Tuesday, May 31, 2016

NewsRadio AM 1620's Andrew McKay (actually Tallman) on How Homophobia is Genetic

NewsRadio AM1620's morning radio host Andrew McKay (real name Andrew Tallman), you know, the one that interviews the Mayor each week in an exclusive interview wrote the following concerning homophobia.

"I believe that any sexual activity other than that between a man and his wife is illicit. This includes adultery, premarital sex and, of course, homosexuality.

But I’ve also been doing what my parents always taught me to do: listen to those who disagree with me. And I think I’ve discovered something rather shocking: opposition to homosexuality must itself be genetic.

For as long as I can remember, homosexuals have been explaining why gay people have no choice about their orientation. And it finally dawned on me that their arguments explain why being anti-gay is also not a choice but an innate predisposition beyond our power to restrain. This led me to embrace my convictions and stop trying in vain to repress who I am.

Since millions suffer from this same condition, I’m hopeful that my epiphany will help others accept themselves and their convictions, too."'

"I now know that my passionate anti-gayness must also be impossible to control."

"But then I realized that I have been ridiculed, called intolerant and fired from an academic post for my beliefs on this subject. "


Fired for his intolerance. 

Hired by Newsradio AM 1620.  http://newsradio1620.com/andrew-mckay-2/

Thought of the Day
The worst threats to what is good in life do not come from obvious fakes which are easily spotted. The real danger is from the high quality counterfeits which imitate the authentic so well that they fool many people. 

Andrew Tallman AKA Andrew McKay

Tale of Another Forgiven Prince Part 6 - No Investigation?

Last week I chronicled the tale of a Prince of Pensacola, the brother-in-law to the Mayor being arrested for his alleged actions that resulted in two (2) misdemeanor charges against him by a Pensacola Police Officer.


We saw how he acted when arrested in the body cam videos of the arresting officers.


We read his responses to my questions regarding the matter and how he called the Mayor about the incident but only to ask that no action be taken.

We saw the speed at which the charges were subsequently dropped.

But two of my questions beg to be repeated with their answers from the Mayor's brother-in-law.

When asked to answer a few questions regarding the alleged incident, Special Snowflake stated:

1.  Did you in fact act as indicated and make these statements to the officer? 


  2.  If not, do you contend the officer falsely accused you?  

I choose to give the officer the benefit of the doubt and assume she was simply mistaken about what occurred.

So let's see.  Special Snowflake denies putting his window down and making the statements to the officer.  

She was simply mistaken about what occurred?  She mistakenly remembers your F-BOMB tirade, that you "redisplayed" as you were being arrested?

She mistakenly remembers you failing to stop as you allegedly sped off while she was memorizing your tag number?

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Community

Making a false statement in an arrest report is a crime.

This Mayor who just spent tens if not hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on a witchhunt investigation as to whether rental car upgrades occurred and unwritten procedures were broken.

But his own Brother-in-Law states in writing that an officer lied in an arrest report and what actions does he take...NONE.

This Mayor has a public statement from his sister's husband that a Pensacola Police Department officer caused him to be embarrassed by being arrested in front of a building full of his clients and what actions does he take...NONE.

A partner in one of the City's most prestigious law firms has the PPD scouring through their offices looking for him, arresting him in their parking lot while their entire employee base is watching out the window and what actions do they take encourage him to take...NONE.

One of two things happened:

  • A Pensacola Police officer while working traffic on a Wednesday night just randomly picked a car that was passing by, decided to make up the verbal tirade of a random driver and trumped up some charges for no reason whatsoever for giggles
  • Everyone who has ever met this Special Snowflake knows that his responses to me were false and his alleged actions sound exactly like something he would say and do and, but for his name, a good attorney and his family members, he would have had to proceed through the judicial system like anyone else.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Community...Draw your own conclusions.

I conclude there is a very Special Snowflake in Pensacola.

I'm not done with this one.  Time for some public records requests.

Monday, May 30, 2016

This Week On the Blog

I will be posting several posts per day starting Tuesday so check back often.

This Week:

On the Special Snowflake:

  • I will be asking the questions that this incident beg to be asked and submitting the public records requests that should document what occurred and when.

On Andrew McKay (Real name Andrew Tallman)
  • This week I will explore a bit of Andrew McKay AKA Andrew Tallman's extreme views on the following topics

On the Chiefs 
  • I will break down the letter the "Mayor" issued Saturday
  • I will discuss how Human Resources has broken the employee manual, again.
  • I will show how the Chiefs are failing to get the due process they are entitled.
  • I will show how HR is failing the employees

Whew.  Should be a full week for a such a short one!

Friday, May 27, 2016

We Interrupt This Investigation to Introduce You To Andrew Tallman

Thought of the Day
The worst threats to what is good in life do not come from obvious fakes which are easily spotted. The real danger is from the high quality counterfeits which imitate the authentic so well that they fool many people. 

Andrew Tallman

Truer words have never been spoken.  Think back in Pensacola's recent history as to all the high quality counterfeits that have come to Pensacola, reinvented their entire life and rapidly risen to the top of their fields unchallenged and really...unknown.

Who is Andrew Tallman?  
He is a High Quality Counterfeit!
We all know him as Andrew McKay of Newstalk Radio 1620.


Yes, the Sun of Fire is not who he portrays himself to be on the radio nor does he share his true views on the air.

    Haven't been on this facebook account in a while. It's so weird to see my real name on fb...and all the people who know me by my real name.

Why does someone hide from their real name.  Especially, in the news business.  The answer may reside in some of the opinions he has espoused in the past.

Over next week I will be sharing many of these opinions with you in detail.  They are shocking!

If you are interested in Andrew's views on life, faith, sex, racism, marriage and politics and just can't wait for Tuesday, just Google his real name Andrew Tallman and the subject.  He has a large body of work to read.
But beware, here is just a taste of his offerings for wives:

"So how do you keep a man from thinking about other women? Lower the incentive to cheat, and raise the cost of cheating. Fortunately, you can do both at one time by meeting his most important needs in such a generous way that you give him something monumentally worthwhile to lose by acting on any such thoughts. Make yourself the source of such bodily pleasure (food and sex) and such ego satisfaction that he never wants more from anyone else."

Google on Folks!

All this bubbling just below the surface. Buyer beware!


Tale of Another Forgiven Prince Part 5 - Swift Action

Timeline of Events
  • March 9, 2016 - Alleged Incident Date
  • March 10, 2016 - Officer uploads dash cam video of incident. No sound.  No definitive proof
  • March 18, 2016 - FRIDAY; Arrest date; Per Jail report Special Snowflake (SS) released at 5:32PM
  • March 21, 2016 - Monday; Case filed with Clerk of Court
  • March 22, 2016 - SAO has already requested the video evidence and it is downloaded by PPD by 4:34PM
  • March 22, 2016 - Eric Stevenson, not yet officially representing SS does PRR for videos
  • March 22, 2016 - Case assigned to a Judge; No Specific Judge just Division III
  • March 24, 2016 - Stevenson acknowledged as Lawyer for Defendent
  • March 24, 2016 - Arraignment waived; Conditional Plea Not Guilty; Jury Trial Demand
  • May 10, 2016 - PNJ Will Isern requests videos in records request; PNJ passes on story
  • May 10, 2016 - Case dropped by state; Case closed
Wow!  Between a release from jail on Friday at 5:32PM and Tuesday at 4:34PM,  the SAO on a minor misdemeanor reckless driving and refusal to obey a LEO has already requested all available evidence from the PPD and it has been fulfilled. 

