Friday, April 15, 2016

Well...Nothing Before Council Meeting...Weak Coward?

"Strong Mayor" Ashton Hayward took a verbal beat down last night at City Council as citizens demanded terminations, resignations, recalls and investigations over the Fire Chief investigations.

With the report completed and awaiting his review and approval, Hayward smirked at the speakers appearing "smug" according to one speaker.

Boyd Forum

Hayward is in an impossible spot.

If he restores the Chiefs, Sisson has to go as he made the bogus allegations.  Olson should accompany him as he was the one who told the press the admin leave was due to EEOC complaints.  If Sisson and Olson go, Hayward does have Wilkins and others on hand to immediately assume the roles.

This is the alternative where Hayward gets to stay at City Hall.

If he moves against the Chiefs in any negative way, the charges will become public.  The public will see none of the charges are disciplinary issues.  Many of the allegations would require other Fire employees to be involved as they had direct responsibility for the underlying roles within the department.  The public will be outraged and it will definitely be seen as retaliation for EEOC charges against Sisson and Olson. Hayward will face a certain recall effort and probable marches and picketing.  Who knows?  This may become national news?

Well, there you are Ashton! Time to Choose!

At least you won't have to face the Citizens for a month.

No way Bob Kerrigan can pull a rabbit out of this hat!

Will something be released today after 5pm?


Anonymous said...

Seriously, what did you expect? Stuffed, empty shirt. Take your medicine Ashy!!! Come on, take it. Karma

George Hawthorne said...


You may have missed one scenario. If Sisson is let go because of this. Do you think he would then keep quiet about who instructed him to do this.

Let's be real, the staff in city hall does NOTHING without tacit and clear approval from Olson and the Mayor. Clearly, this "fiasco" is certainly a "career killer" for Sisson if he "falls on the sword" for the Mayor.

Who or what company or organization would EVER hire Sisson after the media coverage of this issue. The "digital footprint" of this "lynching" is wide and detailed.

Sisson and Olson look like racists in this incident and the Mayor will certainly throw hi under the bus.

bheartlib said...

Thank you for posting the City Council Meeting, I've been told that Joe Glover has seen it. Mrs. Schmitt thanked us for her support, and so did Joe Glover's mother. I cannot imagine what they are going through. There is just not enough support for these men!!! There were rumors that they would be fired Friday, giving everyone enough time to calm down. Well, nothing happened today. I wonder if they are re-thinking their plans. Will they dangle Schmitt's and Glover's jobs for their silence? Would that even work? I think this has gone way too far. I know I will not let this slide. You cannot put the toothpaste back in the tube........

Anonymous said...

Is it just my computer or is there no sound to The Boyd forum?

Anonymous said...

The word going around the fire department is that the City has been searching through both Chiefs offices to find something on them and to get rid of evidence that would support them. (So much for that gag order) Searching through their office without some sort of representation doesn't seem legit. I've also heard that both of their computers were searched for evidence against them in the same manner law enforcement goes through the computers of alleged sex offenders. It seems obvious that they will stop at nothing until they have built up a strong enough case to fire them.

Amazingly, everyone can see what's going on in this conspiracy, yet nothing seems to stop it from continuing toward an unscrupulous predrawn conclusion.

It's like they're guilty of something, now let's go find what that something is and hopefully find some evidence. Fire, ready, aim!

Anonymous said...

Sisson get a box. A BIG BOX! Word on the street (City Hall) is that the Mayors birthday gift is your termination. How many Boxes you need?
You're next Eric.

Anonymous said...

Hayward's facial expression truly demonstrates his thoughts about any issues that concerned citizens bring forth. He especially feels that way about racial issues and his tact has ALWAYS been to ignore race issues and pretend that they are non-existent. He expressly abuses the Executive branch with arrogance, purporting to have more power than a king. He lacks humility, is no leader and I agree with many who are now asking for a recall. He is the epitome of what's wrong in government. Talk about Buyer's remorse!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Don't be fooled by the number of people at the City Council Meeting. There is a lot more support than you think for the Chiefs. There are a few National Civil Rights organizations that are aware of what has been going on in Pensacola. They are ready to give this situation national media attention!

For one, the National Movement for Civil and Human Rights is poised to take some decisive action. Although those involved with this lynching have gone too far already, the appropriate action will be taken at the appropriate time. Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hawthorne,
Not only does Sisson and Olson look racist in this incident, they have proven themselves to be racists since they've been working for the city. In Sisson's case he was previously an HR flunky in Jacksonville. Please look up the race discrimination lawsuits that have been filed and won by black Jacksonville firefighters over the years. With his background he should have never been hired unless of course you don't mind hiring racists like Hayward does. Look at Hayward's racist adviser Bob Kerrigan. This is not all coincidental.

Rusty Wells, Dick Barker, and Ashton Hayward have also proven themselves to be racists over the years. Do you know that Hayward begged Chip Simmons for four hours in a meeting and offered him more money to stay with the city? Why? Because the last thing he wanted to do was appoint David Alexander as Chief of Police.

Most black city employees know that the administration is racist but are afraid to speak out. There are some who have been contemplating filing discrimination lawsuits but incidents like the public "lynching" we have witnessed is still an effective way to keep those on the "plantation" "in their place".

David Alexander can't speak out against racial injustices he sees every day which defeats the purpose of reaching that position.

bheartlib said...

It's good to hear that there are some organizations watching this, but I wish they would do more than just watch. Where is the local NAACP? The local ACLU? Before we enlist national orgs, the locals need to be involved. How about the EEOC? Shouldn't they be notified that there is retribution against people who made a complaint? Isn't that against some law or another? The level of corruption is just beyond belief. The arrogance and entitlement are off the charts.
I have met Chief Alexander. He is a fine person, and I wish we could clone him to replace Morgan...also a corrupt and arrogant person.

Anonymous said...

I was at the Council Meeting and I can tell you Hayward was called out during the Boyd forum for having a "smug" look on his face. He is such a phony always proclaiming to work for the citizens. In reality he works for his campaign contributors like Kerrigan and the Downtown Crowd (GOB Network). He looks upon the average citizen as if they are beneath him. That's especially the case when the citizen happens to be black. It's pathetic to watch the powerless, toothless tigers on council sit there as they're constituents are snubbed by elitists. I was also taken back at how Quint Studer was given unlimited time to discuss what he wanted to talk about while those speaking during the Leroy Boyd forum were strictly restricted to 3:00 mins. No one on council even responded to the comments made on behalf of the fire chiefs.

Anonymous said...

Ashton Hayward is an absolute embarrassment to Pensacola. It's going to take a long time to recover from the fine mess that he's created.

Anonymous said...

I don't see a "Strong Mayor" in that picture. Who I see is the same snotty nose, entitled punk that I knew growing up. You can hear it in every whiny utterance that "I'm the Strong Mayor"! He tries to demand respect that he will never get. The picture I remember is his "mug shot" after being arrested.

Anonymous said...

This is the guy in charge of the witch hunt!

Anonymous said...

That pic tells you a lot about his character which obviously hasn't changed over the years. If there's any real justice in this world Hayward should be posing for another pic like this one soon.

Anonymous said...

Seems that this house of cards is finally caving in. I'm actually surprised that it took this long to happen.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see when this "investigation" was actually completed. Still nothing from City Hall on what this is all about and the media seemingly ready to pounce as soon as the information is made public.