Monday, April 11, 2016

Will Hayward own the Fire Investigation Or Hide from Being a Leader

By all accounts, this is the definitive week in the fire investigation.  Keith Wilkins and Eric Olson stated that the findings would be out by last week at the latest.  Hayward said ASAP.  Still...crickets!

Hayward is at a unique time in his Mayorship.

He just got taken to the woodshed in the Fish House ruling which will cost the City hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Growing calls for his recall are surfacing.  Folks are meeting to discuss it.

This Fire decision rests solely on him.  Not the Council. Remember, he's the Strong Mayor.  We have a new form of government, as he is fond of saying.  All employee matters are his alone.

When the frivolous allegations made by Ed Sisson come out,

  • Hayward has to state why he wasted two months and tens of thousands of dollars investigating rental car upgrades and issues under the control of other fire department employees who were not placed on leave.
  • Hayward has to state how an investigation that his City Administrator said was into EEOC allegations morphed into a witch hunt.
  • Hayward has to state that his HR flunky Sisson who made the allegations against City employees that are proven false still has his full confidence to lead the City's HR function. Who is next in Sisson's witch hunt scope?
  • Hayward has to state that City Administrator Eric Olson LIED to AM1620 about the nature of the administrative leave and the EEOC investigation
Ashton Hayward has to own all of what he allowed to occur.

Ashton Hayward has to own the liability his witch hunt has resulted in regarding retaliation.

The second the results of the investigation are announced EVERYTHING becomes PUBLIC.
  • Transcripts of interviews
  • Allegations
  • Who was interviewed
  • Who was not
  • Documents
  • Invoices

Only the following questions remain:
  • Will Hayward hide the findings until Friday after the Council meeting so that he has a month until he and Olson have to face the public? or
  • Is he man enough to own his mistake and get it out so the public can confront him and Olson on Thursday night?
Strong mayor or weak coward?

We will see!


George Hawthorne said...


He is going to hide and place blame elsewhere as usual. They are already trying to shift focus to an ouster of Charles Bare hoping such effort will gain media attention and then they can "sneak" out the findings.

The Mayor needs to be recalled and Olson and Sisson need to be fired.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Jeopardy...I'll take "Weak Coward" for $1000 Maren.

Anonymous said... your blog because your the only person actually exposing what has always been day to day cronyism in our city. Dickie's In-Crowd Weekly only exposes what is beneficial to his supporters (i.e. Fish House owned by In-Crowd Weekly investor Collier "I inherited all my money so I'm in charge" Merrill). The PNJ has not tried to actually do any sort of investigative work since the Maritime Park early days when they capitulated to Studer and became a puppet to his wishes (Naming him their latest "Renaissance Man"...a title given to Wally Yost and Ray Russenberger before him). The have to be kidding me if you expect those two Buffoons to be objective since they are being paid by Wayward's Puppet Masters.

I can tell you based upon 30 years of contact with Wayward and many of his closest friends and family.....they never own up to their mistakes because they have been raised to expect everyone to accept them as untouchable. The local Law Enforcement has no intentions of actually going after someone that is part of the local GOB Establishment. They only care about low level criminals that usually have no funds to hire an attorney with enough connections to fight the arrest.

Anonymous said...

I assume you have the public records request already filed...including text messages?

Anonymous said...

He will hide like he's done on every other issue requiring a leader. "Weak Coward"

Signed, Not Maren
and for the love of God....if Bob's barber is reading this blog, PLEASE trim Bob's eyebrows.

Anonymous said...

"A Time to Kill and set up City Employees"
Starring Ashton Hayward, Eric Olson, and Ed Sisson.

"Ashton, and The two E's went to go lynch and hang two troublemakers from a tree. No rope needed just put them on a fake admin leave. Try to dig up bullshit and make it stick. Using that good ol boy system and dirty tricks. Didn't count on the negative backlash of hate from the crowd. Their nasty deeds made front headline in town. Ashton, strong mayor is nowhere to be found. 3000 more recall signatures now will you step down? You cheated and lied living 6 years fat off the hog, thank God for Maren, exposing all in her blog.
Get the hell out of City Hall and repent!