No judge yet appointed.
No defense attorney yet appointed.
No one sitting in jail without bond.
The SAO is already investigating the case.
However. the file with the Court never indicates that an INDIVIDUAL Assistant State Attorney is EVER assigned to the case.
Who was Stevenson talking to at the SAO about the Case?
Who is requesting the information?
Who was contacted between Friday at 5:32 and Monday morning?

According to my question and the Special Snowflakes answer verbatim:

 5.  Did you or Mrs. James make any attempt to contact the Mayor regarding the matter?  

Yes. Following my arrest I requested that no member of my family take any action to interfere or impede with the actions of the PPD or the charging decision to be made by the State's Attorney Office. I believe all concerned honored my request.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Community...Draw your own conclusions.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Tale of Another Forgiven Prince Part 4 - Snowflake Makes Bail and Calls the Mayor

So far we have read the allegations that the son of one of Pensacola's most prominent families and brother-in law to the Mayor acted inappropriately towards a Police officer doing her job.  We have read the Officers account as to what happened and the charges she made against him.  Those charges were reviewed by an Escambia County judge and a warrant issued for his arrest.

We have witnessed his arrest.  We have witnessed his attitude and words towards those officers which IN MY OPINION lends even more credibility to the allegations contained in the offense report.

So now we must finish the story and hear from the Special Snowflake in his own words.  Upon reading his side of the story, you will clearly see the issues that make this incident and arrest relevant to the City, the Mayor and how things are done in Pensacola under the Mayor.

First, after being arrested (See the body cam video of the arrest here - Link to video) the Special Snowflake is transported to Escambia County Jail, processed and released on bail.  Why is this important?  You will see tomorrow.

After being released, the PUBLIC aspects in the case subside.  Its now time for the court system and the behind the scenes activities to occur within the States Attorney Office.  The Special Snowflake retains the services of local attorney Eric Stevenson and on May 10, 2016 any and all charges against the Special Snowflake are dropped. On the SAO's notice of Nolle Prosequi NO REASON IS GIVEN FOR THE CHARGES BEING DROPPED.

A Prince of Pensacola allegedly misbehaves, he is arrested before anyone in the system knows who he is, and subsequently, once his "true" identity is ascertained the charges are dropped.

End of Story?

Nope!  It's just getting started.

In researching the story, I contacted the Special Snowflake to get his side of the issue.  I posed specific questions to him and promised him that I would print his responses verbatim without edit. He replied.

Below are the questions and the answers unedited:

  1.  Did you in fact act as indicated and make these statements to the officer? 


  2.  If not, do you contend the officer falsely accused you?  

I choose to give the officer the benefit of the doubt and assume she was simply mistaken about what occurred.

  3.  If so, as a member of the Bar and an officer of the Court do you believe your actions were appropriate?  

Yes. (Note, I believe your question would be clearer if the phrase "If so" were omitted. My answer would not change)

  4.  Why did you believe that you did not have to stop on the officer's lawful order?  

I did stop--as the video clearly demonstrates.  Of note is the fact that I have been a competitive runner for many years and understand the importance of runners safety. I would never intentionally disregard the safety of fellow runners.

  5.  Did you or Mrs. Redacted make any attempt to contact the Mayor regarding the matter?  

Yes. Following my arrest I requested that no member of my family take any action to interfere or impede with the actions of the PPD or the charging decision to be made by the State's Attorney Office. I believe all concerned honored my request. I was represented by an attorney in the matter and any further inquiries about the specifics of the process may be directed to that attorney Eric Stevenson.

  6.  Why were the charges dropped? 

The States Attorneys office did not provide a written explanation for the decision. What I know is that the allegations were processed by the PPD and I was arrested. I was not given an opportunity to turn myself in; rather the PPD chose to arrest me at my place of business in front of colleagues, clients, and friends. I believe this to be an unusual practice for misdemeanor traffic infractions. The matter was then transferred to the State Attorneys Office for a charging decision. The State Attorney reviewed the evidence  and materials filed by the PPD--including the video evidence of the incident--and made a decision to dismiss the case. I respect the decision and believe it was correct.

  7.  Do you intend to make any sort of apology to the officer for your actions?  

No, because I have nothing for which to apologize. I am grateful and appreciative of the work that the PPD and State Attorney do every day to protect our community.

Those were the questions and answers.  What they lead to are LOTS MORE QUESTIONS but few answers.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tale of Another Forgiven Prince Part 3...I Don't Give A SH@T Where you Do It!

Yesterday, I shared the Offense Report for the Special Snowflake.  How, as he allegedly violated an officers direct order and accelerated past the  Pensacola Police Department officer, he yelled to the Officer "Go F-BOMB yourself".

Today, that offense report has been completed and an Escambia County Judge has found probable cause to believe that a crime has occurred.  A warrant has been issued for the alleged perpetrator's arrest.

Two Pensacola Police Department officers are sent to arrest the Special Snowflake (SS).  Below is a body cam video of the arrest.

Link to PPD Body Cam of Arrest

Several key moments in the video:
  • 0:20 mark - When told about the location of the incident, SS knows what they are talking about.
  • 0:32 mark - When told of the charges - SS immediately states "they waived us through"
  • 0:38 mark - Officer states "we didn't want to do this upstairs"  
  • 0:54 mark - SS responds to charges " I don"t think so" as if he has a choice
  • 1:03 mark - When told he had to go to jail - SS states "Are you kidding me?"
  • 1:20 mark - When told by the officer they can arrest him there or move over by the car and that they are attempting to do this out of courtesy to SS - 
SS Responds to the Officers at the 1:34 mark - I DON"T GIVE A SH@T WHERE YOU DO IT!

Brother-in-Law of the Mayor, Officer of the Court, Partner in a prestigious law firm responds to Pensacola Police Officers doing their job: I DON"T GIVE A SH@T WHERE YOU DO IT!
  • 2:00 mark - SS states to a colleague in the parking lot that: " I'm being arrested for failure to obey an officer and reckless driving in a Wednesday night beer run."  Since the officers haven't given him a date of the offense and he knows EXACTLY it was a Wednesday night beer run, I tend to think SS knows exactly what is alleged at this moment.
  • 2:15 mark - SS states he was driving home.  Sounds like he remembers the incident well.
  • 2:18 mark - SS states to the officer "I can talk to whoever I want to"
  • 2:20 mark - The officers state they "are being as courteous to you as we can right now".
  • 2:57 mark - SS states as the officers try to pat him down "This is ridiculous man. These are all my clients right here in this building"
  • 3:07 mark - After being told the search is policy Special Snowflake states clearly "I CAN'T F-BOMBING BELIEVE THIS."  Sound familiar??
  • 3:19 mark - SS "I can not freaking believe this."
  • 3:40 mark - SS "I can't believe you are doing this in front of a major FREAKING client. I'm a FREAKING lawyer that represents everyone in this FREAKING bank building."
  • 3:58 mark - SS "Everybody's looking at me."
Watch the video a few times.

