are being spent on statues of Luna and Galvez, yet the only thing City Hall will spend money on for Black History is thousands of dollars in salaries for the goons pushing the demolition.

Anonymous said...

If the Mayor believed his "OWN" words, Sisson and Olson would have been fired a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Hello, my name is Ashton Hayward. I am so egotistical I will never admit my short comings or lack of managerial fortitude, I am of course not willing to learn anything about government or process or willing to take advise from my crazy puppet master Kerrigan.

Who needs relationships in politics? If I ignore the council members they will just go away and if I degrade them on radio or in an "open letter that my friend-attorney wrote" that will surly help them to see that "they" are the ones with issues.

Hey, let's piss off business leaders in our community too, you know like Collier Merrill, Robert Deverona and Quint Studer, they ARE ONLY job creators for hundreds of people, investors in the community, and actual philanthropist in our in our region. You mean, Just because I go to gala's and charity functions in my skinny suit doesn't qualify me as a philanthropist? What about me giving City contracts to friends and CAMPAIGN donors and the unleashed FBI investigation in which I rant? I didn't do anything wrong! I am the mayor and I can say and do whatever I want, because I am the mayor!

You mean, I can't? There are laws, state statutes and procedures I have to follow? Do you not remember? I am the mayor that has fired people unethically, sued people pointlessly, and needlessly caused controversy, I have literally wasted MILLIONS of dollars on legal fees, logos, red bulls, trips to conferences I never sat through, contracts to vendors, $3,000 a month for a personal photographer for 3 years, etc... I am the mayor, I have done a great job LEADING. But then again, I look around and see no one who actually likes me, who actually enjoys working as an employee at the City of Pensacola. But I am king of the metropolis that is Pensacola! I am the mayor! Oh by the way, I need to stop by cvs and pick up "just for men" and then remember to go play golf today while the weather is nice.

I guess I will never do what's right by the citizens of Pensacola because I am blinded by my god-complex and do not see the writing on the wall of which is failure, incompetence, indecisiveness, and unwilling to admit mistakes and make changes. I will continue to reward bad and terrible behavior and promote people within the organization because I can and just hate conflict. I will continue to degrade other human beings because I am inferior to them and jealous of their successes, after all I am the mayor. I shall close with this. Things will never change and be for the better because citizens are to uneducated and too afraid to take a real (recall) against this horrible City government and administration. So I shall float and coast these next couple of years and pad my pockets for real estate deals and developments, fly to south florida and enjoy my drinks! farewell democracy, farewell!

Anonymous said...

Or.........An taught Ashton how to use "cut and paste." Don't you know that plagiarism is OK in this town? Just asked the News Journal. At one time the News Journal had enough integrity to fire Reggie Dogan for plagiarism. But recently the News Journal printed one of Dogan's fluff stories ON THE SUNDAY FRONT PAGE. Why? Because Dogan now works for Quint Studer and Studer TOLD them to print the story. No integrity. No ethics. No independence. THAT is our local "news" paper, completely controlled by Studer, the Fish House, and all the other GOB's.

joy kristin said...

In response to our "Mayor's" letter, I would like to speak up and give credit where I believe Mr. Hayward takes credit.

The businesses that deserve the credit for bringing Palafox back to life and sticking it out when Palafox Place was only used by skate boarders are:

NY Nicks
Jewelers Trade
Meadows Jewelry
Don Allen
Global Grill
Jordan Valley
Seville Quarters

The persons responsible for creating the most new jobs in the area are Quint Studer and Joe Abston. (Navy Federal is a business)

Another person that is due credit, but I can't recall her name is the woman that headed up the Farmers Market 9 years ago.

Palafox Place has blossomed and I want to say "Thank you" to these individuals.

Anonymous said...

We have no confidence in you Ashton Hayward.Your continued blatant disregard for our city's laws, ordinances, procedures is atrocious. You have earned absolutely no respect, you deserve no respect. You deserve to be in jail. All the money wasted on your witch hunt of the fire chiefs and Fish House could have done so much in our parks.

Liz Watkins said...

I was having lunch at Seville yesterday and Hayward came to the table to greet the person I was having lunch with and of course Ashton had to greet me.

He gave us the Kerrigan written speech that you quoted above. I thought it was very weird.

Then, out of the blue, Hayward says, "Liz and I use to be friends" (someone walked up so Ashton didn't have to continue his blunder). I didn't know who Hayward was until Nov 2011.

I requested meetings with him most of 2012. He never responded to one request.

Hayward is a complete failure.

Anonymous said...

Liz....Hayward has always been a failure. Before his friends in the GOB gave him a job paying 100,000 dollars a year he was a complete failure at everything he had done in his life. His house was up for sale because his career as a land developer was not panning out as expected. He has skated on the backs of his connections and friends his entire life. Those of us that have lived here for quite some time remember him as a petulant little Catholic High School spoiled brat who had no idea of the real world. Anyone that says they were fooled by him and voted for him once obviously did little homework to find out the truth about Asshat Wayward. Those of us that did not vote for Ash don't care to hear the apologies for being duped. We want those of you that voted for him to get off your lazy GOB connection ASSES and remove him from office NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

When subpoenas start getting handed out I sure hope that Kerrigan's name is included on the list. It's time to expose all of the corruption that's been going on for many years.