Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Barker Admits Potential Liability In Chiefs Case...Tries to Scare Council

City CFO Dick Barker was trotted out like a show pony by the Mayor and Eric Olson yesterday to put some good old fashioned fear in the City Council.

In his Fire and Brimstone manner, Barker predicts the end of the world should the City Council have a meeting and disagree with the Mayor!

"Additionally, the policy provides that the Insured will do nothing that may prejudice the Insurer's position."

Apparently from Barker's letter, if the Council ever voices disagreement with a Mayor's decision, it voids the City's insurance.

Oppose a contract and it ends up in litigation....Void
Oppose a nominee and they get fired....Void
Actually investigate anything as approved in the Charter...Void
Ask an uncomfortable question in public...Void, Void, Void

Hey City Council....Boo!

Every action the Mayor takes could open the City up to litigation.  And recently even more so!

Council, Mr. Barker is telling you to sit down shut up and vote yes!  Baa, Baa, Baa!

On a good note for the future Chiefs lawsuit, Barker makes the following admission:

"Should a breach of the aforementioned provisions occur, this could result in the insurer declining coverage, which would put the City of Pensacola taxpayers at risk for any claims that may arise from the dismissal of the Interim Fire Chief and the Deputy Fire Chief."

Barker Threat

Hey Dick as a past elected official I am identified in your letter as as an "Insured".  Has everything on my blog helped the City's case.

Or do I need to be quiet also?


Anonymous said...

How to throw a very expensive temper tantrum:
1) Pay a $300/hour attorney to dig up dirt on some employees you want to fire, creating lots of evidence of retaliatory intent.
2) Put them on paid administrative leave throughout the 3+ month investigation, at cost of around $50,000.
3) When the report doesn't turn up anything, fire them anyway and have your $155,000/year city attorney justify it by pointing to the charter.
4) When the council questions it, have your $123,000/year CFO railroad them into silence by threatening insurance liability. Throw in a ghost-written "open letter" insulting them for daring to challenge your authority.
5) Get sued anyway and lose the city millions, since wrongful termination is a real thing that can't be waved away by saying "but, the charter!"

To paraphrase AC/DC: dirty deeds done at unbelievably high cost.

Anonymous said...

Countless times we have seen these scare tactics. City Council, Planning Board, Architectural Review Board, Council Workshops etc. Staff shows up at the last minute with some new interpretation of why no one, and I repeat no one, but what the Mayor wants will be reviewed, investigated, questioned or approved. It's time to get rid of the bully Mayor and go back to an government agency with checks and balances.

bheartlib said...

Sounds to me like Ashton is a little nervous about this meeting. First he stamps his little Gucci foot, and demands the Council forget about this meeting (because they can't do anything anyway), and now he gets another of his shills to threaten doom if they discuss the wrongful firing of Glover and Schmitt. Wow...we better be scared! The city might be paying some more money!

Anonymous said...

So laughable. .
Each council member has a legal DUTY to
inquire regarding wrongdoing! !!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Mayor should have had "Risk Management Barker" who has been there for 35 years screen the list of Sisson's complaints. Most were petty and didn't rate $300 an hour attorney for THREE months witch hunt and the rest could have and should have been handled internally we with a performance evaluation. Oh that's right, Sisson is too busy back stabbing folks because his "feelings" were hurt at a banquet to have time to do his $100,000+ job.

Anonymous said...

Nice try Dicky boy! Now, go back and tell Bob, Ashy, Rusty, Lysia, Rob, and Russ it ain't gonna work this time. We the citizens, yes, the ones financing all of this BS are fed up with all of these run of the mill lawyers padding their pockets while giving horrendous legal advice. If you want to talk about putting the city at risk, you should have thought about that before the "ill-advised" witch hunt that began several months ago. Where were you then? SMDH

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you what else you have never seen in 35 years Mr. Barker. You have never seen such a blatant case of retaliation with so many snafus and outright management missteps. Yet, I never heard you "warn" the henchmen about the insurance carriers unwillingness to cover smear campaigns. Unless maybe the city's insurance has a witch hunt rider that no one knows about! I'm actually proud that the city council and citizens are finally taking a stand against the unfettered corruption that begins on the 7th floor.

Anonymous said...

The GOBs will stop at nothing to get their agendas across. Then they get upset when the public doesn't go along. It's a classic case of elitists like Mr. Kerrigan who think they can control people they believe are beneath them socially and economically. But, for all of their intellect and riches, they are ethically and morally bankrupt. They are truly empty inside. They are the type of people who actually believe they were destined to be superior and entitled to a certain status. They may even be outwardly "charitable" in order to erect a facade of righteousness, but in reality their motives are impure. The rules don't apply to them but the "peasants" must not only comply, they must also endorse the elitists in everything they do and say. Hence all of this effort to dissuade discussion about an obvious injustice.

Anonymous said...

Shame on Brian Spencer who said in his interview last night on Channel 3 that he will walk out of the Workshop today. From someone who wants to run to be our next Mayor, this is a bad sign that the citizens will not support It tells us that you will be just like Hayward.

Anonymous said...

Please, Brian Spencer, don't bother to show up. Neither Spencer nor Hayward "get it."

Anonymous said...

The mistreatment of the chiefs reflects badly on all the citizens of Pensacola. We are their actual employers, not Hayward or his goons. This mistreatment is hardly a private matter anymore, having been televised and written about in every media outlet in Pensacola. The mayor even hired a private hit man to humiliate the chiefs, and then openly published all the dirty laundry, whether true or not, on the city's website. How can this be a private matter anymore?

Now comes Brian Spencer to tell us that he will walk out of the meeting if the firing is discussed. The meeting today is no longer about the employment of the chiefs. The meeting is now about the employment of Spencer and Hayward, and this is why they hope that it goes away. Based on Spencer and Hayward's "refusal to come to work," it is way past time for their employment to be terminated.