Look at what the officer wrote in the Offense Report.

Listen to the words from the Special Snowflake's own mouth as Pensacola Police Officers are attempting to do their job.

Draw your own conclusions.


As you will read in its entirety later this week, the accused denies he did anything at all and the officer is "misstating" the incident.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tale of Another Forgiven Prince Part 2..."He Didn't F-BOMBing Care"

It's 6:30 on a Wednesday evening.  Special Snowflake is ready to leave his glass tower corner office overlooking the Bay for the day.  Along the way, he is stopped.  What now?

The World of Beer running club is conducting their weekly 5k and 10k run. They don't run right at 5pm.  They wait until 6pm.


Shouldn't be a problem for the son of a Fiesta President.  Community events have an important place in Pensacola.

Shouldn't be a problem for the Mayor's brother-in-law.  Hayward is all about downtown.  Heck, Hayward built downtown.  Just ask him!

Where we Live, Work, and Play right?  These folks are doing the PLAY part!

Just a short delay. No problem right?

Not so allegedly for Special Snowflake.  According to the arrest warrant at the link below the officer states:

"I stopped a Blue Toyota SUV, FL REDACTED that was travelling east on Main Street.  The vehicle initially stopped and the driver and suspect, later identified as REDACTED, rolled the window completely down and began to yell at me. REDACTED was screaming out the window that this was F-BOMBing ridiculous and that he did not need to stop. REDACTED stated that the group of runners run each Wednesday and interfere with his drive home. I advised REDACTED that it would just be a minute and I would work him through the group of runners. REDACTED advised that he did not F-BOMBING care nor did he have to stop for them. While I was still standing in the middle of the intersection with both East and West traffic stopped on Main Street, REDACTED then accelerated through the intersection around me and the runners and yelled out the window "go F-BOMB yourself".  I yelled "stop" several times but REDACTED continued to drive off at a high rate of speed East on Main Street. It should be noted that runners were forced to stop in order to avoid being struck by REDACTED's vehicle"

Link to PPD Offense Report

Brother-in-Law of the Mayor, Officer of the Court, Partner in a prestigious law firm allegedly yells what to a Pensacola Police Officer?

"Go F-BOMB yourself"

Read that again!

That appears to be what the Special Snowflakes think of anyone that gets in their way.

You see and let me quote..."REDACTED stated that the group of runners run each Wednesday and interfere with his drive home."

His drive! His road? His City?

Everyone else can "Go F-BOMB yourself" evidently! Special Snowflake wants to go home!


Maybe he should take it up with his Brother-in-Law, the Mayor of Pensacola.  I have heard of similar verbal tirades by the Mayor.  I am told the Mayor threatened the job of an officer controlling traffic for the Great Pumpkin Run.

Read this entire report a few times!

  • The officer was not looking for an altercation. She is directing traffic.
  • The officer did not know who the Special Snowflake was when he stopped.
  • The officer did not know who the Special Snowflake was when he allegedly sped off.
  • She saw an action that she felt was a violation of the law, regardless of WHO the driver was.
  • She radioed for assistance from other officers.
  • She took the time to do the research to determine from the tag number who the driver was.
She was just doing her job!


I reviewed the dash cams both front facing and rear facing.  No audio was recorded.  The dash cams neither confirm or refute either the officer's statement in the offense report or the denial of the accused.

As you will read in its entirety later this week, the accused denies he did anything at all and the officer is "misstating" the incident.

Barker Admits Potential Liability In Chiefs Case...Tries to Scare Council

City CFO Dick Barker was trotted out like a show pony by the Mayor and Eric Olson yesterday to put some good old fashioned fear in the City Council.

In his Fire and Brimstone manner, Barker predicts the end of the world should the City Council have a meeting and disagree with the Mayor!

"Additionally, the policy provides that the Insured will do nothing that may prejudice the Insurer's position."

Apparently from Barker's letter, if the Council ever voices disagreement with a Mayor's decision, it voids the City's insurance.

Oppose a contract and it ends up in litigation....Void
Oppose a nominee and they get fired....Void
Actually investigate anything as approved in the Charter...Void
Ask an uncomfortable question in public...Void, Void, Void

Hey City Council....Boo!

Every action the Mayor takes could open the City up to litigation.  And recently even more so!

Council, Mr. Barker is telling you to sit down shut up and vote yes!  Baa, Baa, Baa!

On a good note for the future Chiefs lawsuit, Barker makes the following admission:

"Should a breach of the aforementioned provisions occur, this could result in the insurer declining coverage, which would put the City of Pensacola taxpayers at risk for any claims that may arise from the dismissal of the Interim Fire Chief and the Deputy Fire Chief."

Barker Threat

Hey Dick as a past elected official I am identified in your letter as as an "Insured".  Has everything on my blog helped the City's case.

Or do I need to be quiet also?

Monday, May 23, 2016

Only in Pensacola...Tale of Another Forgiven Prince Part 1

Urban Dictionary

The Special Snowflake (Also referred to as one with the "Special Snowflake Syndrome" or "SSS") is a person who believes they are different and unique from everyone else because of something they are or do. Special Snowflakes almost always have a superiority complex.

Pensacola is full of Special Snowflakes.  People who have always gotten their way due to:

  • who their parents are,
  • who their parents know, 
  • where they work, 
  • who they know or grew up with,
  • who their friends are now or
  • who they married

When things are good for the Special Snowflakes, everything goes well in Pensacola. They obtain great educations and lucrative jobs.  They belong to the right clubs or social organizations. They are generous with their time and/or money.

But when Special Snowflakes cross the line they don't face the same consequences that most Citizens would face.  They need the bad times to go away!

We have seen it before!  Remember that in college our very own Strong Mayor / King allegedly committed three felonies in attempting to obtain a fake drivers license.
  1. Drivers License Fraud
  2. Obstruction by Disguise
  3. Perjury
The serious charges were subsequently dropped and the event eventually even being expunged from his record as he came into political prominence.  You see, Ashton J. Hayward III is a Special Snowflake.

Over this week I will detail the trials and tribulations of another Prince of Pensacola, the son of a developer, a successful attorney and brother-in-law to the Mayor.

This successful attorney allegedly did not believe the laws and rules that apply to the everyday citizen apply to him.

The sad thing is....he is right.  They don't apply to him.  He truly is another "Special Snowflake".

It is the story of a man allegedly behaving badly...very badly.  To a police officer.  To a woman.

It is the story of that man's apparent impatience, allegedly leading to his breaking the law.

It is a story of local law enforcement, not knowing who the Special Snowflake was, attempting to hold a anonymous alleged violator accountable for his actions.

It is the story of the prominent attorney being afforded the most gracious arrest for his alleged transgressions and yet treating the event with disdain, disbelief and ridicule.

It is the story of how the entire series of events is swept away by the "powers that be" and a really good attorney.

And finally, you will see in the Special Snowflakes own words, unaltered and printed verbatim, what he says happened.

You can then draw your own conclusions as to what happened.

Do these types of events happen often?  You have no idea.  No it doesn't happen for everyone.

Just the Special Snowflakes.

Friday, May 20, 2016

UPDATED: Potential Legal Matters We Know About

Just to keep a tally of what legal battles the City is presently in or expected to be in, I made the following list.  If you know of more let me know.  Legal fees are killing us as a City due to the actions and inactions of the Mayor.

  • City vs. Seville Harbour - both the City's and Merrill/Russenberger's fees...over a million dollars in fees
  • City vs. Glover - Discrimination, hostile work environment, wrongful termination
  • City vs. Schmitt - Discrimination, hostile work environment, wrongful termination
  • City vs. ECUA - Wells at the Airport
  • City vs. Police Officer - EEOC
  • City vs. Sunday House Developers - Expected to be filed
  • City vs. Class action - Pensacola Energy franchise fees
Beggs & Lane seems to be one downtown business for sure that has thrived under the Hayward Administration.


  • City vs. Station 3 Firefighters - Personal injury, negligence
  • City vs. Humanists - Cross in Park

Thursday, May 19, 2016

BUSTED...Did Kerrigan Find Another Box of Mayor's Letterhead

Last night "the Mayor" (wink wink) issued an open letter to the Citizens.

Link to "the Mayor's" Letter

In the letter, the writer uses big words.  Words the Mayor doesn't have in his toolchest.  Those of you that know him are nodding right now!

  • Discord?
  • Rancor?
  • Illicit?
  • Infrastucture?
  • Divisiveness?

I was reading it and the tone sounded familiar.  Then at the end "the Mayor" ended like this:

"Dissent is good and vigorous disagreement is healthy to assure that the best decisions are made; created discord and divisiveness, however, are not, and the citizens do not like it and do not want it to continue."

Where did I read a remarkably similar piece. Oh...BOB KERRIGAN'S BLOG!

"Dissent is good. The right to expose corruption wherever it occurs is unique in this country. In virtually every other country in the world, you can be arrested for exposing corruption. Politicians need to be challenged every time they make a decision on anything that impacts the lives of their constituents. That is good for everyone. Sometimes those that criticize are wrong, but that is equally ok. The right to expose corruption carries with it the possibility that innocent mistakes will occur, but the greater good is accomplished by the exposure of corruption."

Link to Kerrigan's blog

Come on Bob!  Ashton thinks rancor is either what a beauty pageant judge does or the large reptilian kept as a pet by Jabba the Hutt in a pit below his palace court, to which he fed any who displeased him.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Olson Interview by VanSickle

Russell VanSickle, "Independent Investigator", interviewed Eric Olson as part of the Chief's investigation.  Here are the highlights:

3/4/16 Teleconference
  • Olson was present at Fire Admin building on February 26
  • Olson claims to not have removed anything
  • Olson was there to speak on leadership... LOL
  • Olson claims he carried a black folder into and out of the building

3/8/16 Interview
  • VanSickle writes down the questions he wants to ask Olson but notes reflect he asks all of them but regarding the AM 1620 interview.  He just puts the question number 8.  Was it asked?
  • Olson (EO) stated: 
    • MS pay range is lower because MS never signed a K (contract) with the City.
    • Mystery to EO as to why he did not enter into K 
    • MS is making sufficient for his job position - still making more than others when including special duty pay
    • MS told EO that JG had a problem about his pay
    • MS told EO that JG thinks E Sisson is a racist
    • Sisson apologized to JG for actions surrounding Escarosa email
    • EO got updates on the apprenticeship program updates from JG only when EO pulled it out of JG
    • EO - I am out of this, HR is there if you need them & Dick Barker will find the money. This is a Fire Dept project & Fire Dept would be responsible
    • EO - Heard about rental car but didn't look into it
    • Deas - Sisson brought matter to EO, a PA for Deas demotion
    • MS sent a PA with a list of rules
    • EO - we can't demote someone with a clean record, no documentation, were not going to do it.
    • ES told EO looks like retaliation
    • EO told MS to give details on what EE did to violate the rules cited.
    • EO did review written reprimand documentation after it was already done.
    • Sisson does comp pay assessment for EE's including Fire Chiefs
What does the above show?  Here are some takeaways:
  • Eric Olson used the fact that Matt Schmitt would not sign a contract as Interim Fire Chief, ONLY AS FULL TIME FIRE CHIEF, AGAINST HIM FINANCIALLY.
  • Mystery why?  BS  he knew why!
  • Schmitt told Eric Olson that Joe Glover thought Sisson was a racist and Eric Olson did NOTHING to look into it
  • Sisson admitted fault in the Escarosa matter but nothing was done once Sisson apologized.
  • Eric Olson denied the Deas demotion BUT APPROVED THE WRITTEN REPRIMAND acknowledging that SOME discipline of Deas was appropriate
  • Eric Olson is a terrible manager if he has no regular one on one meetings with his department heads.

Sisson Approved Demotion for Firefighter For Failing to Notify of License Suspension

In 2014, Ed Sisson, HIJKLMNOP, approved the demotion and pay reduction of a Firefighter for:

"failure to notify the appointing authority immediately after the suspension or revocation of a valid driver license if required by the employee in the performance of duties"

The letter to the employee from Chief Schmitt stated:

"Your failure to immediately report the driver's license suspension to your employer is a violation of the City of Pensacola Personnel Administration Policy"

Once again, Ed Sisson's signature is on the approval form for demotion and pay reduction.

What will Sisson do with his direct report Amy Workman?

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Did HR Manager Amy Workman Follow The HR Manual on Drivers License Suspension?

In reviewing the Chief's investigation materials, one "newer" name keeps coming up, Recruiting and Training Manager Amy Workman.

Who is Amy Workman?  Remember Ed Sisson's use of City resources to share a picture of him and Jose? Who was he emailing the picture to?

Amy Workman!

Link to Email Showing What Sisson Really Does All Day

Workman joined the City in November 2014 from Baptist.  She, like Sisson, carries an Alphabet Soup of organizations after her name.

For a Training Manager, it appears she sure doesn't like to take training... just give training.  You see, in the same time frame she was working with Sisson to criticize the Chief's hiring processes, she let her drivers license get suspended for failure to take a traffic school associated with a traffic ticket following an accident.

Yes that's right, the Training Manager, failed to take training and was potentially driving around for 2 weeks with a suspended license.

2015 TR 030028 IUTC

  • Is that the example the Training manager should set for employees?
  • Did she notify her supervisor Ed Sisson of her accident?
  • Did she notify her supervisor Ed Sisson of the suspended license?
  • Did she operate a City vehicle while the license was suspended?
  • Is discipline necessary?
The Employee Manual clearly states:

"Employees operating City‐owned vehicles must maintain and carry at all times a valid driver’s license for the class of vehicle being operated. Employees have the responsibility to report immediately to their supervisor any conviction for a violation resulting in points charged against their driver’s license, any license restriction (to include denial, expiration, suspension, or revocation) or any motor vehicle‐related accident. This reporting obligation applies whether the employee is operating a City Owned or their personal vehicle."

Folks, we have a potential HR violation by a HR Manager.
This potential violation is a documented requirement in the HR Employee Manual.

I sent Ed Sisson an email asking the above questions and requesting he look into the actions of Amy Workman related to this matter.

Additionally, I did a public records request of raises given since January 1, 2016.  Guess who's name popped up with a 10% raise?

August 2015 Employee of the Month Amy Workman!

Did she get the raise for assisting Sisson in alleging the charges?

Monday, May 16, 2016

VanSickle Deceived Public and Chiefs Claiming Independence

Beggs& Lane attorney Russell VanSickle intentionally deceived both the public and the Chiefs by claiming he was independent in the investigation of the Chiefs.

Billing records from Beggs & Lane reflect, in fact, VanSickle had been retained for almost a year for HR related matters including the hiring of Eric Olson, the departure of Tamara Fountain, defending the City in an ongoing EEOC complaint and changes to the Employee Manual concerning the Appeals Panel.

  • In April 2015, VanSickle reviewed Eric Olson's employment agreement
  • In August 2015, VanSickle was involved with Tamara Fountain's employment issues and had a phone call with Ed Sisson and the Mayor the day after Edward Deas made his complaint against Schmitt and Glover.
  • In October and November 2015, VanSickle bills for representing the City in a FCHR and EEOC complaint a Pensacola Police Officer made against the City.  This fact alone means he has an unavoidable conflict of interest in any "independent investigation" of HR and EEOC matters.

  • In December 2015, VanSickle bills the City for a telephone call with Sisson regarding the disciplinary appeals process removal.  He was involved in the manual changes that he addressed in his report without even disclosing that he was involved in the changes himself.

How would it have looked in the other EEOC complaint that VanSickle is presently defending for the City if he himself had found EEOC violations in the Chief's matter?

Despite these facts, VanSickle stated to the PNJ:

"I've not been asked to come to any kind of conclusion," he said. " I've just been asked to conduct an independent investigation and I'm going to do that to the best of my ability.

(Pensacola News Journal, "Fire chiefs not focus of investigation,” 2/5/16)

Russell VanSickle is a smart man.
Russell VanSickle is a labor law attorney.
Russell VanSickle knows when he is or isn't independent.

Russell VanSickle and the City lied to the Chief's and the Citizens.

Friday, May 13, 2016


  • Approximately 25 to 30 supporters of the Chiefs were in attendance.
  • All wore red ribbons in support of the Chiefs.
  • The Mayor was absent...shocker!
  • Olson was cowering in his office until Boyd Forum was over. Coward!
  • Powerful speakers shared their disdain for Hayward, Olson and Sisson.
  • It's a recurring common theme in the City.
  • Chief Allen's past issues were discussed by one speaker.  More to come on that.
  • Council looked paralyzed up there wanting to do something but not able to find a course.
  • Council added an agenda item to discuss the Chief issue which delayed any discussion for 3 plus hours.
  • Wingate left early.
  • When the discussion regarding the Chiefs came up, Larry B. Johnson left. 
  • Council appeared to "want more time to read the report" ie...maybe the issue will go away by June.  They want double the salary because why?
  • Charles Bare dropped the biggest bomb of the night when he disclosed:
"I did a records request of all of the invoices from the three law firms, probably the big three who we do business with, I started looking at the Beggs & Lane invoices and the number of contacts that Ed Sisson has had with Russ VanSickle and the Mayor has had over a period of months leading up to this investigation and what comes to my mind in not investigation but impeachment."

WHAT?  The Mayor said VanSickle was INDEPENDENT.  If he routinely has been consulted by Sisson and Hayward on employment matters, how is he independent.

Listen to the Olson interview again...you know the EEOC interview, Olson states they contacted Allen Norton and Blue who suggested an independent investigation.

So Hayward, Olson and Sisson call Beggs & Lane and VanSickle who they use all the time to do the "independent investigation".

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Failure to Follow Unwritten Hiring Practices?

Rick Outzen did an article yesterday regarding the "finding" by Russell VanSickle that

"I find that neither Schmitt nor Glover was attempting to manipulate the hiring process to include or exclude any particular applicant. However, Schmitt and Glover believed incorrectly they were capable of handling the hiring process without an interview panel and without any guidance from HR. They both used poor judgment to conduct the hiring process in a manner they both agreed had not been done before."

"Additionally, their failure to properly conduct this particular hiring round coincides in timing with a disturbing level of animosity each showed toward HR, which is evidence that they intentionally ignored the proper process under the mistaken belief that they knew better than anyone else how to approach a hiring round for new firefighters."


We need to break this down as a CEO would, you know like a Strong Mayor, a leader...not a King. Someone looking to lead a management team, not rule over a Kingdom.

  • "I find that neither Schmitt nor Glover was attempting to manipulate the hiring process to include or exclude any particular applicant."

As a leader reviewing this report, this finding shows clearly there was no intent on behalf of Schmitt and Glover to sway the results.  So as a leader, I'm relieved and encouraged that anything from here on out regarding this issue is a process matter which can be addressed.

  • "However, Schmitt and Glover believed incorrectly they were capable of handling the hiring process without an interview panel and without any guidance from HR."
In this finding, at worst, Schmitt and Glover, in the investigator's opinion made a mistake ("believed incorrectly").  However, there is no documented hiring or interview process.  Why not? The fire department has written procedures for everything, they have too!  In this matter, interviews were scheduled, conducted, and evaluated using a new procedure.  Is the new procedure any more documented in policy and procedure than the old procedure, NO!

As a leader, I have to ask:
  • Why was no formal hiring procedure in place and documented?  The City must stop running on the institutional knowledge of the long term employees telling us "how we did it in the past" and document policies and procedures so the organization establishes expectations as to how things are done.  This is a management issue.
As to guidance from HR, VanSickle shows the two-faced aspect of his analysis.  Chief Schmitt and Glover are criticized for not involving HR.  However, hiring of firefighters and the process used to do it is clearly in his job description in place at the time.

Job Classification: Fire Chief
Job Code: 1043

Essential Job Functions:
  • Supervises all administrative matters of the Fire Department, such as hiring...

As a leader, I'm done with this one.  
  • Policies were not documented.  We can fix that!
  • Undocumented policies can't be broken.
  • Was the action taken, although new and undocumented within the scope of the employee who in this case was the department supervisor?  Yes
  • Management issue and as the leader, the action is to bring the team together to fix the issue.
"They both used poor judgment to conduct the hiring process in a manner they both agreed had not been done before."

Opinion of someone not there who has had my HR person (with a vested interest) chirping in his ear.

As stated,

  • Policies were not documented.  We can fix that!
  • Undocumented policies can't be broken.
  • Was the action taken, although new and undocumented within the scope of the employee who in this case was the department supervisor?  Yes
  • Management issue and as the leader, the action is to bring the team together to fix the issue.
The last finding was:

"Additionally, their failure to properly conduct this particular hiring round coincides in timing with a disturbing level of animosity each showed toward HR, which is evidence that they intentionally ignored the proper process under the mistaken belief that they knew better than anyone else how to approach a hiring round for new firefighters."

First, how do you have a "proper" undocumented process??  Your reaching Counselor.

Secondly, this is a reflection on no one other than Eric Olson's management.  Eric Olson is the City Administrator.  

Sisson works for him.  Schmitt works for him.  Olson should have been a manager and sat his employees down and clearly instructed them what MUST happen.

Eric Olson this statement is an indictment of your leadership of the City.  

But analysis like this is beyond the Drive By Mayor on his way to another photo op.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Review of Chief's Report - First Pass

Overall Comments:
  • The Mayor's report is finalized and issued.  He and Sisson will have to stand by its contents in all future depositions and lawsuits. There can be no walking back the fact that Sisson made the charges, provided VanSickle information and Hayward has stated in the press that he relied on the report in making his decision to fire Schmitt and Glover.
  • Every allegation and conclusion that can be shown to be either a lie or incorrect will piece by piece dismantle the report and its conclusions.
  • The deconstruction of the report will be very useful to the Chief's in the lawsuits to be filed.
  • It is obvious that VanSickle's ultimate task was to document a path that would attempt to justify termination.
  • Hayward was not even man enough to meet with the Chief's and terminate them himself.
  • The entire report was obviously pressed by Sisson, with documents provided by Sisson.
  • It appears from the Exhibits that Sisson was able to rebut the Chief's statements and provide additional documents but the Chief's had no opportunity to rebut Sisson's statements.  This is evidenced in that Sisson would not have been aware of Schmitt and Glover's counter arguments and claims until after they were interviewed but documents were clearly provided after their interviews.
  • Neither Schmitt or Glover were allowed to have any review, rebuttal or appeal of any statements made by anyone after they were interviewed.
  • Olson is found to have made the EEOC statements to AM1620. Duh!  It's recorded.
  • VanSickle on Olson's statements "The February 9, 2016, radio interview recording on the News Radio 1620 A.M. website confirmed Glover’s allegations. Olson’s comments on the radio program contradicted my understanding of the circumstances of the paid leave. Olson’s analogy to an investigation into a police shooting was inappropriate. During the same radio interview, Olson stated that he had been removed from the situation regarding the investigation, which was consistent with my understanding. Olson was not the appropriate person to make public statements about this investigation because he was the subject of the EEOC allegations and was intentionally removed from any decision-making relating to this investigation."  No consequence or action toward Olson for inappropriate comments to the press.
  • Sisson states he made the handbook changes on November 25 but the election for the personnel board was not due until December 2?  The timeline doesn't support Sisson's claims.
  • Every interview was recorded and transcribed except Sisson and Workman? Why not them?
  • In his capacity as investigator, VanSickle can be deposed in the suit to be filed
  • "Schmitt and Glover believed incorrectly they were capable of handling the hiring process without an interview panel and without any guidance from HR. They both used poor judgment to conduct the hiring process in a manner they both agreed had not been done before." The hiring policy that the Chief's were found to not have followed is not documented in any manual or written procedures but was merely past custom.  Under this line of thinking, no change to any process could ever be made in any department that had not been done before. 
  • Sisson doesn't follow any established hiring processes in any other matter.  McLellan jumps out to me.
  • Chain of Command is a documented written policy of the Department.
  • Both Olson and Sisson have adverse findings in the report but no discipline or consequences
  • VanSickle waives around the Human Resource Manual likes its the Bible, but just yesterday Rick Outzen proved it isn't followed by the HR director himself with regards to job evaluations a very important process in Human Resource management.
  • How can the employee manual apply to some cases but not all cases, such as evaluations.
  • How many times has Sisson stopped what he was doing to write a memo to the personnel file of an employee regarding a citizen complaint?
  • Sisson's little handwritten notes throughout the Exhibits show his bias against the Chief's especially Glover
  • VanSickle takes every opportunity to make judgments in favor of Sisson
  • VanSickle takes every opportunity to not publish facts supporting the Chief's positions
  • They actually found Glover erred in accepting a complimentary rental car upgrade.
  • VanSickle, Olson, Hayward and Sisson can all look forward to swearing under oath to what really occurred.
  • VanSickle goes beyond his assignment and rules on the validity of EEOC complaints of Glover and Schmitt after saying in writing that he was not tasked to do so.
Deas Allegations
  • It is confirmed in the interview of Edward Deas that Deas did NOT follow either the chain of command or go to the HR department with his complaint.  Based on his own statement, Deas went STRAIGHT TO ASHTON HAYWARD WITH HIS COMPLAINT.
  • RFV:   Ok and did you, you showed, so you first went

    Ed:      You know Ashton … you know .. agreed it (?) .. you know because he was a supervisor .. he was the first person on grant (?) who …
  • "I said yes sir, can I appeal.  He said absolutely he said but I will tell you right now we don’t like the fire department at City Hall.  He said you can go to City Hall but they don’t like the fire department at City Hall and like I said (?) who was the fire captain and Chief Peake was in there so in that next in line was a human resource administrator asked who I called and Ashton (?) called me back later on that night."

Chief Allen

  • The Mayor has identified Chief Allen as the proposed Chief.  I have known Chief Allen for many years.  We have always had a good working relationship.  However, Chief Allen has lobbied for and now has been nominated by Hayward as the next Fire Chief and as such must be vetted to determine if he is right fit for a department now in open division over the Chief issue. 
  • Much will come out in the next month as part of the vetting process regarding Chief Allen's past with the department, his complicity in known employee conduct violations, his judgement regarding proper procedure, his lobbying for the Chief's job and his qualifications to be Chief.
  • In the end, I do not believe Chief Allen is the proper choice for Fire Chief to lead the department.  He has been too much a part of all of the issues in the departments turbulent past.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Chief's Fired

The investigative report concerning the Fire Department was delivered to Mayor Hayward on April 29. Has rendered a decision regarding the Fire Chiefs. 

Mayor Hayward announced on May 10, that he has dismissed Matt Schmitt and Joe Glover from their employment with the City due to a loss of confidence in their ability to lead the Pensacola Fire Department.
The decision followed an investigation into the facts and circumstances surrounding fire department management practices.  After a review of the investigation, Mayor Hayward determined that the findings of fact that emerged were sufficient to warrant the dismissal of both individuals. 
Mayor Hayward has appointed David Allen as Fire Chief.  David has been with the Pensacola Fire Department for 28 years and currently serves as Acting Interim Fire Chief.  His appointment will be presented to the City Council for consent at the June council meeting.

In making the announcement Mayor Hayward said, "These are never easy decisions to make but I have the responsibility to ensure that the men and women of the Fire Department have leaders that can bring out the best in them and in the department.  I believe that my decision is a step in that direction.”

Chiefs Watch Day 9

Chiefs called to City Hall...stay tuned.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Looks Like Hayward to Double Down on his Bad Hand at Bob's Direction

Bob Kerrigan wrote a rambling piece for his personal news outlet... The Pulse.  Buried in it was the following:

"If the City wins an appeal of this judge’s decision, the News Journal will not write a fair account of it, just like they will not now fairly report about the airport concession success. If the City prevails on appeal, the taxpayers will recover substantial sums and Merrill will, for the first time, have to pay a fair rent."

Looks like Hayward is going to take his loser to the First District Court of Appeals.

More fees.
More fees that Kerrigan, who is pushing the case, won't pay if the City loses.


BTW: The "principled" Pulse doesn't disclose the fact that Kerrigan propped them up financially since their inception.

And Bob talks about conflicts of interest.  Hmmm!

Fire Chief Watch Day 8 - Another Bad Weekend For Hayward

As we all await the Strong Mayor to render a "timely" decision on the Fire Chief investigation, Hayward continues to reveal the depths of his incompetence and failure.

PNJ reporter Will Isern confirmed what I reported last week, that an illness that could be traced to the mold in Station 3 led to its evacuation.

Station 3 Article

In the Upside of Florida, we have to evacuate the heroes FROM dangerous situations who we count on to evacuate us from dangerous situations.

Mr. Mayor, when your disregard for the safety of your employees leads to health issues and closing facilities, YOU ARE A FAILURE!

District 3 and District 4 are still at risk each and every day with extended response times.


Did anyone notice Will Isern's confirmation of the puppet masters who rule over ALL matters in the City?

Note these quotes:

"Personal injury attorney and longtime Hayward ally Bob Kerrigan also was closely involved and frequently consulted in the months before and years after the letter was sent, financial records show."

Anyone shocked???

"Bob Kerrigan’s name is mentioned more than 100 times, particularly in the early days. In one instance, Daniel billed the city $324.50 for a phone conference with Kerrigan and to, “review Kerrigan draft press release.”

Kerrigan drafts press releases for the City?

"Famed trial attorney Fred Levin also makes an appearance in the invoices in a 2013 phone call with Daniel. Daniel said he could not recall the context of that conversation but remembered that it was Levin who called him."

Fred too!  Fred leaves no paper trail though!  But you can bet the billing records will tell the tail so the attorney can bill us for it!

We, the Citizens, paid for Bob and Fred to go after Collier and Ray.  Now, we, the Citizens get to pay for Collier and Ray's legal fees.  Bob and Fred ain't nowhere to be found when the bill comes due!

PNJ Story on the Fish House

Friday, May 6, 2016

Impact of Station 3 Closure (All on Hayward)

A few thoughts and perspectives on the closure and evacuation of Station 3 due to mold.
  • Station 3 was built in 1969.  Ashton Hayward was born in 1970.  So for the first time in his lifetime Station 3 is not online serving District 3 and District 4 due to his inaction.  What an accomplishment!
  • The neighborhood he grew up in no longer has the fire service they pay for due to his inaction. They must be so proud!  Go share with your old neighbors your accomplishments. Maybe you should bring them a pizza.
  • The new Summer Vista Assisted Living Facility owned by Councilmen Spencer and Johnson no longer has the service it had should a resident need emergency help due to Ashton Hayward's inaction.
  • Haven of Our Lady of Peace no longer has the service it had should a resident need emergency help due to Ashton Hayward's inaction.
  • This weekend when hundreds of kids are playing soccer, baseball, volleyball and other sports at the Vickory Center, help is not just down the street should an injury happen due to Ashton Hayward's inaction.
  • With Olson's proposed automatic assistance agreement for fire services to be considered next week, residents of Escambia County outside the City limits of Pensacola will have better City of Pensacola fire response than residents of District 3 and District 4...FOR FREE while the taxpayers with the highest property taxes in the City sit and pray nothing bad happens.  Great job Mayor Hayward!
  • Passengers at Pensacola International Airport better pray that any mishaps that could occur happen to the north end of the airport because anything that occurs outside the southern gates of the airport have no immediate fire coverage due to Ashton Hayward's inaction.
  • If someone gets hurt at Roger Scott Tennis Center this weekend, just tell them to relax and think happy thoughts.  Due to Ashton Hayward's inaction, they will just hurt for 4 to 5 minutes longer. 
Will any or all of the above happen, I pray not.  But due to Ashton Hayward's inaction if any do, the blame for it rests with the "Strong Mayor", the City's CEO, the man who used OUR tax money for political favors rather than doing the first priority of any elected official, public safety!

Pensacola, when is enough enough!
  • Criminal investigations
  • Political favors
  • Contracts for his buddies
  • Neglect of essential city services
  • Retaliation against employees
  • Continual waste of City funds in needless useless lawsuits
  • The continual waste of City resources on expenses just to publicize him

This is the City's LIE!  How can response times be unaffected to District 3 and District 4

Pensacola Fire Department is temporarily closed for cleaning. Response times unaffected.
Fire Station 3 temporarily closed

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Exclusive: Fire Station 3 Evacuated Due to Suspected Mold Related Illness

Ashton Hayward's luck apparently ran out this afternoon. 

Since being elected in 2010 Hayward has known that Fire Station 3 had serious mold issues and needed replacing.  Hayward's priority however was the Woodland Heights and May Community Centers, campaign promises he made to get support in the African American communities.

Hayward repeatedly promised both the Firefighters and me he would move forward with the replacement of Station 3.

Several months ago he announced Station 3 was "finally a priority to him" and that he would move forward with stealing the LOST funds from the next Mayor's administration to build a new station.

Last week, I noted the depth of the problem at Station 3 and the mold abatement that was due to begin in coming weeks.


Sadly, the planned mold abatement didn't get done timely enough.

This afternoon Station 3's crew was told to close the station and reposition Engine 3 to Station 6 at the North end of the Airport immediately due to a health related issue that developed in a firefighter that was believed to be due to the environment at Station 3.

So Mr. Mayor add one more employment related potential lawsuit to the pile.  This one is squarely on your shoulders and I will gladly testify to your knowledge and disregard for the conditions at the Station.

Tonight, if you live in District 3 or 4 served by Station 3, help is several minutes more away should someone need firefighter assistance.  Last night the acting Fire Chief David Allen was quoted by Channel 3 as saying:

"Fires grow exponentially every minute so they don't just double every minute but after the second minute they quadruple," Acting Pensacola Fire Chief David Allen said. "They grow rapidly and time is of the essence."


I pray that the additional minutes Engine 3 will require to get to District 3 and 4 don't prove that Hayward's failure to act years ago ends with tragic consequences.

This is a clear failure of Hayward to act on a known problem until it is too late.

One more clear reason for recall.

UPDATE: Has a Secret Decision Already Been Made?? Olson Says So!


The City Directory also now lists David Allen as Interim Chief not Acting Chief.

Allen, David Interim Fire Chief Email David Allen 850-436-5200

See Link to Interim Chief Listing

In reviewing the agenda for next weeks City Council meeting, I noticed included in the automatic aid agreement summary prepared by Eric Olson, signed by Eric Olson and presented by Eric Olson that David Allen who was the Acting Fire Chief is listed now as INTERIM CHIEF!

Is the Mayor's delay in order to review the report just another farce?

Add David Allen to the deposition list!

What has he been told and when was he told it?

Or is this just another insensitive Olson coincidence not related in space and time like the employee manual changes?

Fire Chief Watch Day 4...Hayward Smacked By Duncan Again; Olson Slides in Automatic Aid

The Strong Mayor can't buy a win!  Judge Duncan spanked him again on the Fish House case.  Now he has to make a decision to double down on his losing hand!

Hayward said Wednesday that he would meet the city's attorney in the case, Nix Daniel, next week and determine how and if to move forward. He did not rule out an appeal.

"I'm going to sit down and listen to what my attorney has to say and make a decision," Hayward said.

Your attorney?  Your attorney?  The City's attorney right?  Hard to remember...City, Personal, City, Personal!

Nix Daniel, VanSickle, McGee, John Daniel...Hayward should move his office to Beggs & Lane!



And Olson slides in the Fire Department Automatic Aid Agreement with the County on next weeks agenda.

Does anyone find it curious that Olson negotiated the Fire Department Automatic Aid Agreement with absolutely no input, analysis or opinions of the top two ranking and experienced members of the Department?

That's what this administration does.  They don't ask the experts before they act.  Olson knows just about as much about Fire response and mitigating multiple emergency situations as he does about....well, running the City!

When I post the Automatic Aid maps later today, just wait and see who gets the worst end of the deal as usual.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Fire Chief Watch Day 3...Interview to Nowhere, PNJ Smackdown

This morning Mayor Hayward did his weekly interview with Andrew McKay on AM 1620.  What we learned:

  • The Mayor received the report on Friday.  He did not look at it till Monday.  This shows his level of anxiousness he expressed last week on the radio.  Don't look to Hayward for any overtime or weekend work people.  He doesn't care enough!
  • He restated again that he has distanced himself from the investigation and process.  Once again, as Rick Outzen asked, who was in charge? (NOT Hayward, Olson, Sisson or Wilkins)
  • He would not commit to a timeline to McKay.  He stated the investigation is still ongoing.
  • McKay attempted to push a little....but that went away when it got to happy news time.

Andrew, why doesn't AM 1620 put Mayor Hayward on Administrative Leave from the free PR and happy time interviews until he does his job?

Just a thought.  If he knows you will turn off the "Downtown" until he does his job he may do it.  He loves the free press.  You can actually hear him giggling each week!


The PNJ Editorial Board lit the Mayor up today.  Hey Mayor, six years into your empire and all the local daily has for your kingdom is "NO TRANSPARENCY, NO TRUST".  Put that one on your Facebook page banner.

How does this one taste Mr. Mayor:

"But here’s the problem with that assurance. At this point, we believe that many city residents have very little trust for Mayor Hayward or the top officials in his administration."


"The mayor’s early assurance that the investigation would be finished promptly within a couple weeks has proved false."

Newspaper for LIE!

"The announcement that the investigation was complete arrived last Friday — dubiously, just minutes before 5 p.m. at the end of the work week. That’s an untrustworthy way to deliver important public news and a poor attempt to avoid citizen scrutiny."

Dang boy...you are untrustworthy!  And that last sentence is translated from Newspaper as "you are a coward"

"Hayward has often reminded residents that he is indeed, the “strong mayor.” Shedding light on the last three months of this darkness is an opportunity for him to act like it."

Newspaper translation...Put up or Shut up!

Here is a free take away from the smackdowns of Wednesday, Mr. Mayor.  

Your boys Sisson and Olson created this entire debacle to retaliate, just like the drug test, just like Olson did against Melanie Nichols.  You know it.  We know it.  It's a pattern.  Olson stated it in the press.  The jury will love it!

The ridiculous charges will come out!  Read them again!  Rental car upgrades!  Retaliation! Mean hidden insinuations in a departmental speech! Retaliation!

So...how does this all end happily for the Citizens, the Chiefs and the Mayor?  
  • Chief's reinstated.
  • You find that the charges are "silly" as you like to say
  • Glover gets the pay differential this started about
  • City acknowledges Olson and Sisson retaliated
  • Olson and Sisson pack a box
  • You announce the return of the Board Olson and Sisson unilaterally dissolved after promising the State of Florida.
  • You announce a new "Employee Ombudsman" that is independent and confidential who reports directly to you for employees to go to.
  • You announce that HR is not a role that should wield power but a service role that will not longer be a "Chief" role
  • You announce that no longer will you allow others to manage on your behalf but YOU will take a more active role in management.
If you take the bunker mentality, allow the retaliation and deny the past and how your boys Olson and Sisson acted:
  • Lawsuits
  • Depositions
  • Subpoenas and

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Fire Chief Watch Day 2 Notes

As we wait on Mayor Hayward to "review the report", a few notes:

Pensacola may want to get comfortable if they are waiting for a decision on the Chiefs.  The PNJ reports: "He (Hayward) said he planned to read it with city attorney Lysia Bowling on Monday."

Who is going to read it? Mayor Hayward usually works with smaller words!

Can either of them understand what it says?   Em, um, ah, duh, oh, eh! There are some big thoughts in that room!  PNJ Article

Rick Outzen reported that Captain Transparency pulled down the infamous Olson and Wilkins AM1620 interviews.  It's sad when you claim transparency but pull down information off your transparency website!   Is Untransparent transparency like no action is action!

And then there is this...you can't unsay things, kinda like what WEAR reported on air a week ago based on your official press release! What does that say under the picture?

Stemmed From Federal Complaint.  OOPS!!

Outzen's article about the headless investigation is classic! Headless Investigation

    • Hayward publicly stated he has not been involved
    • Olson has stated that he and Sisson have not been involved
    • Wilkins takes every opportunity to tell everyone that he knows nothing. Sgt Shultz?
Looks like it will take some depos to see who has been drivin' the bus!
Hey Keith, we have a top crew at the city! Bobblehead, Mork, Jose, Potted Plant, James Bond and now you!

The Mayor issues a press release for Military Appreciation Month stating: We are surrounded by these men and women of integrity, discipline, and talent. This month, in honor of National Military Appreciation Month, we aspire to show our appreciation for the sacrifices and successes made by our service members - past and present. I encourage Pensacola to honor, remember, recognize and appreciate those who have served and those now serving.


I guess what he means is "I encourage Pensacola to honor, remember, recognize and appreciate those who have served and those now serving...except Joseph Glover and Matt Schmitt."